Curtis Resigns from ANC


Montserrado Electoral District #17 representative aspirant George Varney Curtis has resigned from the Alternative National Congress (ANC). Until his resignation over the weekend, the ANC has been Mr. Curtis’ political home for the past year. In his letter of resignation dated July 18, Mr. Curtis said the party has failed to uphold the tenets of democracy upon which it claims to be built and is seeking national leadership positions in the context of wanting to give the country the best it deserves.

“I believe political institutions are established based on principles that protect democratic precepts and promote honesty, sincerity and fairness in the execution of those principles. However, when these principles are breached and measurable actions are not taken to remedy the situation, then it warrants conscious minded people to take steps that are conventionally acceptable,” Curtis said in his letter. “ANC’s inability to conduct a simple district primary between two aspirants, when the required number of delegates was present, and failure to conduct same primary on June 22, when the same delegates were present and made up a quorum, and the ANC’s decision to indefinitely postpone the district’s primary, but at the same time, submitted one of the two aspirants’ name to NEC when there were unresolved issues, is a serious matter and brings lots of questions rather than answers as it relates to credibility.

“The party’s inability to conduct same primary when NEC’s Hearing Office had ruled that the said primary be conducted within 72 hours as of Wednesday, July 12 to 15, and especially so when the ruling specifically mandated the party to hold the primary with the same delegates admitted into evidence during the hearing,” were also pointed out. These practices on the part of ANC suggest that the party harbors a preconceived mindset to have his opponent on its ticket and that “the primary was just a formality to validate the party’s dishonest, unfair and insincere manners,” Curtis stated.

It can be recalled that Curtis on July 10 filed a complaint against the ANC for not holding the Montserrado District #17’s primary, most especially after collecting US$1,500 from him and his opponent in the race, Abraham C. Sesay, as registration fee to contest the primary. Addressing this newspaper over the weekend, Curtis said even though he has left the party, he will pray that the Supreme Court would not allow Sesay to contest on the ANC ticket.

“We have to be honest and discourage all forms of corrupt practices, regardless of the persons or institutions involved,” he said. “ANC will pay my money back and forfeit this district’s seat in these elections. They will not succeed, no matter what.” Curtis said he is not barred by any law, including the Code of Conduct, from contesting October’s elections because his actions are within the confines of all legally accepted laws of Liberia. He said the party has received and signed for his letter of resignation on the same date (July 18) it was delivered and that a copy of he same letter was filed with the NEC.

All efforts to get any response from the ANC proved futile as neither the press and public affairs office or the office of the chairman responded.


  • David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Are Liberians paying attention? The so-called ANC of liar Alex Cummings is one of several recently organized political outfits claiming to want to change Liberia. But by their fruits the Liberian people will know them.
    As rightly claimed by Hon. Curtis, the ANC is unable to conduct a primary. The reason is, the self-styled agent of change, liar Alexander Boateng Cummings, has already decided in favor of one of the aspirants instead of allowing the democratic process to prevail. Is this not a step back to an era of backroom sinister system of the few or a single person deciding for all, thus the infamous “So Say One, So Say All.”
    But this is not the only evil thing that Cummings is intending to reintroduce in Liberia. While visiting Gbarpolu County, Cummings had himself carried in hammock on the heads of impoverished Native Liberians as the Congo officials did before the 1980 coup. Not even President Sirleaf, although approaching 80 years of age, has ever allowed herself to be carried in a hammock on the heads of other Liberians.
    But are we surprise? Not a bit. Cummings is one of several Congua running for President in the October Election. The others are Mills Jones, Benoni Urey, Oscar Cooper, and Charles Brumskine. Beside being Congua, these men have one thing in common. They believe that Congua are superior to Native Liberians, and have vowed to reintroduce the Apartheid system that prevailed in the country prior to the coup.
    Our fear is, they might succeed in re-enslaving Native Liberians because some Native Liberians, lacking political/historical consciousness, have even join them. Sulunteh is allowing Cummings to use him as decoy to attract Kpelle people. Brumskine is using Karnweah to attract the support of the Nimba people. Urey is using Duopu to attract the same Nimba people. And as a manifestation of their belief of being superior, no Congo person will ever agree to serve as a Vice Standard Bearer to a Native person.
    But with democracy now the norm, Native Liberians now have their political Fate in their own hands. Although some strayed Natives will vote for the Congua, the overwhelming number of Native Liberians should stand solidly in support of Boakai & Nuquay, the Ticket of national liberation, the Ticket enjoying the blessing of God and the blessing of our warrior-forefathers.
    During this week of our country’s bogus independence, let us, here and now, resolve to end Congo colonialism in our Motherland!

    • Sir,
      Where do you leave from addressing Mr. Curtis’ complaint to your DIVISIVE RANT about this Congo/Native Nonsense. What do you suggest?? Should we form two lines on election day: “NATIVES” on one side and “CONGO” on the other side? By the way, your EXPERTISE will be needed to determine who is NATIVE and who is CONGO…Unemployment, Corruption, Decimated Healthcare System, Degenerated Education system, addressing the impact of the war on a generation that was born during that time, are all issues that should be put forth to anybody running for any elected position in the country. I do not see how we address these issues when we are constantly reminded to DIVIDE ourselves into TWO GROUPS.

