Boakai Promises Modern Markets Across Liberia If Elected

VP Boakai interacts with some marketers in Yekepa

Expresses disappointment at citizens’ poor condition of living

The standard bearer of the Unity Party, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has promised to build modern market structures throughout the country, if elected on October 10.

Dedicating the Yekepa Market Hall in Yekepa, Nimba County last Wednesday, Vice President Boakai said the modern markets will have schools and clinics as well as other facilities.

“Many of our marketers are women and breadwinners of families, so there is a need that we provide them with very good environments,” the VP said at the dedication ceremony.

The UP standard bearer is in Nimba at the invitation of citizens of Nimba County.
According to him, the market initiative is a result of the recent visit of U.S. Evangelist, Preacher Franklin Graham, who noticed that marketers were facing serious inconveniences selling their produce and expressed concern.

“I said over and again that this country is an African country. Today as we go around we see market places and we know where we came from and have passed through leadership. We continue to see ourselves still working with the Liberia Marketing Association. The government has elevated the LMA. I see the LMA as a social place, that is why we say these places must look presentable and if elected I will provide schools for children and women at various marketplaces,” said VP Boakai.

He added, “That is why we are still working with you. This is just the beginning of a big future for the people. This is the time for all of us to work together for the benefit of the country. Lack of roads has put us apart a little bit.”

Ma Sannie Suah, General Superintendent of the Nimba County Marketing Association lauded the Vice President for his efforts to empower women. She described the VP as the first child for Liberia, saying, “Marketers will continue to feed you for your endless contributions to the women of Liberia.”

The LMA Nimba Chapter leader pledged the support of the association to the VP, indicating that they will work with him to the end. “We the marketers from our county will show the difference to ensure that you win this election.”

The Vice President meanwhile expressed serious disappointment at the poor condition of citizens in the presence of iron ore giant ArcelorMittal.

He reminded the citizens that during the regime of LAMCO in the county, Liberian employees were paid 4 cents per hour. He expressed dissatisfaction about the country reaching 170 years of independence with little to show in terms of development adding that a majority of Liberians continue to live in poverty while companies are exploiting the country’s resources and making more money.

“There is no reason why our people should live poor. Our country has been in existence for 170 years yet has nothing to show but we keep complaining about the 14 years of the civil crisis which ended ever since.

“The development of our nation should have been done 90 years ago. It’s time for Liberians to take over their own country by building it to a better level because we are behind and lacked basic developments like roads, water and better living conditions for citizens, ” VP Boakai said.

He lauded the efforts of Nimba citizens for the development initiatives undertaken but said his interest to become President is not for himself but for the transformation of the country.
“I like to see where people are doing things and promote them. I believe in development, therefore, it’s time we work together to transform our country and it is not about celebrating years but development,” VP Boakai said.

Mr. Tomy Gonyon, giving an overview of the market renovation project, told citizens of Yemeh District that the market was renovated based on the Vice President’s desire to empower citizens who earn their living by selling their produce.

“VP Boakai provided huge support for the renovation of the market which will contribute greatly to this district and we are grateful to him and will make sure he gets the seat during the election,” he said.


  1. Questions which appear to be rhetorical especially the ones that should have been answered by past. incunbent, and present candidates can no longer suffice. If 2 Joseph’s were involved in or asking these questions and a third came to answer, which one will have the right answer? Ask the Liberian ballot box. Gone to silence.
    My Joseph Thomas Diggs

  2. If the incumbent VP is pulled by the nose, by his boss to run for President, do you not think he will not be running on his own if he did say that he is canvassing because she told him to. Why did this vice not ask questions during these 12 years?
    Ask the Liberian voters? Not me. I am gone,

  3. Since he has been VP of Liberia, did he build common mat well house in his village? Empty promises just to full the people again.

    Ellen gave the market women the same promises in 2005 and 2011, she could not delive such promises after 12 years in power, the VP is part of the same administration. Why should we believe you? Lies upon lies to fool the people, your strategy has failed upon arrival, the market woman cannot the fooled by such rhetoric again and as such they will not vote for you.

    I promise you we the electorate are going to retire you come October 10.

  4. Look at a whole vice president cheering and clapping for plantains and banana on the bare, dirty ground. They couldn’t even place them on a mat? When and how will he build all the modern markets across Liberia. Did he care to state exactly how many markets he will build?

  5. Perhaps Liberia should do away with these large market places. Absolutely, the large markets are poorly managed; a typical breeding ground for diseases. Let’s settle for well organized smaller community markets and grocery stores. Require all supermarkets to include our every day needs; Cassava leaf, potato green, collard greens… Meat and Fish stores should be situated separately. They require special sanitatons. WHEN DEALING WITH FOODS, SANITATION IS A MUST. It’s the FOUNDATION for a good Health Care System. We have been around for 170 years. We can/should do better. Let the Hon. J. Nyumah Boakai leads the way; for a better Liberia.

