UP Demands October 10 Election Voting Records

Deadlock deepens: Cllr. Sherman (right) wants NEC to exonerate itself from the fraud charges by submitting their records. NEC's lead lawyer, Cllr. Dean (opposite Sherman), says UP's "technicalities" are delay tactics.

Unity Party (UP), the intervening political party in the Liberty Party’s alleged fraud and irregularity case before the National Elections Commission (NEC) has called on the Commission to make public all voting records, including results of the elections.

UP’s lead lawyer, Senator Varney G. Sherman, in his argument yesterday at the hearing of the case, said the NEC must bring forward records showing the October 10 results in order to verify how it came up with the representative and presidential election results.

“How the NEC arrived at the October 10 elections final results needs to be known. Are they saying there are no documents to show how this Commission went on with the creation of addenda (additional list of names of voters whose names were not seen on the final register roll)?” Cllr. Sherman asked during his argument at the hearing.

He said the LP’s complaints, as well as those of others about the way the elections went on, are based on pieces of evidence, and as such the NEC should exonerate itself from the charges by submitting their records on the processes.

It may be recalled that LP, ALP, ANC and lately UP have filed complaints alleging that more people voted exceeding the number registered at some polling centers and that ballots were allegedly tampered with by some presiding officers (PO), among several other complaints.

He accused the NEC chief lawyer, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, of serving as an accomplice of the Commission to hide basic public documents in connection with the electoral processes. Sherman also called on the Commission to make available the final voter registration roll for the ongoing investigations as well as for the runoff election ahead.

He argued that the NEC has nothing to lose even if there is no runoff this year. “It is not about speeding up with a process but what is right to do is what we are demanding. It is practical and a very relevant functioning of our democracy,” he stressed.

He said buying voters’ cards as in the case of Othello Deshield, a representative candidate who contested on the Liberia Restoration Party’s (LRP) ticket in Nimba County Electoral District #1, the discovery of ballot papers in Grand Gedeh County beneath the earth, among several other cases, should be reported by the NEC with necessary clarity and outcomes from investigations conducted so far.

Taking the stage to argue, NEC lead lawyer, Cllr. Dean, said Sherman’s technicalities are wrong and intended to cause more delay in the electoral process. “We are not interested in your technicalities and remember that rules that are applicable to the court are not applicable here. This is a hearing office and it cannot be overburdened with tasks such as revisiting all records and submit them into evidence,” Dean noted.

He added that the cases involving Amos Seibo, a staff in the office of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Othello Deshield from Nimba District #1 were investigated by the Liberia National Police and forwarded for prosecution.

“We don’t have any legal right to go back to the police or the court and request for the cases in order to re-investigate them. They are criminal cases and the concerned authorities have already taken care of them,” he said.

Meanwhile, NEC chief hearing officer, Cllr. Muana S. Ville, granted UP the opportunity to get from the NEC the FRR but denied the request for addenda from all polling centers in the October 10 elections.

Cllr. Ville will today rule as to whether UP has a valid ground for intervening in LP’s case.

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  1. No party or individual will see any record. Party does not work for Government election time when canvassing asking the Liberian people for power. Not even the Judicial or Legislature has the right to demand Executive portfolios. The 57% presently in control is the only Presidential power system and has all Government documents in their possession. Imaginary: look for the next election ballots. No aspirant, not even the incumbent 34% register voters, did win 50 plus state power since 1944 to make such demands except the silent majority which instructs and awaits this NEC to decide all cases ordered by the interpretation of the Supreme Court to proceed by the bench’s decision of re-run or run-off. The time allotted is enough within constitutional factors and the Silent majority awaits the final Judiciary findings to Execute the elections Laws in keeping with the framework of time and provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia. Nothing can stop this process right now, regardless who heads or is at the National Elections Commission as the nation proceeds to peace and prosperity by itself. The Liberian People will handle their own electoral procedure appropriately in peace, even if abstinence, voters, aspirants, decide to recuse themselves, lost votes, vote in or out of related precincts, or abstain. This is the freedom of choice we have long awaited and the Liberian people have selected 20 aspirants to meet this demand forthwith Liberian democracy. Whether one of them wins or not, the Liberian people, as a nation will be on their asses to fulfill all those promises they were making along with all the resources to supply from this Land of Liberty. It will no more be like some of the bitter past where tyrants came in by forcing the people to vote for them and destroyed, some promised to stay first terms but reneged, others lied to the Liberian people, some came stole, corrupted and left, etc… No matter who is serving as president, as we go those aspirants will be responsible for their promises as the next generation comes in. Be ready when the Liberian Judiciary hands the voting day over to the silent majority to order this NEC to proceed with the Election. Wait for God’s time.
    GONE TO 57%. What does the Election law say? Tell Liberians. DO NOT REPLY THIS BOX.


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