Bad Road Hampers Garbage Disposal, Says PCC

The bad road leading to the landfill site in Whein Town that needs to be reconditioned

The bad condition of the road leading to the landfill dump site in Wein Town, Bernard Farm in Paynesville, is affecting the regular collection and disposal of garbage, according to the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC).

This has led to garbage literally taking over the city of Paynesville, which could cause serious sanitation problems and health hazard if not attended to promptly, an official said.

Deputy site manager Suluteh Horace told journalists on Friday that reaching the site with their dump trucks has become difficult due to the awful condition of the road.  As a result, their dump trucks are unable to reach the site to dispose of collected garbage, he said.

“This will cause problems for people within this environment because there is no way for our trucks to move forward with the dirt,” Horace said, and noted that as long as the rain continues, the road condition will continue to be deplorable and cause problems for the cities in Montserrado County, with Paynesville being no exception.

Several sanitation truck drivers interviewed also expressed concern over the deplorable condition of the road that is affecting their work. One of the drivers, identified only as Musa, told the Daily Observer: “We will not be able to collect dirt to take to the landfill site in Wein Town until the dry season because the road is too bad for the trucks to reach the site. Sometimes, when we take our trucks for dumping, it takes us the whole day to get there.”

Paynesville is one of the fastest growing cities in Liberia in terms of population, commercial activities and infrastructural development. But in recent times, garbage disposal has become a very serious problem and the Paynesville City Council is encountering difficulty  managing waste, mainly due to the poor road condition.

PCC officials said although they have several measures to effectively manage waste in the city, the stockpile of garbage at key centers, including the densely populated Red Light community, has become a challenge.

They said while PCC dump trucks have been working overtime to ensure clean streets to enable residents to get better breathing space and do their trading in a clean environment, the end result has proven extremely difficult, as many trucks are finding it nearly impossible to dump their collection of garbage.

“While efforts are continuing to work around the situation,” an official said, “we need urgent intervention to ensure that the road to the landfill site in Wein Town is reconditioned to make the management of the garbage easier and healthy for all.”



  1. That strip of ROADWAY, should be a priority. I believe Sanitatons Dept. have the necessary equipment to build that short distance ROADWAY. If not, get Public Works or Army Corpes of Engineers; to lend a hand. It’s for a MOST worthy cause.

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