  6. No way, we will not allow him to lead the way. If he and his boss Ellen, could not deliver as promised during their election campaigns and haven been in office for approximately 12 years it is not now he will deliver.

    Imagine a child born when he and his boss Ellen, became President and vise President is either in high school or preparing to get into high school. Should we give a man whose administration has failed one generation, another opportunity to fail another generation? God forbid. It is better another person lead the nation. This is one of the thing that has made America great, because the electorate in America changes the party and leadership that lead then all the time, as a result each party and leader that comes to power fight heard to leave a LEGACY.

    • J.P; the majority of Liberians want J.Nyumah Boakai, President Republic of Liberia; come October 10, 2016. That’s the way it ought to be; that’s the way it will be. JNB IS A MAN OF HIS OWN INTEGRITY. The President is not the boss of the Vice President. They are both elected officials. The V.P’s position is like that of a substitute player. He has his own plans and policies. JNB is not EJS. BY the same token, EJS is not JNB. Why don’t some people get it right?

      • Mr Freeman, I agree that the President and the VP are elected, but with all due respect constitutionally the position of the president is higher than that of the VP and they don’t share equal powers. Haven said, the VP have his own role to play in the development of the nation and also have influence on the president, based on this, both of then has failed one generation of people they have lead approximately twelve (12) years and we cannot allow Boakai who is the number two person in command to lead another generation into another part of failure. If the person UP presented was not part of the present day leadership it might even sound good.

        Now let me inform you, because the UP lead government have dug hole (huge corruption) that is why they are fighting by all means to use the VP to cover it because he is also involved in the digging of the hole.

        My brother forget about it what you hear the representives and senators are saying and have affix their pain to, they all know that their faith is hanged in a balance in other to get a job should in case they loose that is why they are pretend to support the VP.

        The people of Liberia will speak against the UP and Boakai come October 10.

  7. When did Vp Bokai realized that our people were living in poverty? After more than eleven years in power as the country second man in leadership, he would not better the lives of our people but now coming with false promises again. Bokai and Sirleaf promised us in 2005 and 2011 but failed to deliver. How can we trust this oldman who along with Pres. Sirleaf have gotten us in this poor state.We the ordinary people of this country should not allow ourselves to be deceived by this heartless VP Bokai who is so greedy for power when he has failed with Sirleaf . We the people should put on our thinking caps and don’t be fool by this old man again.

    • S.G; put on your thinking cap and think better. EJS is not leaving Liberia the same; as when she took office. Of course lot more could have been done; but circumstances beyond anyone’s control have hindered Liberia’s growth/development. EBOLA and the collapse of the prices of Iron Ore and Rubber were not caused by Lady Sirleaf. You forgot that part in your commentary. Think about it…

      • I know you have your right to be partisan,but you can’t convince me that Unity Party, especially the vice president who is also the president of the Senate who engineered all those crazy,failed and illegal consession agreements intended to rip the country of its resources, should be given another 6 years term. 3×6=18 years…..that’s a very long tenure for an unpatriotic, corrupt and inept group of people.

        Ghana just launched its first satellite, but here is your vice president who you so dearly want to continue Ellen sirleafs failed and dismal leadership, he’s there standing over some bananas and plantains on the dirty ground and smiling from ear to ear I like it’s the cure for Aids….discovered by a Liberian that he’s celebrating.

        This group….the current batch of Liberian running Liberia are mediocre and lack vision for the country. They do not know what to do…no ideas to move the country from the poor states it’s in to where it need to be.

        If you guys vote that sleepy beauty old man into power you can’t be complaining about things being the same as under Ellen

  8. Henry Freeman, it is you who needs to reconsider! Of course, “EJS is not leaving Liberia the same; as when she took office”! She is leaving Liberia in a worse condition than when she took office! Is it ebola which caused her son to steal state funds from NOCAL and sent NOCAL bankrupt! Is it the collapse of the prices of Iron Ore and Rubber that made her to be so disgracefully corrupt! Is it the collapse of the prices of Iron Ore and Rubber that caused her to be a despotic and brutally killing president who would slaughter critics and whistleblowers …Harry Greaves Jr., Michael Allison, etc. etc, and used Victoria Zayzay in prison for ritual as suspected by many and the Daily Observer! Is it ebola and the collapse of the prices of Iron Ore and Rubber that made Executive order 84 which serves the interest of foreign fishng company to the detriment of our fishermen and their families and our national security! Or is it the collapse of the prices of Iron Ore and Rubber which appointed a foreigner a mercenary to serve as NEC Chairman! “You forgot that part in your commentary. Think about it…”

