Findley, Unity Party Part Ways

Findley: “UP and I no longer share the same political ideology”

‘UP and I no longer share the same political ideology,’ Says Findley

With just eight days into the ongoing political campaign for the October 10 polls, a stalwart of the ruling Unity Party (UP), Gbehzohngar M. Findley, has resigned from the party, stating “UP and I no longer share the same political ideology.”

Findley is a former Senator of Grand Bassa County and former Pro Tempore of the Senate.  In 2014 he was defeated by Jonathan L. Kaipeh during the Special Senatorial Election.

Findley was among eminent Liberian politicians who were expected to be named as vice-standard bearer to Joseph N. Boakai on the Unity Party ticket for the October 10 polls, a position now occupied by Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay.

Mr. Findley told reporters in Monrovia over the weekend that Liberia is at a crossroads, and therefore, “The decision we make in the upcoming elections will either help to further propel or impede the progress Liberia has made, and its people.”

Findley said his decision to join the ruling Unity Party in 2005 was to ensure that Grand Bassa County gets a community college and other development that would positively impact the lives of the people.

He, however, called on Liberians to consider his decision to quite the UP as a pleasing duty towards keeping the peace and exercising the democratic freedom and the natural, inherent and inalienable right to associate and disassociate in the prime interest of the country and its people as expressed in Article 17 of the Liberian Constitution, which states: “All persons, at all times, shall have the rights to associate fully with others and refuse to associate with political parties, trade unions and other organizations.”

Findley said the party had offered him the opportunity to serve as campaign chairperson for the elections, but that he turned down the offer, citing “politics is interest.”

“The chairmanship of the campaign committee was offered to me, but I turned it down for personal reason. I worked meticulously with the UP since 2005 as an associate and collaborated with them fully in 2011. In 12 years we have enjoyed each other’s confidence, and I feel at this particular point in time, we must move on to the next level for the good of Liberia,” Findley said. The party recently named former Foreign Minister Augustine K. Ngafuan as the chairperson for the campaign.

When asked whether he wouldn’t be disappointing his supporters after taking vice president Boakai to Bassa and terming him as the best man to lead Liberia, Findley said: “Politics is interest and my supporters too have interests, and if their interests are not secured then we need to address them properly.” As for the selection of Speaker Nuquay by V.P. Boakai, Findley said, “Nuquay and I worked for nine years, and there are lots of things that we share in some ways in common. We are both legislators – I am a former legislator and he is a sitting legislator, and we worked on the ways and means finance committee. He worked on the House side, while I worked on the Senate side.”

He said he remains open to any political discussion during the October elections, adding, “I am resting small with politics for at least two weeks before coming up with where I will be going.”

Shortly after the press conference, it was reported that Findley has crossed over the the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), a political block of the erstwhile National Patriotic Party, the Congress for Democratic Change and the Liberia People Democratic Party of former House Speaker Alex Tyler.

In a related development, UP has released the full listing of its national campaign committee and chairperson of the county campaign committees. Those named on the committees are Nimba County Senator Thomas Grupee, chair; businessman Siaka Toure, also a Nimbaian, as first vice chair; and Grand Bassa County Representative Mary Karwor, as second vice chair.

The 67-member national campaign committee also comprises a representative from each of the 11 political parties that have endorsed the presidential bid of Vice President Boakai.

They include the People’s Unification Party, Union of Liberian Democrats, Victory for Change Party, National Democratic Coalition, Grassroots Democratic Party of Liberia, All Liberian Coalition Party, and at least one representative from each of the 15 counties.

Meanwhile, the UP has named 11 other people, who will serve as chairperson of their respective counties.

They are Senators Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, Montserrado; Varney Sherman, Grand Cape Mount; Alphonso Gaye, Grand Gedeh; Albert Chie, Grand Kru; Matthew Jaye, River Gee; Henry Yallah, Bong; and Francis Paye, River Cess counties.

Others are Benny Johnson, Grand Bassa; Zuba Aggrey, Lofa; Christopher Orbel, Margibi; and Blebo Brown, Maryland counties.


  1. Who cares?
    All we know Unity party will never win election in Liberia.
    The forgotten men and women will never allowed to
    be disappointed for the third terms. Enough is enough!
    Throw them out period!

  2. Bility, Findley, Julia Cassell, Eugene Nagbe, Karnwea, Selena Mappy are not with UP because Ellen cannot support what she sees as a COUNTRY PEOPLE (Boakai-Nuquay) ticket in Liberia. She wants Liberty Party and Brumskine to go to the second round. If this happens, ANC-Alex Cummings (congau), ALP-Urey (congau), MOVEE-Mills Jones (congau) will all line up behind Brumskine. The Mandingoes will go with Bility and the MDR-Prince Johnson will be paid a good amount of money to get Nimba to support Brumskine.

