UP Legislative Caucus Warns Henry Costa


Unity Party Legislative Caucus Chairman, Hanson Kiazolu, has sternly warned talkshow host Henry Costa against what the Caucus terms as a “ridiculous outburst” concerning the recent meeting between former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai along with the UP Caucus.  The Caucus comprises 25 lawmakers in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Caucus Chairman Kiazolu maintained that the “ridiculous outburst” is a mudslinging — a deliberate spreading of negative information which has the propensity to derail the image of the party and thus violating the norms.

The UP caucus chairman, in a strongly worded statement, said while it is true that the Party welcomes the views of people, it seriously and vehemently rejects the interference of non-partisan opinion, especially in its processes of restructuring and unification.

Chairman Kiazolu said the likes of Henry Costa can never dictate what kind of plan should be good for the UP from his recent barrage of unfair comments.

“Those kinds of views narrated by Henry Costa over the past days are extremist and cannot find any iota of space in our body politics,” the statement said.

He added: “Henry Costa should desist from his blame game about the 2017 elections because he also should share responsibility, given that he used his media outlet to criticize the UP-led government and promote the opposition bloc which is today the ruling establishment.”

The Chairman said the Caucus will continue to foster and support strong partisanship through its reconciliation drive and denounce media extremism that has the propensity to thwart the initiative.

Meanwhile, since the resignation of Bomi County District #1 Representative, Edwin M. Snowe, Jr, talkshow host Costa has expressed his disappointments in the immediate former ruling party against unifying and has been hitting at the UP.

The recently held meeting, wherein former President Sirleaf said she would not be involved in active partisan politics, has worsened the denigration of UP.

Costa on last Friday wrote: “Good morning. Liberia might never see a real change. Some pretend to want a decent leadership that will bring about a real change. But they’re simply lying. They are only angry with Weah because he is not their man.”

He added: “Hear this, if I were ever faced with the unenviable circumstance of choosing between the witch Ellen and dummy Weah, I would pick Weah over Ellen any day. Weah is a thief, a dummy, a dictator, and more, but Ellen is far worse! She is an unrepentant mass murderer with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocents on her hands, a heartless woman who said herself that she cannot forgive, she looted the country, and introduced the high-level bribery of the Legislature that we all complain about today.”

Talkshow host Costa ranted: “Though billions were donated to her (Ellen), she left our schools, hospitals, and economy in tatters. Know this: Ellen and I will never be on the same side. And guess what, I don’t believe in doing absolutely anything just to get power. To hell with power. My conscience first. It’s a shame that the very woman who destroyed the country, stole Joe Boakai’s victory in favor of a dimwitted nitwit is still seen as a role model and political ally by some who claim to want to see a better Liberia. Such a terrible shame! Shame on all Ellenites!”

Meanwhile, over the last two years Costa and members of the four Collaborating Political Parties have sojourned a cordial relationship, lambasting the ruling CDC with a barrage of criticisms and staging protests that have made the government unpopular.


  1. Everything Henry Costa said is true. Those politicians in Liberia would accept the worst of character because they’re just as bad as the leaders they choose. It’s like “John palm oil waste on John’s rice.”

    • Hon. Hanson Kiazulu is a man of virtue and reason! He is a true democrat of high intelligence! Henry Costa THE NOTORIOUS FUGITIVE is a menace and a scumbag.

      Nothing about Henry Costa is patriotic or reasonable. Henry Costa is a thief on public record for organizing silly protests as a means to extort money from people for his holidays feasting.

      And this is why the diplomatic community in and near Monrovia, ECOWAS, the UN, EU, AU, and Washington, ditched him Henry Costa and his fellow bandits.

      It is obvious that these losers of the 2017 elections (and who will again be rejected by the people in few months and in 2023), in their MINORITY RULE MINDSET, political idiocy and political insanity, shall always remain in their bondage of REGARDING MAJORITY RULE as a political vicissitude!

  2. Kaizulu is Just another stupid fool. What Henry is saying is absolutely correct. What does the Unity Party want to achieve by realigning with the woman that destroyed the very party. By the way, she was never the founding member of Unity Party. She left her Liberia Action Party and came over to Unity Party and led it as its standard bearer for 12 years. She betrayed the party and handed the governance of the country over to an alright consummate imbecile who has literally disintegrated the fabrics of the nation through his degenerate lifestyles.