    • K.Z; LOL! You are further from the truth; more than anyone can imagine. Lady Sirleaf is not leaving Liberia in the same state, as when she took office. Of course; more ccould could have been done, had it not been for circumstances beyond anyone’s controls. As for NOCAL, it was absolutely necessary to cut losses shot. That venture was not ECONOMICALLY feasible. For the most part, NOCAL’S MONEY came from FOREIGN INVESTORS. Thus it was only obvious, the investors pulled their MONEY when NOCAL collapsed. You may need to do some research, before you draw any conclusions on NOCAL.

  9. THE Lord, our God, moves in a mysterious way. The man who would lead the Hebrews out of Egyptian captivity was raised in the palace of the Pharaoh but never became immersed in Egyptian culture. Was it then, a mistake by God that Joseph Boakai served with President Sirleaf so he can lead his people out of the dungeon of poverty, out of the prison of minority domination, and into a bright sunshine of prosperity? It was not a mistake. It was a part of the grand design God has adopted to save Liberia.

    For sure, the Lord our God, moves in a mysterious way! Even in a corrupt government God has kept VP Boakai’s hands clean only to learn how Corruption works in Liberia and how to combat it.

    Joseph Boakai has been on a job training. Now he is ready to graduate on October 10.

    God bless Liberia, with Joseph Boakai as Present.

    • Mr Saingbr, Please, do not verche for the VP by saying his hands are clean from corruption. If you are a student of history you will remember that he and his then accountant was dismiss by former President Doe for $2 million that was unaccounted for under the watch of Boakai when he was in charge of the Green Revolution.

      Presently, what has happened to the fund of the Group of 77 that he and his wife is in charge of, go to Newport street and other places that the members of the Group of 77 are and see if their lives has improved rather the money meant for them has been embezzled by him, his wife and the same account that was dismissed alone with him by Doe for embezzling $2 Million. If president Doe was not right. Why do he continue to keep the same person for the same purpose of accounting arround him? Which means they both know the operation of stealing cartel they have been involved in.

      If he really wanted to improve the lives of people, The Group of 77 is a place to prove himself by making their lives better with fund allocated to him by government and the international community, rather the lives of the Group of 77 are worst than when he took over.

      Please, forget about Boakai, if he do not retire voluntarily he will be forcefully retire come October 10 by the ballot.

    • How dare you come here to compare and draw a similarity between the plight of the Liberian masses under the leadership of this government and a Middle Eastern mythology?

      Joseph Boakia is not only the vice president if Liberia. He is also the president if the Liberian senate where all the bogus and illegal concession agreements are passed. The recent one, the 30 year tax exempt for a hotel that will only create 180(minus 40) has been pushed through the Senate without any regards to the sensibility of the Liberian public. How can you compare Joseph Boakia with Moses? Do you think Moses, as he is described, would close his eyes and conscience and still be a part 9f this evil administration?

  10. An anonymous philosopher once said, “All progress and growth is a matter of change, but change must be growth within our social and government concepts if it should not destroy them.”

    This philosopher statement reminds us that Liberia’s progress and growth have been hampered for nearly 170 years because of our own inability to make the necessary social, political, and economic changes for the prosperity of all Liberians.

    Why have our political, social, and economic progress been so stagnated for so long? Not one person (Joe Boakai, nor Alex Cummings, or George Weah…etc…etc, or one political party) has all the answers to these numerous systematic problems that are barriers to Liberia’s success.

    It is incumbent upon all peace loving Liberians to make conscious efforts to reexamine our systemic failures and make the necessary recommendations for future corrective actions because:

    If we keep electing the same non-productive people, we will keep getting the same non-productive results.

    If we keep applying the same antiquated (Citizenship, Presidential and Legislative term limit) laws in our constitution, we will keep getting the same non-progressive results.

    The fear of giving citizenship to qualified people of “NON-NEGRO RACE” is also one reason Liberia is not developed. Unlike Liberia, Immigrants of different races and nationalities, who became citizens of the U.S. or people born from immigrant parents, built the Great United States of America.

    If we keep setting the political stage for an “IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY”, we will keep getting an autocratic leader….whose leadership style leads to blind loyalty without questioning his/her authority.

    If we keep applying the same “no return-on-investment” economic principles, we will keep getting the same poor economic results.

    If we keep applying the same “one-size fits all” educational system, we will keep getting the same old inadequately trained technical manpower results.