    • Senator Johnson will never support a ticket that has advocated for the establishment of a War Crime Court. In fact, no Nimbaian will follow Sen. Johnson anywhere, because he made that attempt in 2005, but he failed to sway our support to The CDC. Meanwhile, Brumskine does not have the numbers to pull that trick. The Unity is going to meet The CDC, if there is going to be a second. In either case, our “hat trick” is assured. As a matter of fact, no well-meaning Liberian is going to give leadership to an Americo Liberian (Charles Brumskine), or an incompetent indigenous (George Weah). We are not prepared to deposit our future into the trash can. Period.

  3. Mr. Wreh that is not true, even though that is your opinion, the fact is the head of the ticket Mr. Boakai is inept and is not a strong and decisive leader. He is the problem why people are leaving the party. His supporters are pointing their fingers at the wrong people. This Election is between Libertyt and ANC. Liberian have learned and will make the right decisions come October 10

    • You and your masters will be disappointed, because they will never smell the second round. We have gotten tired with those people a longtime ago. You will need to update your software, because you may have overslept, “proctor’.

  4. Go in peace Findley… Thanks for your effort… Our indigenous ticket could never tolerate a “Findley”- you should have known all along. We are satisfied with the credentials of our candidates, so you can go to where you belong, Honorable. Again I say, thanks a million.

  5. This election will make or break Liberia. If they allow tribal and selfish sediments to cloud their judgement and give power to the wrong person they must be ready collectively to bear the consequences of their actions. My people in west point, Clara town, point four, Via town, Logan town, Douala and every villages in Liberia, look at your surrounding, the mess and filthy condition you’ll living in and look at your present government officials, their homes, cars, children and girlfriends and make the right decision. Do not be fooled, it’s not about native or Congo, we have been let down by both groups. So please, this election should be about the right person with the theoretical and technical capabilities to lead. The old politicians and government official are selfish, they really don’t care about you. you’ll give them 12 years to get it right but all they did was build big houses with huge fences, purchased flashes vehicles, sent the kids, girlfriends and wives around the world to shopped and go to school, while you’ll struggle and can’t afford half beg of rice. How long do you want to see your mothers and fathers breaking stones(literally) to survive.
    Please my people I beg you’ll oh, don’t be fool by the helicopter, vehicles and motorbikes, they are empty and full of deceits. Where were the helicopters, vehicles and motorbikes when you’ll needed them most during the Ebola crisis. The best way to determine the future is to look at the past, therefore, elect the best candidate. Do away with this native and Congo thing, they are using that to deceit you. Boakai, Weah, Brumskine, Urey, P. Johnson, Cummings and Mills-Jones take a closer look, forget about tribal and selfish sentiments and think about Liberia and your future, and make the right decision. which of this Men can you trust with your future, which of these men do you think has the technical and theoretical capabilities to help you get over the steepy mountain that’s ahead of you? Whatever your decision is, remember your decision will make or break you and Liberia as a whole. A hint to the wise..

    • Who is the best candidate to lead this nation according to you, Felton?
      Who do you think Liberians can trust their future in?

      P. F

  6. Paye,

    Joe Wreh’s analysis is true and correct. If Brumskine or Cummings supported a war crimes prosecution, war criminal Ellen Johnson Sirleaf would have never supported Karnwea and Sulonteh and have the Supreme Court disgrace itself.

    Prince Johnson defected from Urey’s ALP not necessarily because of becoming number one, but ACTUALLY because ALP like CDC are the only frontrunners that are SET to call for the establishment of a war crimes tribunal for Liberia.

  7. Felton, after your proclaiming that neither of these groups should be listen to. Who do you suggest to lead to this rich country, Liberia? You have to spell out to the Liberian people who to look at…

    Not listen to all these lies flowing around the country, but during elections time these are the things that go around to arouse the interest of the people to vote.

    I will suggest you tell the Liberian people who to vote for, who is the best candidate according to you knowledge.


    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf does not identify with the majority, and this is why she has ruined the country.

    Nelson Mandela identified with the majority of South Africa and so he even encourage the majority to identify with the minority in spite of the oppression from the minority in the past.

    Brumskine, Cummings, and Mills Jones, HAVE NO TIME FOR THE MAJORITY BUT FOR THEMSELVES.

    Boakai is the same as them, since he is an agent of A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT ELITE FOR THE PAST 12 YEARS.



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