UP, LP Tussle Over Road Rehabilitation

One of Nimba machines on the road

A tussle erupted recently between partisans of the governing Unity Party (UP) and those representing the opposition Liberty Party (LP) over the rehabilitation of the stretch of road linking the main Ganta/Saclepea highway to the township of Kpallah, a short distance from Saclepea, in Nimba County. It is one of the townships close to Saclepea, about 10 kilometers from the main highway, and home to the leader of one of UP’s auxiliary group, ‘PANIMOB (Patriotic Nimbaians Movement for Boakai).

On Sunday, September 17, LP, with a yellow machine reportedly from the Cocopa plantation, began rehabilitating the road, but around the same time, the UP also started a similar undertaking, but reportedly using the Nimba County purchased road building equipment. The Cocopa Plantation is under the management of the Nimba Rubber Incorporated, headed by LP’s vice presidential candidate, Harrison Karnwea.

In an interview with Truth FM, Mr. Karnwea said the Liberty Party undertook the project when he led a group of partisans to the township for a visit on Friday, September 15, and discovered that the road is in a deplorable state.

Karnwea said based on the bad condition of the road, the LP decided to rehabilitate it to ease the transportation constraints residents there face, especially during the rainy season.

One of the yellow machines tipped over into a ditch off the road

Shortly after the LP, under the patronage of Mr. Karnwea, commenced the rehabilitation process, the UP through one of its auxiliaries, PANIMOB, also entered the same area with the county equipment to work on the same road.

The situation caused confusion between the two parties as to which of them will end up taking credit for rehabilitating the road. As of yesterday, some of the residents reported their confusion to the Daily Observer, “because up to present, we are yet to express our gratitude to either of the two parties.”

While the tussle was going on, those who opposed the UP expressed reservation as to who authorized the Nimba County equipment to do the road work, since all the equipment have been down for months because of lack of fuel and spare parts.

When contacted, the Project Management Committee chair could not confirm or deny authorizing the movement of the machines, but indicated that it was through the Unity Party led government that the machines were bought.

The LP and UP have opposed each other since the beginning of the electoral process, accusing and tarnishing each other’s reputation.


  1. UP and LP elections play book . Sure , something is better than nothing as UP and LP fight over mud road as bring development to the people . Can’t stop laughing. This can only be possible because of both educational and political illiteracy . A fight over mud road ?

    • Brumskine is too desperate for the Presidency. He’s not a sincere person. Like Varney Sherman, he has no history of standing up for the masses of our people. Only been inteterested in defending coporate interests against those of the people. That’s why he will repeatedly lose elections, including the one coming in less than two weeks. Karnwea is backing the wrong horse.

  2. Those our Nimbain brothers have to be sensible enough to avoid an ugly incident again.
    They must be sure that they are not fooled this time. Why would Charles Brumskine
    waited all these years but began to rehabilitate road the last day to the elections. I
    think that is a cheap ploy on his part.


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