Ganta–Yekepa Road Issues Upstage Dedication of Judicial Complex

The newly dedicated 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie, Nimba County

Delays in the pavement of the Ganta–Yekepa road was highlighted during the dedication ceremony of the newly constructed 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie, Nimba County political capital on September 2.

Some of the speakers requested the government to pave the road so as to enhance free movement of goods and services as well as smooth running of the court.

Superintendent Door Cooper appealed to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to use the last days of her administration to pave he road as promised by her government.

“Madam President”, he said, “if you can use the last days of your administration to pave this road so that it enhances development projects, residents would highly remember you,” Cooper told the gathering with President Sirleaf listening.

His statement was buttressed by the head of the Nimba Bar Association, Cllr. Roland Dahn, who also appealed to the government to pave the road.

“This magnificent building will not become fully functional unless this road is paved, because if that is done, lawyers and party litigants will follow their cases to the letter,” Cllr. Dahn said.

The pavement of the stretch of road from Ganta to Yekepa via Sanniquellie remains one of the cardinal issues in the county, specifically during this electioneering period.

Early this year, the government reaffirmed its commitment to pave the road before the Sirleaf-led administration tenure expired, but up to date, the road remains deplorable with its pavement in limbo.

President Sirleaf cuts the ribbon to the Judicial Complex, assisted by Chief Justice Korkpor and Associate Justice Banks

However, in her response, President Sirleaf told the Nimba gathering that her government had anticipated that the road will be paved, “but in any case, the work is in progress and will surely be completed.”

It is not definite whether the road will actually be paved before the end of the Unity Party-led administration comes to an end early next year.

In a related development, President Sirleaf also expressed disappointment that the county Legislative Caucus was absent from the occasion.

But, Senator Prince Y. Johnson responded on a local radio in his capacity as chairman of the county Caucus, expressing frustration in the government for not paving the Ganta–Sanniquellie road up to present.

Sen. Johnson said members of the caucus have on many occasions approached the President on the status of the road, “but she continues to play deaf ear and so we were tired of visiting her office on the same issue over and over.”

The Eighth Judicial Circuit Court Complex was funded by the Government of Liberia. It is constructed to enhance speedy trial and relieve the government of unnecessary spending, which include rental fees pay to owners of private properties for used often as courtrooms.

The complex consists of the revenue, traffic, and debt courts, as well as the main court. It also contains homes for both assigned resident judges.

The complex also includes a branch of criminal court “E,” where cases of alleged violence against women or rape will be held.

“This complex will provide speedy and quality services in the judicial system,” said Chief Justice Francis Korkpor.

The complex also contains offices of the county attorney, defense lawyers, chambers for all the judges as well as offices for the clerks and a modern library.


  1. You delicate a Magnificent complex, but no road to navigate where the complex is located. What a sham. You should be ashamed of yourself when people try to tied your lagacy to project that hasn’t been done. It shows something is really amiss. If you have any fund left from nepotism, corruption, and cronyism, you use some to build the road and salvage your reputation.

  2. Thanks, a step in the right direction; let’s include maintenance in this package. Nimba Caucus, get your act together and make proper use of the County Development Fund along with your huge benefit package to cover the cost of this paving project. Yor remember dat yor wer elected to seek dey pepo interest and knat to line yor pockets oh/yah.

  3. Building governmental infrastructures or edifices are essential for Liberia’s development but don’t do favors for political appeasement as the case of this court house built in Nimba County.

    The political game of appeasement by Liberian leaders is detrimental to the total unification, peace, reconciliation, and development of Liberia.

    Over the last 60 years, I have witnessed a dangerous trend in Liberian Politics. The practice of political appeasement by Liberian Presidents: from Tubman, Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, the Interims, and now Sirleaf rewarding Nimbaians for their votes.

    A simple definition of appeasement is: giving people what they want to prevent them from harming you or being angry with you or giving something to people to win them over.

    What do I mean by political appeasement in the Liberian context? In the Liberian context, appeasement has come in the form of directing development projects to particular localities; to giving political positions to certain political cronies; or satisfying certain groups of people for political expediency.

    In Tubman case, he appeased his TWP members and pals. He appeased the people of Maryland County, Harper City (His Birthplace), except Monrovia the capital, received most of Tubman’s infrastructure development during his 27 years reign thus neglecting development in other parts of Liberia.

    In Tolbert Case, he appeased his political TWP cronies. He appeased the people of Bensonville (renamed Bentol), his birthplace, except Monrovia the capital, received most of Tolbert’s infrastructure development thus neglecting development in other parts of Liberia.

    In Doe’s case, he appeased his ethnic kinsmen and pals. He appeased the people of Tuzon (Grand Gedeh), his birthplace, except Monrovia the capital, received most of Doe’s infrastructure development thus neglecting development in other parts of Liberia.

    In Taylor’s case, he appeased his political buddies and pals. The Country’s wealth went to his private farms, his many wives, his concubines, his lavish life style, his mansion, and his home time.

    Now President Sirleaf, she appeases her pals and political cronies. She is selectively cherry-picking her development projects. Apart from Monrovia the capital, she appeases the vote rich county of Nimba who put her into power by stirring numerous development projects in Nimba (Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Tappita); the newly constructed Court house, etc..etc.

    The selective appeasement politics by Liberian Leaders for political favors compromise the total development of Liberia. It compromises the fight for peace, unification, and reconciliation for the people of Liberia. Liberia is greater than just presidents’ birth place, or presidents’ ethnic groups, Presidents’ political parties, Presidents’ buddies, or Presidents’ rewards to vote rich counties. The president should be above partisanship, above political frailties and serve to uphold the Constitution.

    The Presidency is not relegated to one group of Liberians; the president should not be biased in dispensing his/her constitutional duties, nor in dispensing development project. The president is elected to serve all the people of Liberia regardless of gender, tribe, race, class, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, or disability.

    If this practice of political appeasement is not abolished, it will definitely comprise the constitutional rights of all Liberians.

    The court house in Nimba is definitely needed just as it is also needed in other parts of Liberia. It may be Nimba today that gets the favor, but it could be Lofa next!!!!

    Development should be for all Liberians just as Justice should be for All Liberians!!!!!

  4. Who told you the idea to construct this complex in Nimba was the president’s, Mr. Conneh? What if you were informed that the idea of this building was conceived by the people of Nimba, of the people of Nimba and for the people of Nimba, yea the people of Liberia, and financed through their county development fund in tandem with the Judiciary? And since it seems you are an expert on “appeasement,” I want you to know that I too, I’m an expert on ignorance. That is when you lack basic knowledge or information on a subject matter but just run your mouth about it just to be heard. It is advisable in that regard to simply read these stories at times and keep your mouth shut and let people assume you are stupid, than opening your mouth and erasing all doubts, as you just did here. Just a hint.

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