UP Bleeding, Not Disintegrating

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Unity Party’s only Nimba County representative in the Lower House of the National Legislature, Rep. Warlea Saywah Dunoh, has said that the Party is bleeding in the wake of mass resignations of prominent partisans but disagreed that the Party is disintegrating.

Rep. Dunoh specifically referred to the recent resignation of House Speaker Alex Tyler, coupled with other resignations as actions that have now reduced the Party to a minority status in the House of Representatives.

He noted that Speaker Tyler’s departure showed that the Unity Party no longer controls the House of Representatives. “His departure shows that the floor leader of the party has also left, and he was spearheading the Legislative agenda of the party. I think it is an unfortunate situation and we now have to regroup and reconsolidate and find a new way to keep the Party’s agenda on the floor,” said Dunoh.

The Unit y Party also recently lost two of it staunch members and ranking Committee Chairmen in the persons of Grand Kru County Representative George Wesseh Blamoh, Chairman on Executive and Lofa County Representative Moses Kollie, Chairman on Ways, Means and Finance.

Dunoh maintained that despite the resignations, Unity Party still remains formidable, and that those resigning are exercising their constitutional rights. “But I had thought that given their positions in the executive committee, they would have remained and helped the party, but notwithstanding, we will carry the party forward and win in 2017.”

“I have not contemplated, neither has it ever crossed my mind to leave Unity Party. I remain a ranking member of the Executive Committee,” declared Dunoh.
Speaking during a radio talk show in Monrovia yesterday, Rep Dunoh disagreed with those who argue that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf will leave office with no legacy.

Naming Community Colleges and road networks as some of the President’s legacies, Rep. Dunoh said the reason why the citizens are now aware of these developments is because the Government arm responsible for propagating its performance, the Ministry of Information, is under performing.

“The Ministry of Information which should be advising the government has reduced its role to a talking shop and political preaching center. That Ministry’s core mandate is to inform the Liberian people about the Government, its operations and successes, but there is a public relations gap and it is pathetic for both the party and the government.”

Touching on the implementation of the aspect of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) that calls for a war crimes tribunal, Rep. Dunoh said it is a delicate and serious national issue. “I can say clearly where Liberia is and where we are going, and so we should reconcile and forget about a war crime’s court. Let’s go ahead and rebuild the country and dry the tears of those affected and build a place to remember the victims of the war.”

He called for reconciliation and cited the example of Rwanda where he said those once tried and incarcerated are now being released, rehabilitated and returned to their communities.

Buttressing assertions by his kinsman Nimba County Rep Matenokay Tingbah, he wondered whether those who are resigning are aggrieved partisans or are primary beneficiaries of the party.

“The resignations, especially those by lawmakers have been premeditated and calculated attempts intended to send a bad signal out there that Unity Party is not doing anything to help its members,” he stated.


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