    Shame on Kaizulu! I think he must have been drunk to spew these diatribes which is a normal thing for those so-called lawmakers. The very Ellen made them who they are today by introducing astronomical salaries structure to support their lifestyles which have now placed Liberia as the world’s poorest country.

    For a country coming out of a civil war, instead of using funds for development of a decimated society, the old wretched witch craft Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf chose to pay government officials and the so-called lawmakers salaries far above salaries of lawmakers in USA and UK. As a result of this colossal mistake, today, Liberia is the least developed country in sub-Sahara Africa and the poorest in the world because 80% of national budget is spent on recurrent expenditures to support the lifestyles of government officials. All because Ellen introduced it and so is now adapted as guiding principles for successive leadership.

    I don’t blame Kaizulu’s foolish criticism of Henry Costa; he, Kiazulu, is simply a fool and an alcoholic who is now being deemed relevant by the vestige of Ellen’s misrule.

    Ellen is an agent of satan. She destroyed the country because she doesn’t have love for it. She currently owns a home in Berlin, Germany which is her grandfather’s home country. I am sorry for Unity Party to think Ellen can restore the party and let it regain governance. You all are fools to think that way. She needs to leave that party alone.

    Kiazulu is a half educated lawmaker who lives in the alcohol bottles; he needs to shutoff and end his life as his fellow lawmakers are going before our very eyes…. those bunch of rogues and thieves calling yourselves lawmakers.

    • Hon. Harrison Kiazolu is right. The Unity Party is a political institution organized for the purpose of winning government power, by electoral means. Henry Costaś CoP is a mob comprised of indisciplined leaders (ex. Henry Costa, Dumoe etc.) with the mob belief of taking power through violence and other criminal means as far as the international community and the rest of the Liberian society and citizenry are concerned.

      So no matter what conflict, cooperation, or resolution, which may be going on within the Unity Party, that does not make a notorious fugitive as Henry Costa any better, nor gives him any moral ground to criticize the Unity Party a recognized and respected political party as opposed or compared to the mob called CoP of Henry Costa.

      Why would people (Yekeh Klubah, Benoni Urey, Ambassador Rufus Neufville, Senator Cooper, Senator Johnson, Telia Urey, the Economic Freedom Fighters, etc.) who clasped and danced for CoP just the other day have distanced themselves from Henry Costa and his group of bandits called CoP? So you see, Hon. Kiazolu is more than right. Henry Costa and his group must stay away from civilized people and law-abiding political institutions as the Unity Party etc.

    • Miatta, if “Kiazulu is a half educated lawmaker who lives in the alcohol bottles” as you claim, THE PEOPLE would have not voted him to THE NATIONAL LEGISLATURE. Your conviction that only philosophers, or academics, should be national leaders,(as our people would say), will be the fundamental cause of “you staying long inside” that yoke of an avoidable MIRAGE, SUBJECTIVITY, AND UNREALITY!

      Your claim that “The very Ellen made them who they are today by introducing astronomical salaries structure to support their lifestyles which have now placed Liberia as the world’s poorest country,” when YOU WERE ALSO A TOP BENEFICIARY of that very Ellenś “introduction of astronomical salaries,” exposes your chronic selfishness, and ranks you no different from what you claim Ellen is, and or those you are referring to as “rogues and thieves”. For the receiver is as worst as the perpetrator.

  3. I don’t know ellen much. She betray the party and boikai but history will should in few yrs from now. You can’t show the past over the present. The present is what you have and must face. Ellen did her best. Not siding with boikai was her choose. What about the people? They elected weah who is the current. You is not up to the task to even do half of what was don’t when Ellen was there. Stealing in clear day light. Costa putting people together against him to unseat him. Why will he now say he prefer weah to Ellen. To show he weah is better than Costa. Costa will do worst than weah when he is in a position like weah.
    Both Ellen and weah are not correct, there os no better in none.
    I am ashame that if weah would have listen to Costa and his people today weah would have step down fpr no reason.
    What is wrong with Costa? Has he lost his advocacy? Advocacy has no acception none stopping point or prefer point.
    Its not cuz boikai didn’t win So You love weah now and hate Ellen. If so, use your talk show to say sorry to the Liberian people for what u have been doing to weah, Tell us that u enjoy all weah is doing, that you made a mistake to put them together against weah.