    If we keep neglecting our health care system, we will keep getting the same old “rich going abroad for medical treatment” results.

    If we keep focusing on Monrovia and keep neglecting the rest of the country, we will keep getting the same old “neglected rural infrastructure” results.

    If the corrupt rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer, we will keep getting the same chaotic results of poverty, disease, homelessness, lawlessness, drug addiction, prostitution, and crimes.

    If our lawmakers and government officials continue to invest in mansions, fancy cars, and their concubines (girlfriends) instead of investing in their constituencies, and relevant social programs for the poor, we will keep getting the same wide gap between “the halves –and- the have not”.

    The systemic problems in Liberia are too numerous to list here: However, as we approached this crucial election in this transitional period, Liberians should not be afraid to make a change, not for change sake; but change for Liberia’s growth and progress.

    As a wise person once said, “The most urgent necessity in human life is to face life victoriously”.
    However, for many poor Liberians, this is an understatement. Many poor Liberians are living mentally, physically, morally, and spiritually defeated while corrupt Liberian officials are squandering the wealth of the nation.

    My soul bleeds for Mother Liberia!!!

    • Mr Conneh, I support all that you have said 100%. Liberia sistuation is very complex.

      However, the present administration have not been able to move the nation forward as expected by the Liberian people, it is imperative that we change the leadership and try new breed of people and if the new breed of leadership fails again we try another people until we get it right as a nation. Failure to do so we will continue in a circle and while other nations are moving forward, we will still remain in a particular sport.

      A fool is the one that never changes and I know that we Liberians are not fools but wise people and know what to do when the time arises, as a result they will vote new people into the leadership of the nation. I tell you, you will see a lot of surprises in this election from the representative to the presidency.

      May Liberia and her people prosper!!!

  11. Liberians like to talk! When it comes to doing, they are different.
    When TRC bars Ellen Sirleaf from public office for 30 to 35 years,
    why they elected her? Even all her promises she made, when she
    took office and begins to disregard them (her promises), why
    the Liberians did not remove or impeach her from office? For
    example, she declared corruption Liberia’s enemy No. 1 and she
    grew corruption five times more than previous Governments;
    even refused to prosecute all the Audit Reports under
    Auditor General John Morlu, terming them lack of evidences
    to prosecute when Christina Tah was Minister of Justice. I don’t
    if this talking, talking, talking will lead Liberia anywhere?

  12. Liberians like to talk! When it comes to doing, they are different.
    When TRC bars Ellen Sirleaf from public office for 30 to 35 years,
    why they elected her? Even all her promises she made, when she
    took office and begins to disregard them (her promises), why
    the Liberian people did not remove or impeach her from office? For
    example, she declared corruption Liberia’s enemy No. 1 and she
    grew corruption five times more than previous Governments;
    even refused to prosecute all the Audit Reports under
    Auditor General John Morlu, terming them lack of evidences
    to prosecute when Christina Tah was Minister of Justice. I don’t
    know if this talking, talking, talking will lead Liberia anywhere?

  13. Africa Probe
    July 3, 2017

    The General auditing Commission (GAC) has uncovered a major syndicate in which the office of the Vice President had withdrawn and misapplied monies that were transferred to the accounts of dead and dismissed employees working in his office.

    The anti graft commission’s audit on the consolidated funds finds that, between 2014-2015 the Vice President’s personnel director in consultation with him withdrew and misapplied the cumulative salary of one Marie Smith, Director/Human Resource Division who was dismissed from the VP’s office on 30th December 2017. According to the GAC Audit on the consolidated funds, following Marie’s dismissal in December 2014, more than US$65,820.00 were withdrawn from her Government of Liberia (GOL) salary account and misapplied between January 2015 to May 2015. Marie’s Liberian Dollar account also had LD$13,164.00 withdrawn from it.

    Additionally, the GAC Audit also uncovers that a former staff from the Human Resource department in the office of the Vice President Stephen Saysay, who died July 23, 2014 had a cumulative amount of US$73,836.00 withdrawn from his account between November 2014 to June, 2015. Though dead, Saysay also had a total of L$10, 584.00 withdrawn from his account by the VP’s office. He had been dead seven months up to the time of the audit.

    The whereabouts and application of the money for the two former employees are a mystery, but the auditing commission wants further justification by the VP office on why it had wantonly violated the Public Financial Management (PFM).

    Section 9.1 of the Civil Service Standing Order provides for a Human Resources Program with the means to recruit, select, develop and maintain an effective and responsible work force. Also, included are policies and procedures for employee hiring and advancement, training and development, position classification, salary administration, pension and employees’ benefits, discipline, termination and other related activities.

