SEA Gets Contract to Keep Ganta City Clean

SEA is carrying on cleaning around Ganta

By Wender K. Massaquoi

The task of keeping the city of Ganta clean has been taken over by the a private organization known as Safe Environment Actors (SEA).

According to the City Mayor of Ganta, Benjamin Dokpa, the City Council gave the contract to a private entity to keep the city clean, adding, “keeping the city clean will create a healthy living of the citizens.”

He said the private company was charged with the responsibility to ensure the city is kept clean daily and the city government will be in charge of collecting fees from vendors and store owners along the street. According to the mayor, the city administration announced the request for proposals on local radio stations and SEA was the only applicant.

The head of the SEA, Eddie Gbatu, told the Daily Observer that because of numerous cries from residents, they decided to take responsibility of sanitation throughout the city.

“After hearing the cry and complain of the community dwellers and other citizens, we decided to take the initiative in order to give our people a safe and healthy environment,” he said.

“SEA has been in existence for the past two months but began active work in August, this year,” he said.

Mr. Eddie Gbatu said the group comprises most youth who have volunteered to help keep the city clean.

“During the two months of preparation we were able to tax the four founding members and other members L$10,000 each to help us have something to begin this project,” said Gbatu.

“Our objective is to give our people a clean environment and create jobs for our young people” Eddie Gbatu told the Daily Observer.  “Meanwhile, he added, “our focus point is garbage collection from major locations in Ganta and other surrounding areas.”

“Since the group started this process, the City of Ganta is getting cleaned everyday” said a passerby.

The head of SEA is calling on government officials and other stakeholders in Ganta for financial support to enable them work effectively. He is also calling on other citizens not to see this as a means for them to get political power but as an initiative to keep the city clean, Gbatu said.


  1. As other cities have refuge problems I was thinking that one possible approach to getting people to tidy up might be to just buy trash at the rubbish dump, as long as each load delivered is inspected to make sure it qualifies (plastic and paper not dirt and leaves) who cares where it comes from or who collects it, just pay what people will deliver it for.


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