UP Stalwart under Pressure to Ditch Party

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Kerkula Muka Kamara, an aspirant for the seat of Montserrado County District #14 is faced with a peculiar dichotomy. On the one hand, he appears to have won the hearts of youths of his district who hail him for his many good deeds toward the improvement of their lives. Since 2012, they say, he has tangibly contributed to providing safe water and sanitation; a youth center for Clara Town; and the rebuilding of the fire-ridden Clara Town AGM school library. He has also established a market loan scheme for marketers in both communities, as well as a scholarship foundation.

On the other hand, for all his good works, The youths in the Clara Town and S. K. Doe slum communities have resolved that they will still not elect aspirant Kamara to the seat of District #14 in the ensuring 2017 Legislative Elections if he fails to resign from the ruling Unity Party (UP).

The youths said that the UP has failed to develop their communities as promised during the 2005 electoral campaign.

The youth groups, dubbed the Clara Town and Samuel K. Doe Community Youths, said the “low condition” of their lifestyles, coupled with bad road conditions and the continued lack of social services, were enough reasons not to elect anybody on the UP ticket which, the group said, has ruled the country for 10 years without making any impact in their communities.

The youth made the statement on Saturday when they welcomed a representative hopeful, Kekula Muka Kamara, a stalwart of the UP, who has just returned from the United States, making promises to the district.

“It’s like being on the right team, but wearing the wrong jersey,” an anonymous commenter said. “We would like for Kamara to lead our district, but we don’t want to hear the name of that other party around here.”

Morrison Dweh and Jenkins Toe told the Daily Observer over the weekend that Mr. Kamara will never be elected if he remained a member of the UP. They however did not say which party he should join before winning the election in the slum communities.

“We told him during the 2011 elections that he is a good man, but he cannot win this district if he runs on the UP ticket,” Dweh said.

“Even though he was defeated in the election, he has continued his good work. He has come to us again for our votes, but we are again telling him the only way he can be elected is if he resigns from the UP,” Toe urged.

For his part, the Youth League Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change in Montserrado County, Morris Dixon, who was also at the program, indicated that the district is for CDC, but lost it to an independent candidate, Representative Abraham Vamuyan Corneh III, because three “CDCians” were opposing each other in the race.

The Montserrado County District #14 representative aspirant thanked those who attended the program, promising to provide safe drinking water throughout the district

He also promised to erect youth centers in the SKD Community by next month, the same thing he promised to do for the residents of Clara Town.


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