    To have no good intention for Liberia Costa. I liked you for bold stand like I do but supporting weah at this time over Ellen is unacceptable.

    You either keep quite, talk something else or forget about Liberia and the many suffering we are going through.

    Weah is the current and what he does will make Liberia better today and tomorrow. THINK COSTA BEFORE YOU TALK SOME TIMES.
    Besides how such are you that Boikai would have been better then weah.
    Let talk about weah.
    You can’t have a new home to take care of and keep talking about the old one. Though you use old mat to fit new one but if the old mat is of no use why not focus on using the new for the best.
    bible says
    He who puts his hand in the plot and keep looking back is not fit.

  4. Kae go back to elementary if I were you. No big person business when it comes to learning.If I were you I would start all over again. Thank you; I hope you take my advise.

  5. This chorus about correctness of Henry Costa’s rant and rudeness is ridiculous. He got one thing right though – stupidity of dimwits who contribute to his gofundme scam.

  6. Miatta Momo, you’re right! Not only is the law maker a fool, he is also a ridiculous and worthless individual. It pains me to know that even officials of the UP have not realized that Ellen is evil and as such has no good intention towardsr their party and Liberia. To embrace Ellen, especially during these critical times of “unifying members of the party”is akin to having a breakfast with the devil.Ellen’s genetic makeup is predominantly bitter with an unforgiving spirit!!

    She still remembers her mission of ensuring that Joe remains where he is until his death and never ascends to the presidency. This is evident of the way she behaved towards him when he needed her most. Only useless people with no sense of direction are unable to comprehend this political tactic. Ellen is coming again to destabilize the UP and allow Weah to rule for 12 years. She has absolutely no reason to worry. She is well-to-do and so are her children .

  7. Marcus, you are absolutely right that “Only useless people with no sense of direction are unable to comprehend this political tactic.”

    In other words, or in rational and empirical terms, the very Joseph Boakai on whose behalf, you people;

    (1) wanted Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to use her incumbent power to (through stealing and rigging, or swapping the voting results) reverse the democratic choice of the majority of Liberian, and have him Joseph Boakai become President of Liberia, is

    (2) “a useless man with no sense of direction who is unable to comprehend this political tactic of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf”?

    Well, whatever your answer may be; as we say in law :RES IPSA LOQUITOR – THE FACT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF – as the very Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has commanded the very Joseph Boakai to oust the partyś hitherto Chairman Wilmont Paye for especially Joseph Boakaiś politically selfish stupidity and the politically silly hidden agenda of you political fools and power-seeking hypocrites.

    Political insanity driven by selfishness is the most appropriate description of you selfish old generation or dinosaurs of a by-gone era who wanted to IMPOSE ON THE MAJORITY “a useless man (Joseph Boakai) with no sense of direction and unable to comprehend political tactic.”


  8. Hello Miss Miatta Momoh,
    Kae is too grown to go back to elementary. The kids with whom Kae will interact on campus as well as in the classroom will have a field day laughing at him. During PE, he will be unable to run or do push-ups like the kids. Now, Kae himself may have a bad temper tantrum. If the kids laugh too much, he may slap another woman’s child in the face. So I think the school business will not work.

    By the way, Miss Miatta, why did you suggest that Kae should go back to elementary school? Are you saying something about Kae’s composition and reasoning ability?

  9. For socially enslaved people, freedom and independence in thoughts and mental attitudes begin when enslaved begin to discern their state of servility. Conversely, as long as they keep sympathizing with their slave masters, counting on the little gestures of superficial and unctuous goodwill, they will for ever remain enslaved.

    suffice to say: Some dimwitted Liberians continue to lionize Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in spite of her evils and unparalleled cacoethes for corruption atypical of distaff member of any civil society. Yet, certain Liberians without scruples heap praises on her in a spur of ignorance and mental illness.

