UP, LP Others Cement Solidarity

Liberia's latest political alliance: ALP's Benoni W. Urey, ANC's Alexander B. Cummings, UP's Joseph N. Boakai (VP), and LP's Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine

By William Q. Harmon and Gloria T. Tamba

Rather than the nation going to the polls in fulfillment of the planned runoff election, four of the major contending parties during the October 10 polls yesterday met to cement their solidarity in pursuing the case concerning gross irregularities and fraud that is before the NEC, to a legal and logical conclusion.

The Unity Party (UP) along with the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and the All Liberian Party (ALP), on Tuesday, Nov. 7, cemented their solidarity with the Liberty Party, which sought the intervention of the Supreme Court to halt the electoral process until its complaint of gross irregularities and fraud — a request that was granted by the high court on Monday.

But following what many are terming as a historic precedent, the political leaders of the four collaborating parties have further strengthened their solidarity, joining forces in order to pursue a transparent election.

The collaborating parties have resolved to reach a logical legal conclusion of their qualms with the elections. They made the resolution yesterday at the headquarters of the Liberty Party in Congo Town after a brief meeting. Many insiders are indicating that VP Boakai and his colleagues have resolved to collaborate through to the end.

VP Boakai, who is one of two presidential candidates to make it to the run-off, said whatever the case may be, this election will unite Liberia. “I’m happy that we are here and have resolved to pursue a transparent electoral process,” he said, also extending special thanks to Cllr. Brumskine who is leading the legal crusade against the “fraud-ridden” electoral process.

“This is a good day not just for our respective political parties, but for Liberia that the four of us can come here for a genuine cause. We have united in the cause of our country and we will ensure this election is peaceful, transparent and credible,” he said.

The VP also said their quest is to also ensure that the election’s results bring forth results that would meet a standard and respect and that bring dignity to the country.

He lauded the Supreme Court for being able to promptly arrest such an unfortunate situation and to redirect all that NEC has done—in ensuring that Liberians get what they deserve for their country.

The UP political leader indicated that the political collaboration will continue to work together. “We have been having several meetings and this time we are here to solidify our bond,” the VP noted.

Cllr. Brumskine lauded the efforts of his colleagues, whom without them, he said he could not have succeeded at the Supreme Court. “I want to thank you all for supporting me in this process. We could not have reached thus far if not for you all,” Brumskine said.

“We are pursuing this case not as a way to bring problems but for the good of our democratic process—we want it to be transparent and credible,” he said.

“The rule of law is the premise on which democracy thrives, I’m honored to be able to associate in a political cause of our country with the VP, Urey, and Cummings as we all pursue to build the democracy of our country,” he said.

“This legal battle wouldn’t have been successful without the collective efforts of these people despite our differences and from other political parties but we have united to ensure that a process that is transparent and credible is accepted by our people,” Brumskine said.

In his brief remarks, ANC political leader Cummings appreciated the LP and its political leader for taking the lead in the process. “I want to thank Brumskine for the leadership,” he said. “I said during the campaign that we cannot continue to do the same thing and expect different results and because you may have had problems in the past with our elections doesn’t mean we should accept it this time around,” he reiterated.

Ensuring that the results of the October 10 polls reflect the will of the Liberian people, Cummings said is the primary goal of the collaboration. The former Coca-Cola executive noted that the team continues to unite on many things, “but one of the most important is that we do not believe that the outcome of the recent elections reflects the will of the Liberian people.”

He added, “This is our primary goal though we’ve got so many other goals. We must make sure that this electoral process reflects the will of our people. This means we must follow all of our laws.”

He called on every Liberian to join in this peaceful legal process. “I want to ask all ANC partisans and every Liberian to join us to do this peacefully because this is meant for our own good. We want to appreciate all of you who want to make sure that this country goes through the democratic process,” he noted.

For his part, Urey said their gathering did not only show strength but also showed the world that “Liberia remains united. Today, we want the world to know that we are proud of Cllr. Brumskine and the LP for the steps they have taken to preserve democracy in Liberia. We again stand by the LP.”

He also indicated that he and his colleagues will continue to stand by VP Boakai, who has seemingly been abandoned by his boss, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. “This unity we have exhibited here with our presence will remain,” Urey said.

“We want to ask the Liberian people to please be patient and peaceful as we all await the conclusion of this legal process that has begun. We want to ensure that the constitution and laws of the country will be protected,” he said.


