“I Resigned Because of External Pressure” -Farmington Hotel ex-general manager

A female employee sobs while hugging Mr. Stilting, who was also crying
The Farmington Hotel general manager who resigned his post recently has blamed ‘external pressure’ for his resignation, as opposed to an allegation of soliciting sex from female employees.

Ronald Stilting, who sobbed while bidding his former workmates goodbye over the weekend, said he regretted leaving the dysfunctional building which he turned into a first-class modern hotel that hosted the country’s biggest postwar event (the recent ECOWAS summit), within seven months of his tenure.

Although he did not name the source of the ‘external pressure’ that coerced him into resigning his post, some of the employees said the Abi-Jaoudi Group was behind the plot.

However, two Abi-Jaoudi Group representatives have denied ever coercing Mr. Stilting to resign his post.

“I don’t think Mr. Stilting has resigned, because he is due to come back in three months’ time at the end of his vacation to train some new employees,” George Abi-Jaoudi, a representative of the group told the Daily Observer via mobile phone yesterday.

Jaxson Weni, the administrative manager of the hotel, said Mr. Stilting has not resigned, “because I am yet to be officially informed about his decision. All I say is that he is coming back to continue working with us.”


A cross-section of sad employees, predominantly female, at Stilting’s sendoff event.

Mr. Stilting’s resignation was announced on Friday, July 7, with copies addressed to all employees. His decision came in the wake of a recent report of bad labor practices at the Farmington Hotel, which resulted to the retrenchment of over 40 employees.

In his letter dated July 5, Stilting said “I have decided to leave the Farmington Hotel as general manager as of July 7, and move on to a new challenge after some vacation with my family.”

At a farewell ceremony in his honor last Friday, several employees, especially the females, and Mr. Stilting cried bitterly over his decision to quit his job at the hotel.

“You cannot imagine how hard this decision was for me after having built Farmington and its great team,” Stilting’s letter stated.

It can be recalled that the recent euphoria that greeted about 180 new employees of the Farmington Hotel near Robertsfield, Lower Margibi County, was short-lived when the management announced the termination of the services of 40 persons. But those who attended Friday’s sendoff praised Stilting’s commitment to duty and vehemently denied reports of his alleged sex-for-position advances on female employees.


  1. Perhaps Abi Jaoudi is under pressure to put one of the Who know you in this manager place. Wait until they put in someone close to the seat of power. You are coming to see friends, girlfriends and boyfriends, relatives all getting jobs. That is the Liberian way. Others work and then we move them and put who we want.

  2. From the reaction of those employees, it seems he was a good manager, I believe they are going to miss him a lot.


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