Up Next: President Cup Draw

Photos of trophies to be presented to winners of the President Cup being put on display.

The draw for the inaugural edition of a tournament dubbed, “George Manneh Weah President Cup” (male category) and “Clar M. Weah First Lady Cup,” (female category) is expected to be held today at the headquarters of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) in Monrovia.

The chairman of the tournament’s organizing committee, Wilmot Smith, on Monday announced that 32 teams comprising First and Second Division clubs, four Third Division clubs, and two Old Timers clubs are to participate in the male category, while eight female clubs will participate in the female category.

Smith, who is also LFA’s Vice President for Operation, said the tournament will be hosted annually in honor of Chief Patron of sport, George Weah, for his “numerous achievement and contributions to the country.

“We are grateful to have a former football player as a Chief Patron of sport, and as a result of his contributions to the country’s sporting activities, members of LFA Executive Committee have decided that going forward, all other editions of the President Cup will be named the “George Manneh Weah President Cup” once it is held under the auspices of the LFA,” he said.

For the female category, Mr. Smith said the Executive Committee thought it wise to host the inaugural edition of the competition in honor of the First Lady, who a few months ago was named by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) as Ambassador of Women’s Football.

“The naming of Madam Weah as CAF women’s Football Ambassador, we think is a plus to our country, especially grassroots football development,” he said.

As part of the activities, members of the organizing committee will today distribute two sets of jersey, two footballs, and participating fees to the 40 participating teams in the tournament.

Mr. Smith also said that members of the organizing committee also intend to provide a 32-seater bus to the winner of the male category, and a 20-seater bus for the female category, while awards and cash prizes will be presented to exceptional individual performers and winning teams.


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