Street Lights on During the Day in New Georgia

New Georgia Estate resident Prince points to the cable and needs to be raised high

 Residents also complain about low hanging cable that could spell danger for pedestrians

Residents of New Georgia Estate Bassa Town say they want to know from the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) why street lights in the community are always on during the day but off at night when they are most needed.

Residents told the Daily Observer that for the past several months, the street lights have been on in the day and although LEC workers have visited the community to perform other services, they are yet to resolve the situation.

During several morning and night visits by the Daily Observer, it was confirmed that about six street lights were on in the day and off at night.

“Another problem causing anxiety among residents is a low hanging electric cable obstructing the pathway of pedestrians. At first the cable was hanging so low that people used to jump over it. It has now been raised, but only up to about five feet high and people still have to move around it to pass,” said resident Joseph Doe.

Doe said although they have informed LEC field workers on numerous occasions about the low hanging power line,  the LEC personnel have not made it their duty to raise the cable high enough to not pose a danger to the community.

“People are afraid to come near the cable. Because there has not been any problems so far, we think the cable being there is normal,” Doe said.

Another street light on in the day in the community

An LEC spokesman, Joseph Howard, when contacted for comments on the street lights, said: “The situation has to do with photocells built inside the lights.”

He said in a telephone conversation yesterday that the LEC will send technicians to New Georgia Bassa Town to fix the problem.

“We will send people there to take care of the situation,” Howard said, though he did not indicate when.

According to, photocells are circuit elements that have many applications, with their major application in automatic lighting devices such as “dusk-to-dawn” lights because they react to ambient light via a changing electrical resistance.

The information on the website revealed that the lights come on when the surrounding environment is dark enough and turn off when it becomes bright again. The photocells in the light tell the circuit when to provide more or less current, thus turning the light on or off as needed.

The website said in their application “photocells are simply resistors that have a light-dependent resistance. Photo-sensitive plates are mounted on the front of the resistor, and as more or less light hits these plates, the resistance value of the photocell changes.”

It was realized that LEC technicians might have installed photocells in some of the street lights in the community the other way around, since the lights go off at night when they should be on and turn on during the day when they should be off.


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