‘UP Has Failed to Reduce Poverty’


The political leader of Liberia National Union (LINU), Cllr. Jallah A. Barbu says Liberians are suffering because President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has failed to fulfill her promise to reduce poverty.

Cllr. Barbu said the Unity Party government has failed miserably to lift Liberians from a difficult life to one that is manageable.

“An open promise in leadership is no promise but rather a hopeless venture,” Cllr. Barbu stated.

He blamed the President for promising to ensure that “mama and papa would come home with black plastic bags,” arguing that the promise should instead be, “mama and papa should be given capacity to determine whether they should package their goods in plastic bags or any other bags of their choice.”

“The sky should be the limit not to mind your black plastic bag,” he said. “My fellow Liberians, it is my belief that if we limit our people to such packages, then the questions of development, corruption, lack of basic services and accountability become irrelevant in our governance structure.”

He added: “As we all know, Liberians are proud people and are not known to be recipients of handouts. It is only because of the situation we have been squeezed into that it has become necessary to have huge ceremonies to receive one thousand raincoats and rain boots from the United Nations Development
Program for what should be our elite immigration service; or to construct stalls for our young brothers to take a rest after running motorbikes around; or car washing stations, and consider such as the provisions for the downtrodden.”

After extensive consultation, it is clear that Liberians are disappointed, discouraged and in a state of hopelessness because they have been let down by the people they lifted high, trusting in their abilities to improve their living conditions, said Cllr. Barbu.

“Indeed from this perspective our people are justified. Where poverty has overtaken the nation, basic services are generally unavailable and the rule of law is on the basis of discretion. The people certainly do not see any vision,” Cllr. Barbu declared.

He indicated that politicians are deceptive, especially those who intend to ascend to national leadership, stating that there is a lot of political will on the part of the central government to allow local governments and local communities to substantively participate in governance issues.

The LINU political leader stated that in order to focus on the security of the state, “pay more attention to the people and pursue their welfare and wellbeing.”

“I have no doubt that when the people of a country are truly stakeholders in the stability of the country they provide maximum security even to their leaders. That’s why in a country like Liberia the focus should be on what the majority will benefit from and not the interest of the minority governing the few,”
Cllr. Barbu argued.

Formally announcing his intention to contest for the presidency, Cllr. Barbu stated that, “Having therefore consulted you and receiving from you the unwavering affirmation that I fit the criteria set by Dr. Harry F. Mulbah and reechoed by you, I do hereby now declare to the people of the Republic of Liberia and the world that I, Cllr. Jallah A. Barbu, a humble son of this Republic, am contesting for the Presidency of Liberia in the presidential election scheduled for October 10, 2017.”


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