UP Caucus Rallies Return of Defected Partisans

A 21-man UP Caucus of the House of Representatives over the weekend held a meeting with former President and standard-bearer emeritus, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, aimed at bring back members who left the party.

The former ruling Unity Party is one that experienced the worst exodus of members in the 2017 general and presidential elections.  It was, in fact, speculated that former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf could not support her own party’s candidate and Vice President, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, though she claimed otherwise.

With an overwhelming endorsement of the presidential bid of the former Vice President initially, there was, at last, an overturning drama that left the Unity Party and former Vice President Boakai deserted.  Most of the party’s members left and joined the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change as the Unity Party was perceived to be reaching the point of rest after 12 years of successive rule.

However, having lived with some level of disunity for some time now as a result of the exodus of its members and perhaps internal wrangling, the party is now seeing the need to reunite its members in consonance with its name, Unity, in pursuit of consolidating strength to prepare for the mid-term senatorial election expected in December this year and the 2023 presidential election.

Against this backdrop, a 21-man UP Caucus of the House of Representatives over the weekend held a meeting with former President and standard-bearer emeritus, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, at her farm in Bomi County, solely and wholly considering what they call “Bring back our partisans.”

Representative Richard Koon, in a mobile phone interview, attested to the Saturday, June 13 meeting with the former President, while the UP Caucus chairman, Representative Hanson Kiazolu, who is leading the campaign, concurred but added that the caucus had met former Vice President and current standard-bearer Joseph Boakai earlier.

The UP caucus chair said: “Both meetings were fruitful. We have heard from the standard-bearer emeritus, and we are hoping that the current standard-bearer will take the lead to the “come back of our partisans.”

He added: “Boyce Cooper from Nimba County left some time ago; in Bong County, we have disenchantment with partisans. Also, Senator. Matthew Jaye of River Gee, Sen. George Tengbeh of Lofa, and many others need to be reached to for return.”

Representative Kiazolu indicated: “We are going Nimba to hear our partisans’ concerns, and then to Bong and other counties, and also, we will reach out to individuals.”

However, there are reports that the former ruling party is considering mobilizing and rallying the massive returns of “all” of its members as a measure of their psyche-prerequisite for contributing to the coalition in winning the 2020 and 2023 elections respectively.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports said the #comeback partisans campaign is necessarily salient amid process to fill the chairmanship vacuum and firmly secure the top spot for the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

Furthermore, four partisans have expressed interest in the Chairmanship of UP.  They include former National Investment commission boss George Wisner; businessman Amin Modad; former Nimba County District #7 Representative and former House Judiciary chairman Worlea Saywah Dunah, and River Gee County Senator Conmany B. Wesseh.

Through a mobile conversation on Sunday, June 14, UP Assistant Secretary-General for Public Affairs, Mo Ali, said: “We will have an extraordinary convention slated for August 7 to, among other things, pick among the four persons who have expressed interest in vying for the chairmanship.”


  1. It is so sad that these UP Partisans, after being in power for twelve (12) consecutive years, have nothing to offer the country and Liberians outside of government. They are bereft of any ideas or any resourcefulness of contributing to the national economy by starting their own small businesses and creating jobs for fellow Liberians.

    What else would they have done if there were no jobs to dished out by the Government of the Republic of Liberia? Sonpon, do you want to tell me that these people have developed a nostalgic longing for their government jobs and other positions and perks which they “lost” on January 22, 2018 that they are clamoring for a comeback? What new ideas do they have for the advancement of the country and the Liberian people, other than occupying government portfolios and enjoying government perks that benefit friends and family only?

    They were in those positions for 12 years. George Weah has been in office for little under 2 years and 6 months. They have ample amount of time to demonstrate to the Liberian people that they can be as resourceful in the private sector of the national economy just as they were in government.

    Lets remember that the paramount purpose of the government is not to give government jobs to family and friends, but rather to serve. Is 12 years of national service not enough?


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