UP Suffers Mass Defection

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In just a week, the governing Unity Party (UP) has suffered a mass defection from its senior members, the latest being an executive committee member and “ironman” in Grand Gedeh County Electoral District #2, Representative Morias T. Waylee.

The representative tendered in his official letter of resignation from the Party, addressed to the party’s national chairman, Senator H. Varney Sherman, yesterday.

Rep. Waylee’s resignation comes a few days after House Speaker J. Alex Tyler, Lofa County Rep. Moses Y. Kollie, and Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper resigned from the Party.

Following his election to the Legislature in 2011, Waylee, a former Liberia Action Party (LAP) member, automatically became an UP executive member as a result of the LAP’s merger with the UP.

Rep. Waylee attributed his resignation from the UP to “the total disregard and disrespect to the Party’s bylaws and constitution by its members.”

“As you are aware, the purpose of being part of a political party is first to serve the national interest and for the mutual benefit of its members,” Rep. Waylee wrote.

“I have observed and finally concluded that partisans of UP including most of its national executive committee members like myself, are not consulted before major decisions are reached by the government.

“This is [an] indication that the Party’s leadership has shown total disregard and disrespect to its Bylaws and Constitution. I also believe that the only interest the leadership of the Unity Party has in the partisans, especially those of us from the Legislature, is the collection of party dues.”

“In view of the aforementioned, I am withdrawing my membership from the Party; and therefore, my resignation letter is my official resignation from the Unity Party.”

Rep. Waylee said that he has been an outstanding executive member of the UP, paying US$200 monthly, but that it is frustrating that the President – the standard bearer – is not accessible to him, adding “she doesn’t have my interest – why should I continue to be in such a party?”

Waylee told journalists that he would have resigned a long time ago, save that party chairman Senator Sherman “persistently talked to me.”

Though the Grand Gedeh Lawmaker did not disclose which party he would be joining, unconfirmed reports say that Rep. Waylee has already joined the Liberian People’s Democratic Party (LPDP), of which Speaker Tyler is expected to become the standard bearer.


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