Land Dispute Conference Ends in Deadlock


A three-day conference to settle a boundary dispute between Lofa and Gbarpolu counties ended last week in Vahun Town, Lofa County without a peaceful settlement. The conference brought together 25 delegates from each county, who could not reach a common ground to the satisfaction of the contending parties.

The meeting was witnessed by the security council assigned in each county. Delegates did not agree on the existing boundary on grounds that the meandering Miadee River that forms the boundary between the two counties was beyond the expected boundary on one side of the disputed parcel of land.

This argument went on for three days without the delegates arriving at a consensus.

However, the Daily Observer gathered in the neighboring Krugba District that the delegates could not arrive at a tangible solution because they were making claims and counter claims on the disputed area.

Each delegation claimed that its decision on the boundary was the right one and therefore, they could not resolve their disagreement. However, both parties to the conflict concluded that until a lasting solution is found, the residents  in the disputed territory should carry on their normal farming activities.

They further agreed that all mining activities should continue, but they halted all logging activities in the disputed area.

While both parties were obviously at odds, they were able to agree to set up a committee responsible to revisit the legislation that created Gbarpolu County, after which they will convene another meeting to resolve the impasse.


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