    Read that adulterated opinion of Fatou Massaquoi: if “Kiazulu is a half educated lawmaker who lives in the alcohol bottles” as you claim, THE PEOPLE would have not voted him to THE NATIONAL LEGISLATURE.

    Yeah, Fatou, the society is sick and socially afflicted by ignorance amid an inveterate looms of intellectual malaise.Historically, Liberians have elected societal miscreants as their leaders. Liberians elected a murderer and a thieve in Ellen and Charles Taylor. They elected Sergeant Doe or they danced for him when was killing his fellow Liberians. Recently, they elected a functionally illiterate president who barely speaks the English Language–The official language of Liberia. They heaps praises on him as he steals and builds mansions for him self. It is a society in spiral decline so if you are talking about the thrust of the voters–you want to think again, my dear.

    The drunk and lowly educated Kiazulu who is one many societal predators should be ashamed to be questioning others for saying things as they are.

    • Miatta,

      Can I invite you to join my crusade in 2023?
      You sound revolted like me, girl!
      We need not sit by and see evil and mundanity prosper, we must do something!

      Look forward to your response!

  10. Miatta S. Momoh, as Marcus Aurelius would say: The happiness and success of your life depends on the quality of your life! Rep. Kiazulu was elected by his people as a result of the quality of his thoughts! Now we ask you: so when;

    (1) Dr. Amos Sawyer, Major Dr. George Sagbey Boley, Dr. Togar Garyeweh Macintosh, Tom Woewiyu, Major Dr. Dew Tuan Wleh Mayson, Major Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh, together with Major Dr. H.Boima Fahnbulleh Jr. Campaign Manager for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf;

    (2) fought with teeth and nails to have Ellen Johnson Sirleaf elected even at stealing two elections, they were all “dimwitted Liberians continuing to lionize Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in spite of her evils (pushing Quiwonkpa into battle in 1985, and ADCL/NPFL BRUTAL WAR) unparalleled” in the nationś history, they PhD doctors and majors were;

    (3) “all sick and socially afflicted by ignorance campaigning for and electing a societal miscreant as their leader”????

    What happened to the so called Popular Democratic Front of Major Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh which cannot to this day, give any account of the people children who were rebels of his PDF and dumped at the Pademba Road Prison in 1991 in Freetown???

  11. The truth of the matter is that Ellen does not represent the reform Unity Party endeavours to accomplish.If members of the party pretend not to understand this, then they have encountered a serious tragedy of gigantic proportion!! Ellen’s intention towards Liberia is far more devilish than we think.She lacks compassion, love and friendship. She seeks only her interest and her Children’s. Let UP partisans know that her flowery talks characterized by sinister motive are a bomb ready to explode at any time ….

  12. “Ellen’s intention towards Liberia is far more devilish than we think.” Marcus Dahn -Former Senior Campaign Manager or Senior Fan for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf -2005, 2011

    Marcus, so, when you people were campaigning for Ellen that she was a Harvard graduate with UN experience and all that crap; while you people rejoiced as she and her gang stole-up two elections, “Ellenś intentions toward Liberia were FAR MORE” GODLY “than you people thought”???

    Marcus, the real truth of the matter is that God does not sleep! Whatsoever one soweth, so shall he reap! Da lie or da true? “Tell we”, Marcus.

  13. Ms. Miatta Momo may have a salient point in her judgment she raised on this platform. Whatever it may be or sound in favor or against an individual or institutional belief, it is a fact that we all should buy and live with as a nation.

