Unidentified Armed Man Causes Havoc At Ganta Border

Ganta Port of Entry

Citizens raise concern over the lack of electricity, armed security at the border

An unknown armed man on the morning of Thursday, July 20, caused havoc at the Ganta main port of entry, making away with several valuables, leaving security scattered.

According to security sources, the man carrying a single barrel gun entered the border post at about 3am, where some travelers some were resting, snatched a bag from one the travelers and later opened fire in the air and escaped.

The single barrel gunshot mark could be seen on the ceiling, near the conference room on the Liberia Immigration Service, but there was no information about the man taking anything from any of the offices.

Security officers there at the time ran for cover when they heard the sound of the gun, something many residents of the border raised concern about, calling it a security threat.

Though an investigation has been launched by the Liberia National Police, the perpetrator remains at large.

The Ganta–Guinea Port of Entry is one of the higher revenue-generating ports of entry in Liberia. It came fourth in terms of revenue collection during the tenure of former Finance Minister Augustine Ngafuan.

However, issues including of lack electricity and lack of armed security at the border remain the major concerns for many.

“If we could have electricity here at night, we could curtail this kind of act,” said one of the customs officers, who asked not to be named.

The proximity of the customs office to the Guinean side is one of the factors that really scare the ordinary people, because on the Guinean side, there are armed securities manning their side.

According to the LIS advisor, Col Johnson Gah, this is the first of such act to take place at the border post, something he said really surprised them.

“I think the perpetrator may have disguised himself as one of the travelers, because that night this corridor was not crowded as it is other times when many cars are here,” said one of the police officers, who also did not want to be named.

However, the Liberia National Police has said that the LIS authority is refusing to comply with investigation into the incident, arguing that they are conducting their own investigation.

The sources told this paper that keeping travelers at the border port during night hours was very risky, when there is nowhere in the building to accommodate travelers.

“We have many hotels in Ganta, why should travelers be allow to sleep at the guard post, it was very dangerous and risky,” one of the officers who do not want to named inferred.

Effort to get the side of the LIS remain futile as neither of the officers in charged were willing to talk with press. It is not yet known who was the commander in charge of the guard port during the incident, something the police said they had yet to received cooperation from their immigration counterpart.

Meanwhile, custom authority and ordinary citizens residing near the border are appealing to the national government to deploy armed police at the border to avoid the recurrence of the incident.



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