Boy, 13, Commits Suicide in Ganta


After a long day selling soap

A 13-year-old boy on August 23 committed suicide by hanging himself in a bedroom in his family’s Jacob Town Community house after returning home from selling soap all day.

The aunt of the deceased, Victoria Monbiah, told a local radio station that they discovered that Sam David had hung himself after he returned home from selling washing soap. She said after the boy returned home from selling, she told him to heat up some water over the fire for him to take a bath, but the boy refused and went into the room. Victoria said after not seeing young Sam around even after a young woman in the house had prepared “dry rice” for the household, she thought the boy was in the room resting. “I called him for his food, but he would not come,” she said, adding that she decided to go and get him from the room. “When I entered the room and flashed the light, I saw him sitting, but the way he was sitting did not satisfy me, so I called the girl who cooked the rice and she came and made alarm that a rope was around the boy’s neck.”

When contacted, the Ganta Police Detail confirmed the incident and said Victoria Monbiah is being held for further interrogation in Sanniquellie. The police also quoted a medical report confirming that the boy died from hanging, adding that the police is investigating how it happened. “The woman, the little girl and all those present during the incident are undergoing investigation,” said Detective James Kartoe of the Nimba Police Detachment.

According to Victoria, she adopted the boy last November after his father died. She said because of late registration she decided to invest in making soap to sell to raise enough money to have him registered at the start of the school year. “The boy was supposed to go to school this year, and this kind of thing happened to him,” she said in tears.

The boy’s death has reopened old wounds in the community, due to a similar tragedy that occurred in Ganta when a little girl was found dead along with her guardian in their apartment last March.


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