3 Found Guilty in Motorcyclist’s Death


The grand jury at the 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie, Nimba County, on Wednesday, found three persons guilty of the killing of motorcyclist Nathan Wheyeegbay in September 2015.

Wheyeegbay’s brutal killing prompted rioting that brought Ganta to a standstill, with angry mobs vandalizing the police station, the DEA office and the properties of businessman Prince Howard.

The final verdict is expected within five working days, according to Judge James Galeyen.

Those charged are Bill Lawrence, Tonie Sekie, and Fanta Kamara. They were charged with four counts, including murder and criminal facilitation. Judge Galeyen said the two men faced murder charges, while the lady faced criminal facilitation, because she was the one who kept the bike after the owner was killed.

Bill Lawrence, upon his arrest by angry mobs, linked businessman Prince Howard to the killing, but later changed his allegation.


  1. Thank God that the truth came out to exonerate business man Prince Howard who was falsely accused by one of the killers, Bill Lawrence. I hope Mr. Howard can sue the City Corporation of Ganta and Nimba County Administration to pay for the damage that was done to his hard earned properties.

    • Daa,
      I certainly support your points. Mr. Howard must sue those responsible to provide security, including the Liberian Government. Those found guilty must face the full weight of the law without fear or favor. Ganta, as the second largest city in Liberia, should be provided with adequate security forces to maintain peace and provide security for the city.

  2. The escalation of mob violence in Liberia is just one of the residues from the evils of Liberian civil war.
    War, no matter what necessitates it, is evil. War kills people and destroys lives. War leaves many people handicapped.

    The Liberian civil war destroyed families. It destroyed our society. It broke down law and order. It created many psychological wounds. It brought hunger and diseases. It destroyed lives and properties. It destroyed our infrastructures. It brought insecurity.

    The evils of Liberian is still felt today in the form of mob violence. It is still felt today in the form of drug addictions, prostitution, lawlessness, and alcoholism. It is still felt today in the form of corruption. It is still felt today in the rise of teen pregnancies.

    It is still felt today in youth’s unemployment. It is still felt today in poor sanitation. It is still felt today in poor drinking water. It is still felt today in the lack of electricity. It is still felt today in our poor education system. It is still felt today in our diminishing moral Values. It is still felt today in our diminishing Islamic and Christian values. Last but not least the Liberian civil war is still felt today in the exponential rise of homelessness in Liberia……mostly Monrovia and its environs.

    Not until the perpetrators and actors of the Liberian civil war take responsibility to remedy all these social evils caused by the war, putting these few mob violence culprits in prison isn’t going to solve all the numerous problems left over from the evils of Liberian civil.

    Not until the perpetrators and actors of Liberian civil war genuinely apologize to their victims; not until we hold those responsible for such evils; not until we make them accountable to society for their crimes, mob violence and insecurity in Liberia will continue unabated.

    May God help our leaders to do what is right for Liberia!!


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