Medical Center in Ganta Offers Free Hernia Surgery

Dr. Peter George, Chief Medical Doctor of E&J with one of the visiting doctors.

Targeting 600 patients

Esther and Jereline Medical Center in Ganta has launched a free surgical service for patients hernia, targeting about 600 from across Ganta and its’ environs.

The Chief Medical Doctor at the Hospital Dr. Peter George said the surgical services, which include medical, bed is 100% free and it is expected to last for longer time, but, after every one month.

He said the hospital is collaborating with a group of medical doctors from across the world, under the banner “Hernia International” based in the United Kingdom.

He explained that currently there are five medical doctors from the UK and Germany conducting the operations, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017.

Dr. Peter George, who is also member of this group said the surgical service covered patients with all types of hernias, including hydro – seed, RI – H, LI – H, and BI – H, among others.

He said they are also conducting surgical operations on women with umbilical hernia and even children who are suffering from similar problem.

“We are using a new procedure called the “mesh procedure” which is new in Liberia,” he said.

“In this procedure,” he said, “there will be no recurrence of hernia as it is sometime the case in many of the past hernia operation,” said.

The Esther and Jereline Medical Center, commonly known as “E&J” is one of the modern medical complexes in Ganta. It is privately owned by Representative Jeremiah Kpan Koung of Nimba County Electoral District #1.

The E&J Medical Center has about 115 beds, where very ward is equipped with air condition, satellite TV and fans. The private wards contain air condition, satellite TV and mini icebox.

In February this year, the E&J Medical Center launched free medical services for pregnant women, beginning from day 1 of pregnancy until the time they give birth.

This ongoing surgical service is the first of its kind in Nimba, especially for patients with hernia, one of the medical practitioners had said.

Dr, Peter George, further noted that upon the completion of this phase on Saturday, July 29, 2017, on August 1, 2017 another registration will begin targeting another 600 persons to get treated in September this year.

Again, another kicks off in October for November operations and so on, he has said.

“This phase involved doctors from the United Kingdom and Germany, headed by Dr. John Habbies and the next phase will be conducted by another batch of doctors from other countries, who are specialized in hernia operation,” he said.

However, Dr. George has disclosed that a team Liberian doctors is also working alongside these foreign doctors so as to be abreast of the new procedure in handling hernia.

With the source of funding, he said, the doctors brought most of the instruments for the surgery. Meanwhile, the management of the hospital lobbied for funds from other well wishers, including Rep. Jeremiah Koung, and they were able to procure medicines for the treatment.

“I am so happy to get treated from the hernia that been troubling me for almost 10 years,” said George G. Harris, a classroom teacher in Ganta.

“I was among the first batch to go through the operation on Sunday and on Monday I was discharges from the hospital, with the warning that I should not do hard work for one month,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Peter George said they are expected to involve the Ganta United Methodist Hospital so as widen the outreach to cover many patients.

Currently, there are influx of patients from all walks of life pouring into the hospital for treatment, said the Administrator of E&J, Mr. Lawrence Toxay.


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