    To support Ms. Momo argument, UP partisan should be convinced that Ellen didn’t emerged as a true partisan who came to seek the wellbeing of the party, but a blood suckling demon’s who came from the underworld to be-friend and aligned the hearts and minds of the helpless and hungry people (UP partisan’s) with a satanic agenda against the nation. She appeared to the nation as a sheep in wolf clothing. Her top agenda was to avenge the damages Doe caused her kinsmen and women from 1980 to 2003. The motive was to plunge the nation into perpetual poverty even though it may be healed but it will take decades. To fulfill her goal, fabulous salaries was initiated for government officials, most especially the lawmakers, she later on became an absolute monarch by controlling the entire government, the legislature through the flying of brown envelopes became dormant. All her executive commands were past in the smooth and hastened manners. And on the other hand, ministers, deputies ministers, directors, etc, they do not want to lost their lucrative $ 10-12,000USD monthly salaries, so, they were also enslaved to save their job-heavily empoison with corruption that have destroyed our beloved country. Our roads were abandoned, she openly called our educational system a mess, she termed corruption as vampires, the private sector or the economic was ignored, many humanitarian organizations came to help the war tore nation’s (Liberia), but they were also introduced to high class corruption and briberies, at the result, all the donor projects failed, our oil sector quickly disappeared and she took responsibility without revamping the sector. These are just few of her characters meant to destroy this country. Today, we have been topped as the world poorest country which neatly suit her aim and desire on how Liberia should exist for decades of possible century.

    UP partisan, if they could be wise enough as Miatta warn them earlier, they couldn’t even liaise with Ellen again or seek reconciliation with her in order to revamp their party. Ellen as a blood suckling demon, she had finished suckling their party and she need nothing from them again. They should better try to stand on their own if they meant real business to restructure their party. Rep. Kiazolu going after Costa with such words only meant to face save his name as chairman of their caucus, but he is knowable that it is a sign of big failure for a party that stay in power for 12 years and after less than 2 years is on the verge of extinction. Any attempt again to bring back Ellen (mamie water or karashika) or any other name may have suit her amongst you people again, extinction of UP will takes it real course.

  14. Michael S. Solee, you are either naively or hypocritically wanting others to assimilate Miatta. S. Momoś “genuine lies” and deceptions, and your imitation of same (“verbal lies and deceptions”)!

    Michael, a “genuine lie” or the content of one (as clearly seen here in Miatta Momoś comments) is bent on the intent to MISLEAD REASON as to prevent the soul from knowing, realizing, and understanding, THE TRUTH of a given matter in which the one (eg. Miatta Momo, Michael S. Solee)) spewing such lies or deceptions are also a chief culprits viz the lies of the very wrongs they (Miatta Momo and Michael Solee) foolishly think others would “buy and live with as a nation

    Michael and Miatta, the Liberian people are too tough, smart, and wise, to not be able to read through what Plato refers to as “A GENUINE LIE” OR WHAT IS REFERRED TO AS REALLY A LIES spewed here by Miatta Momo and (“verbal lies”) imitated here by you Michael Solee.!!!

    In other words,ONLY A NATION OF FOOLS would ever see Miatta S. Momoś deceptions and your imitation of such deception (philosophically known as “genuine lies” or your imitation referred to as “verbal lies”) as “salient points/ judgment in favor or against an individual or institutional belief as a fact that we all should buy and live with as a nation.”

    If Miatta S. Momo knew all what she is spewing here against her former boss Ellen, hence were wrongs which neither the Unity Party nor the rest of the Liberia polity or society should have accepted, she would not have been a 12 years chronic beneficiary of all she and her cohorts are saying here about Ellen or whoever!!!! Or has Miatta S. Momo just be born, or was she in coma on Venus or Mars?

    We need not burrow further into this matter. For the democrat kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah has;

    (1) excellently XRAYED the deceptions of Miatta S. Momo on this matter in which;

    (2) even a two years old knows that so called philosopher-kings and queens as Miatta S. Momo, Major Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh Jr, Harvard graduate Ellen Johnson Silrleaf,. Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh, Dr. Randolph Maclain, Charles Taylor, Tom Woewiyu, Olu-Banke King-Akerele, Lewis Brown, Isaac Jackson, Gabriel Williams, Harry A. Greaves Jr. Conmanny Wisseh, Dr. Amos Claudius Sawyer, and their entire ACDL/NPFL batch are;

    (3) absolutely power-seeking hypocrites (in their appetitive desires for power, food, money, drinks, sex, and more money and power to acquire all such selfish material gains and vanities) who have over the years, hidden their selfish ambitions behind criticizing a government when they are not in charge of the national cake, even at the irreparable retardation and total destruction of the whole country!


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