    Furthermore, the PFM Regulation T.5 (1) & T. 8 require that “a head of Government Agency shall cause the immediate stoppage of payment of salary to a public servant when that public servant has resigned, retired or died. Unless the date is otherwise specified under any other enactment, the effective date shall be in the case of: (a)Deceased public officer, the three months following the date of death; (e) Resignation and Retirement, the effective date for stoppage shall be the earlier of: Date of Absence or Date specified on a relevant document”.

    According to the report, it was observed during the audit, “that the names of some public sector employees with the total cumulative salary of L$214,942.00 and US$139,656.00 who were either dead, dismissed, or resigned from the Office of the Vice President and the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy respectively were maintained on the Civil Service Payroll (EDP Payroll) beyond the statutory time.”

    Loss of Public Funds
    According to the audit the failure of the VP’s office to timely remove separated employees’ names from the payroll ‘may lead to the loss of public fund.’ The report said Ministries and Agencies should develop a customized human resource policy and procedures manual that would include programs for employees’ hiring, documentation, staff classification and salary administration.

    The GAC further said that the VP office response as provided in its response to the audit queries were immaterial and insufficient enough to address the audit observation.

    “However, this Exhibit does not address the issue raised by the GAC. Therefore, the personnel Directors for the Office of the Vice President and the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy should respectively be held accountable as per A.20 of the PFM Regulations for the loss of Government resources.” The report said.

    Loss of government Funds
    The Anti graft audit report further said the failure to timely remove separated employees’ names from the payroll “may lead to the loss of public fund.”

    The audit asserted that the Personnel Directors for the Office of the Vice President as well as the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy should give substantive justification respectively for maintaining the names of former employees on the Government payroll for period longer than allowed under the law.

    According to the GAC Audit, Ministries and Agencies should develop a customized human resource policy and procedures manual that would include programs for employees’ hiring, documentation, staff classification and salary administration. This would increase Management Letter on the GOL Consolidated Fund Financial Statements for Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2015 19 promoting accountability of public resources efficiency and avoid the maintenance of ghost names on the Government payroll.

    The office of the VP did not confirm nor deny the report. According to the VP’s office staff, it is yet to see the GAC consolidated audit report.

    ADA-LAP Money extortion claims
    Ahead of the elections opposition political parties have challenged the position of the governing Unity Party (UP) on their 12 years of steering the affairs of the state.

    For instance, there have been accusations coming from opposition leaders that the forerunner and standard bearer of the Unity Party, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has not been able to do enough over the last 12 years of ‘misrule,’ marred with corruption and abuse of public office.

    In 2016, Ambassador Wendell Macintosh who was head of the ADA-LAP project accused the Vice President for demanding money for his travel to Foya, Lofa County where a $30 million dollars Agriculture project for rice cultivation was ongoing. Ironically, the Vice has a huge budgetary allocation for domestic travel.

    During a live radio broadcast, the former Liberian Ambassador alleged that on many occasions he would have to $10,000 available for the VP travel to Foya.

    But responding to the allegations from Macintosh, the office of the VP said the office of the VP noted that on November 26, 2008, the VP’s Chief of staff wrote transmitting the budget of $10,314.05 (Ten Thousand Three Hundred and Fourteen dollars and Five Cents) for a 7-day visit to Foya, Lofa County, with three days exclusively dedicated to ADA.

    The office stated that on December 3, 2008, the Office received a call from ADA indicating that funding for the trip had been approved and was ready and upon arrival at the ADA/LAP financial section, the VP office comptroller was presented with a cash receipt for a whooping US$30,133.05 (Thirty Thousand One Hundred Thirty-three United States Dollars and Five Cents), along with an adjusted budget, and was asked to sign same.

    “When asked why the additional US$20,000 (Twenty Thousand US Dollars) increment, the Financial Officer, replied, “…look, just sign the receipt and we have the US$10,000 here and something is built inside for others and for you.” To give “greater comfort level” the ADA Financial Officer pre-signed and witnessed the receipt,” the VP’s office stated.

    But Article 90(a) of the Constitution states that no person, whether elected or appointed to any public office, shall engage in any other activity which shall be against public policy, or constitute conflict of interest and (b) states that “No person holding public office shall demand and receive any other perquisites, emoluments or benefits, directly or indirectly, on account of any duty required by Government.”

    • K.Z; Ref. Paragraph 2 in your post: “One Maria Smith, Director/Human Resources division who was dismissed from the V.P office 30, December 2017.” How’s that possible? K.Z, that says a lot about you. Your narratives are all fabrications. Writing makes an exact MAN. Haven’t you heard?


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