  1. Where did you leave the Opposition parties declaration you guys signed before going to the October 10 elections. I believed that before learned individuals commit themselves to a document they must understand the cause effects and be ready to stand by it. However, what I see here not CWB who we already know for these kinds of behaviors but Cummings and Urey you guys failed the test of principles mindedness for a country that you want to serve. Firstly you betrayed the trust and confidence some Liberians had in you since you were new in the process and been critical about present leadership. But the runoff will prove your alliance faith. Peace be unto our country Liberia during these trying time of its history.

  2. If the election was not fair under international observation as these parties claim, under whose supervision or oberservation will there be one in case of re-election? We are not sure if these outside observers will waste their resources to see us play in the mud of corruption and dishonesty wherein unless things go “my way or our way”,it is not fair.

  3. Liberia is quickly going the Kenyan way….those who lose an election run to the Supreme Court…get their preferred judgement but then go on to demand a change in the electoral laws…but in Liberia it sounds funny…that the sitting VP is complaining of being rigged out…

  4. @ Ndung’u. Spot on! Our Kenyan litigation had no merit whatsoever. The plaintiff later defied the court ruling posing untenable demands. This confirmed our fears that he had no substance at all, safe for witch-hunt. Democracy at times can be a mess.

  5. I believe Cllr.Brumskine was right to take his stance as a Liberian to the Court instead urging supporters to take the street by means of demonstration. Every Liberian has his / her right to exercises his /her constitutional rights and this is exactly what the Liberty flag bearer is exercising . We should try to respect our constitution that governing us . It is left with the legal Boby to investigate and come out with way out so as to either carry on the run-off election or reelections . Our constitution is very strong and shouldn’t be undermined by a few people.

  6. Here comes the THE COALITION OF LOSERS, because things did not go their way. Well, as it dregs on…..the voters will lose interest (which is what they want). I suspected this back in early October, when the CDC was accused of promoting Charles Taylor’s AGENDA.

    The COALITION OF LOSERS have resulted to a KITCHEN-SINK STYLE of politics ( try everything to stop your opponent if you cannot win. ) A pig with a lip stick, is not a BRIDE, it is a PIG.

    Let’s us look at the resume of the four individuals…..I m not in Liberia presently. It said that Mr. Urey is riding of money that was left by Taylor…open farm in Careysburg.
    Brumskins….3 times loosing election, adding 12 more years waiting in the wilderness to make another move…he will be unfit health-wise. Boika…same as Brumskins, a limb duck VP under Sirlef 12 years. Urey once refered to him as A SENIOR ELDERLY SLEEPING MAN. He is in this COALITION to deliver the LOFA VOTE, just in case there is a rerun. Comminigs, the clarical Coca Cola employee, whom his voters are refering to him as “COCA COLA EXECUTIVE”. The question is yet to be answer regarding the position he really had in Coca Cola.

    LIBERIANS…..better yet still, October 15, 1985….some of us memories are still fresh, when the JUNTA leader( DOE), took that election result from JACKSON F. DOE…and we all saw what 1990 brought us.

    Today, it is one KRU MAN called WEAH, tomorrow, who knows,…not everyone can walk away quietly, when cheated.

  7. Something is in the works!
    Let’s take a deep pause and analyze the foregoing scenario.

    First, reality check #1
    Politics makes strange bedfellows. You’ve got Urey, Cummings and Brumskine who were political enemies at one time but are now bedfellows. Strangely, the bedfellows are in unit cohesion with VP Boakai who himself dreaded the dynamic trio.
    So let’s refer to Brumskine, Urey and Cummings as the dynamic trio. The trio’s merger is unique. Example, the camp of VP Boakai is riding high. The voters are drawing closer to Boakai because he is seen as a better compromiser than Weah. The dynamic trio has also brought another benefit to VP Boakai…. They are all educated! Educated men on Boakai’s bandwagon enhances his persona nationally and internationally.

    After all, Brumskine may not have been the spoiler he was thought to be. As a member of the trio, he was probably the “front man”, charged with the responsibility to damage the Weah momentum. The credit goes to Boakai and Edwin Snowe, the street smart tactician.

    So what’s the function of Cummings and Urey? Both men are on board to do damage control. Damage control will solidify the Boakai camp come election day. Liberia needs savvy home-grown Liberian businessmen. Urey and Cummings can be counted on in that regard.

