UP Kicks Out David Kortie, Rep. Tweahway

‘Friend of the President’ David Kortie and Rep. Tweahway, both expelled from UP

Despite losing many of its top lieutenants in recent months to opposition parties, it would seem that the ruling Unity Party (UP) may not care to further decimate its numerical strength if any of its supporters or partisans are engaged in acts inimical to the party.

However, the UP appears much undeterred to boot out any unscrupulous partisan, who is working against the vision that aims to ensure victory in the October polls with Vice President Joseph Boakai as its standard bearer.

That being said, two renowned UP partisans who have felt the wrath of the ruling party through what appears to be a “soul cleansing” agenda are: former executive member and Representative of Montserrado County District #3, Bill Tweahway, and David Kortie, popularly known as the “Friend of the President.” Kortie is one of the founding members of the All Liberia Coalition Party. He crossed over to the erstwhile governing National Patriotic Party (NPP) and a has been a long time friend of President Sirleaf.

Kortie is also the publisher of the leaflet, “100 Reasons Why Ellen Should be Elected.”

UP, according to a statement yesterday, informed the Liberian people that Kortie and Tweahway have been expelled from the party with immediate effect.

In 2015, Rep. Tweahway was among three other lawmakers who disrupted a session when one of his colleagues, who allegedly attempted to bully then Speaker Alex Tyler, slapped Tweahway, who had wrapped the session’s agenda.

Tweahway and his colleagues disturbed the House’s session and demanded that Speaker Tyler step down from presiding based on a report of corruption the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) had released.

But the UP’s decision to expel the two men, according to Mohammed Ali, the party’s Assistant secretary general for press, publicity and outreach, came as a result of thorough investigations which found them engaging in activities that violated the constitution, values and standard operating procedures (SOP) of the UP.

“The general public is hereby asked not to do any business with the two individuals in the name of the UP,” the statement warned.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kortie has said he does not regret his association with the party over the years, but added: “I don’t have a car key for anyone, because I don’t have one for anyone.”

“I landed my political flight at MOVEE (Movement for Economic Empowerment) for which Dr. Mills Jones is a standard bearer,” he said.

He called on UP partisans to “take their party and get out of my way…let UP partisans take their party, because I am not anyone’s fool.”

Rep. Tweahway is yet to speak on his expulsion from the UP.


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