      • Our(Liberian) “HISTORY” can not be trashed; just because we want to make ourselves look good. Yes indeed! Liberia’s settler elements, who were themselves once oppressed in the United States of America, did become the oppressors of Indigenous/Native Liberians. That’s a fact/part of our Liberian History. To forget our history, is to be condemned by it. It’s not about divisiveness. To solve a problem, we must identify the problem. As a matter of fact, Liberia is getting better–SOCIALLY People are starting to love who they want to love. That’s a very good sign. In the past, it was almost a taboo to see Congo/Americo Liberian girl dating an Indigenous; Kerkula, Flomo… That’s no longer the case. “Love will keep us together.” “We will overall prevail.”

      • Thanks educate them please. They have forgotten where calling people names and forgetting the real issues lead us: “SENSELESS WAR”

    • Gibberish!
      Only Shameless people preach the so-called Country-Congau divide politics in this day and age in LIBERIA history!

      • Chief George; It’s part of our Liberian History. No matter how you look at it. Liberia’s History needs to be rewritten INCLUSIVELY; just as other Societies have done. Learning about our past, will make us better citizens.

  2. My brother P. Allison Tarlue, Sr, to tell you the truth, prudence is the furthest thing from Mr. Saingbe’s ideology. Looking at his postings, Mr. Saingbe knows very little or nothing about Liberian history. He has a close mind, and has not done himself any favor by researching. So he comes on and write things that makes no darn sense! If Mr Saingbe thinks every so-called Americo Liberian settlers came from a place of privilege, he is dead wrong. Most of those people were dirt poor, very hard working, and did not depend on government to sustain they and their family. But let me submit two questions to tip Mr. Sainbe’s ponderings, and then we can go from there.

    1. When you say Congo, or Conqua-as you spelt it so many different ways in your postings, who are you talking about?

    2. Where was your so-called Native Solidarity during the Liberian civil war?

    I Can’t help but imagine that in Mr. Saingbe’s mind, the roads and access to traveling that we have today is the same as it was a hundred plus years ago. Yes, people were carried in hammocks. The chiefs were carried in hammocks from one chieftaincy to another. So were government officials that travelled to the hinterlands in those days. It had nothing to do with so- called country or congo.

  3. The so call Congo/plantation slaves are the ones creating problems in Liberia with the assistance of the stupid countryman. The plantation slaves think that they own Liberia, but forgetting to know that they were ship back to Africa after serving their term on the plantations. The land owners are very stupid to allow those plantation slaves to control them.

    • Thanks educate them please. They have forgotten where calling people names and forgetting the real issues lead us: “SENSELESS WAR”

  4. Mr. Curtis, after carefully reading your reasons for exiting the ANC, it appeared that you can not just take political defeat. The Party made a decision after critical REVIEWS of CANDIDATES that will lead the Party to victory in the DISTRICT. I strongly believe, your representation as a Candidate should be in the interest of the POLITICAL PARTY and its MEMBERS. Sir, your personal interest to best represent ANC can not overcome the PARTY COUCUS’ DECISIONS. I am strongly asking you to reconsider your decision and go back to your PARTY, ANC that you really LOVE. The PARTY is the best in LIBERIA for CHANGE right now.

  5. We need real men in Liberian politics who can disagree to agree. I haven’t heard ANC’ s version of whatever is going on for once think of your country first. We are tired of Me! Me! Me! Me! The lady and company admits failing the country corruptionwise, we strife changes for the best for God’s sake this is the oldest African country aren’t you ashame when you visit other neighbors?

  6. Very discouraging, and disappointed in so-called political proponents and their sympathizers launching divisive rhetorics. Yes indeed one can’t neglect Liberia’s past history. However, in order for the country to move forward, you guys must stop the hate mongering – it doesn’t unite, but separates. Liberia has already been through so much. Our people are suffering, and need a leader who will have his people and country at heart. I presume that we all on this platform know Liberia’s history (pre- declaration of Independence era; and subsequent eras:1847 – 1980; 1980 – 1990; 1990 – 2003 ; and from 2003 to present).
    Liberian are way beyond those obscured and nefarious misconceptions, and bias political persuasions. The people of Liberia need substantive and sustainable solutions to their plights, and the development of the nation.
    Hence, fellow comrades, let’s desist from these unwarranted and segregational comments.

  7. The place we all come from is called Liberia. It is not a real country. It is a grouping of tribes. Liberia and Liberians have always been people that identified themselves firstly by tribe before nation. Returned People of African Descent (RPADs) have always behaved as a tribe. Liberia is perhaps the oldest tribal grouping masquerading as a nation in Africa. This is why foreigners dominate us . This is why we have hardly any rights . This is why we do not teach a national language. The RPADs made sure that the place called Liberia would remain tribal.So let us be clear. If we now want to graduate to being a nation, then we must ALL begin to see ourselves first as Liberians, instead of Lorma, Bassa, Kpelle, Krahn, Grebo, Kru, or RPAD / americo-liberian.

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