    Reality check # 2
    The CDC has not been publicly heard from in recent days. Question is “where are the CDC’s major endorsers”?
    Sen. Johnson endorsed Weah, but immediately after that endorsement, trouble broke up in the backyard of sen. Johnson. Nimba is rich with voters, therefore making that county a major battleground. But some voters that Johnson counted on for which he endorsed Weah are in a state of revolt. That’s not good for Weah.
    Where’s MacDella Cooper?
    Cooper, the lone Liberian female presidential contender was overwhelmingly rejected by both men and women. It is uncertain as to how her endorsement could redeem Weah significantly.
    Jones of MOVEE also a presidential contender endorsed Weah. But, Weah and Jones are derivatives of Sinoe county that does not have as many voters as Nimba or Bong.

  8. “The Gang Of Four”, please be reminded that the people will always win because the power you are seeking rightfully belongs to them. You should behave as the statesmen that you are claiming to be….There are opportunities ahead that you will be missing nationally…Please take note.

  9. It is also shamefully, illegal and out right criminal to find an officer of the court to toy with the highest court in the land. Secondly, equally, it is a national shame when the highest court in the land has been lured and played into a process prematurely by a so-called professionally of its kind…A great international shame on Liberia as legal international experts and frowning on such behavior. It basically cheapen you once respected profession and reflect on the school(s) you attended. A reflection of a legal professional from a well renewed law school, whom I will not name.

  10. We all are educated. Choosing side with losing parties does not make one EDUCATED MAN in Liberia. Some of us look at history, the results it has given us in the past. Our brand of “educated Liberians”, are noted for running away and returning with terror on the Liberian people. They made all the noise in 1997, still Taylor wun. By 1998 another arm incursion was in Liberia.

    The COALITION OF LOSERS, may probably be having a second taught about another invasion, if by all means they are given state power.

    Since the 1980s our Educated men have resulted to solving political differences by going reigning terro on the very masses they claim to advocate for.

    Mr.F. Hney…do you read what you write? I read your writing, it sounds like the characters in the Animal Farm , written by Sir George Owell. One group on the farm think they have the better idea. If it is not them, there can be no one.

  11. Point of correction. In my first paragraph, I meant to say , ” returning to Liberia with terro if they are not given state power.”
    Type error….

  12. Come on Gen Bah, what did I say or do this time around?
    Okay look, in direct response to your question as to whether I read the things I write……..yes is your answer. I re-read to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. I think it’s the right thing to do.
    What do you think?

    You are the guy who skips when I query you about your buddy, sen. George Opong Weah.
    I sometimes wonder whether you are a former soccer player like sen. George Opong Weah, your bossom buddy.

    Bah, do not skip to the moon this time, okay?
    Will you be so kind honourable Bah to answer the following questions:

    (1) What are some legislative achievements of sen. Weah in the Upper House of the Liberian National Assembly?

    (2) How many jobs did sen. Opong Weah create in the county of Montserrado?

    That’s it.

  13. These outspoken and law abiding citizens(Boakai, Urey, Brumskine, and Cummings) have taken the Liberian crooks to task by using the rule of law. For the past 12 years Ellen Sirleaf have rule Liberia with “brown envelops”. She has bribed using state’s funds to have her way. Did she bribe the Election Commissioners when she invited them to her home at night to meet with her?We do not know. Time will tell. But the whole act of invitation at such an odd hour, raised eyebrows even in the diplomatic community and among African heads of state. The Guinean and Togolese presidents had to even advice “our sister to live above the fray.” This speaks volume coming from a head of state. Mr. Brumskine, Mr. Urey, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Boakai, you all love your country. You are all great patriots. This is the right step taken. “In union strong, success is sure, we shall over all prevail…”( Liberia National Anthem). You have made Ellen realize that “you can fool some of the people some of the time. But you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” She wants to plant a Buffoon on us as Liberia’s leader so that we can be the laughing stock of the international community. She will then sit back and laugh, while comparing her reign with that of the buffoon and then say”you see, when I was President, things were better, now they have a buffoon, who is worse and cannot be compared to me.” God will not allow this to happen in Liberia. Let the rule of law prevail. I call on the Supreme Court Justices to stand up. Teach this old lady the law regarding interference of an incumbent in state election, especially where she invites the Election Commissioners to her home at night. This is your time to make history. The World is watching and great Liberian Jurists,like Louis Arthur Grimes, T. McCant Stewart, David Kpormakpor, James A.A. Pierre, though dead, are all ears and eyes on how you will avert the shananigan of this old lady, who at the end of her tenure, wants to transfer authority to a “young” buffoon who cannot read or speak English, the administrative language of Liberia. Don’t allow her make us a laughing stock of the international community.


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