Trouble At Ganta Border

Customs impounded the truck until the owner could produce the registration documents.

Over hijacking of truck

Another trouble has occurred at the Ganta border over the hijacking of a truck by one of the customers, after the vehicle was impounded by the customs authority for not having proper import documents.

The vehicle which bears the Liberian license plate #LB C30369 entered Liberia from Guinea on August 12, 2017, but when the customs authority asked for the vehicle documents, the owner Sekou Kamara could not produce any.

Since the owner could not produce documents, the customs impounded the vehicle until the real documents can be produced.

While awaiting the documents, on August 19, 2017, the owner jumped into the truck at about 8pm, under a heavy downpour of rain, and forcibly took it and broke through the Liberian security chain at the bridge to Guinea.

The hijacking of the truck is creating concern in Ganta, almost a month after an unknown gunman caused havoc at the same border and made away with several items from traders who were spending the night at the border.

There were scores of officers on duty at the time, but they could not resist or stop the truck from getting away as most of them were sleeping, a security source told this paper.

The bridge in the distance is the border crossing from Ganta into the Republic of Guinea.

The Customs Collector, Mr. Ephraim Miller, has confirmed the incident, but said they are working with their Guinean counterpart to get the truck back to Liberia for investigation or to go through the customs formality.

He said the security officers on shift at the time are under probe in Sanniquillie.

He appealed to the central government to ensure that the border is fenced and electrified or there will be continued harassment and hijacking of vehicles or any other goods.

Some security officers assigned at the border also expressed fear over the incident, which they accused their Guinean counterpart of allegedly aiding the hijacking.

The security said when they first went across the border to get the truck back, the Guinean soldiers were allegedly in post armed and refused, saying the truck is a Guinean truck and once it had crossed over to Guinea it could not be turned over to Liberia.


  1. So why would they chase the truck into Guinea, where it came from, when it was refused entry into Liberia for not having proper documents? What is the logic behind wanting the truck to return to Liberia? Let the truck go back to where it came from. Period!

  2. I have been on that border check point…. the Liberian custom officers are worthless there, everything on their mind is bribing, money, money……….. I am very sure if Daily Observer report the accurate story, the truth will come to light; the story told by the news paper is one sided and trying to gain sympathy.

  3. What does compounding a vehicle mean to custom authorities , is it to put the vehicle aside and leave the owner or operator with the key(s)and every documents necessary to operate said vehicle? Your please learn to take the keys and put vehicle in position that makes it unmovabled.Trust my humble methods they work!

  4. Where were they when the truck was taken to Guinea? They were sleeping on duty? Since they want to sleep let Government send them home to enjoy their sleep. They are simply trying to say that they need more training .


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