Sex Video’s Sambola on the Run?

Mohammed Sambola, said to be behind the sex video

Lady Accomplice ‘Abandons Home’

The man at the center of a sex video posted on social media that recently shocked the nation, identified as Mohammed Sambola, is said to have left the country.

Information reaching the Daily Observer from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) said Sambola has lost all of his jobs, as assistant MFDP minister and economics lecturer at the University of Liberia and the United Methodist University. Since the video was exposed through the Unity Party’s Facebook chat room, many Liberians, particularly women, have expressed abhorrence at the posting of the video, saying Sambola’s action is disgraceful and has exposed one of the many immoral and indecent acts prevalent in the Liberian society.

His partner, identified as Mecosa Siryon Sirleaf, who was employed by Red Hill FM of Monrovia, has also reportedly ‘gone underground’ due to the enormity of people’s negative and unfavorable statements on her action. The video showed the married Sirleaf performing fellatio (the act of stimulating a man’s penis with the mouth for sexual pleasure) on her lover, Sambola. Though there have been many condemnations of Sambola’s action, there are others who see the video as God’s way of exposing the adulterous couple.

Allen James, who said he is a fellow at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China, exclaimed: “What a disgrace!”

Joseph Kolee Kortu of the University of Liberia said “I hope the Ministry of Gender is currently counseling the man who married Mecosa. I really care more about her husband than anyone!”

Andrew Tarr of Monrovia said, “Why was he not immediately apprehended, but let to flee?”

Gobeh Kullie, also of Monrovia, said, “I am not happy but this will serve as a deterrent to those would-be unfaithful partners, mainly the females; let them be publicly disgraced.”

Aslaye Salia, who described himself as self-employed, said “This is what a married woman deserves when she engages in cheating or sleeping with another man. She has disgraced her own womanhood, and not all Liberian women.”

While there has been more condemnation of the woman, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MGCSP), however, condemned the act in the strongest term and put the blame squarely on Sambola. In a press release, the MGCSP described the sex video as a disgraceful and uncivilized action that further undermines the dignity of womanhood.

The ministry said its investigation revealed that the video was made a long time ago but was made public due to an undisclosed misunderstanding between the lovers. “The recording and subsequent release exposure of said video are devilish, embarrassing and malicious. It is a serious violation of the privacy of womanhood,” the release said. The ministry also indicated that the recording has the propensity to further present a negative picture of the dignity of Liberian women, an act that must never be tolerated.

The MGCSP reportedly invited the Ministry of Justice to apprehend Sambola, a revelation that many are blaming for Sambola’s departure for either Sierra Leone or Guinea.


  1. IF Mohammed Sambola has escape from Liberia, this will show the continue weakness of the Liberian Government. How did he leave Liberia, where were the immigration that man the entry and exit of our borders? The news of Sambola’s negative sexual behavior towards his partner spread like wild fire across the Liberian Communities in Liberia and in the diaspora. Liberian law enforcement officials should have kept surveillance on Sambola. Where ever he went, he will forever face he embarrassment the rest of his life.

    I am more than sure that the hardship in Liberia caused Mrs. Sirleaf to cheat on her husband just to put food on the table. This man worked as Assistant Minister, Professor at couple of universities etc. However, he knew the lady was married and he got her into the mess. My heart goes out to the innocent husband who is now facing this public disgrace due to his wife’s behavior. My brother, you will be just fine

    • Wono; as per standard legal procedure, SamboLa was free to travel. He was not under any indictment by Liberia’s legal authority. Where there is no due process, the police can not Inforce the LAW. Where is the LAW? If I may ask you. Should there be any charge, it will probably be a misdemeanor; resulting to a FINE. In today’s World, there are far too many GADGETS of all kinds. We are all at risk of being photographed in some of our most private moments. You never know; some BEDROOMS are rigged with HIDDEN CAMERA(S).Now a day, horrible stories are popping up all over. How do you protect yourself? That’s the QUESTION; yet to be answered.

    • Wono
      Did you see the video? I hope you answer the question that was asked by Allen. These are two grown up that did some thing bad, but is it an indictable offend. Two people that was involved, I guest agree to tape what they wee doing, so why you want to blame the government of Liberia.

    • This is also a lesson for those that what to get involved with someone you do not know. A woman that believe that by socking her…… what makes her feel good, and than recording what she was doing, especially when she is marry, I don’t know about she could be a h…. . Now that her husband has seeing the video what has he done? just want to know……..

  2. Could this case be a classic example of selective justice in Liberia??? Rep. Morias Waylee of Grand Gedeh County stands accused of, not only statutorily raping, but also inpregnating a minor that was in his care but the authorities are reluctant to properly respond to this case. Is it because Sambola is not connected enough???

  3. I blame the marry woman that got involved in this devilish act.Why did she allowed such a video?When the guy talked about the video she was supposed to put stop to it right there but instead she was laughing and even made subjection that instead the guy should suck her and she do the recording it was something she was fully aware of.why she wanted to keep records of this evil act when she knows fully well she is married.she never show respect to her husband,kids and career because before u get involved in any act like that you suppose to think about the negative and positive aspects.she had no respect for her innocent husband n kids.There are things marry woman is not allow to do no matter what influence u may be under.Sambola is a guy guys will always be guys. By her keeping such a video in sambola phone she think it was safe ?why she never had the second thought if sambola wife or kids go through his phone and see it.her relationship with sambola looks like something the both of them were serious about and this video just exposed only prayers is for the both of them partner and kids they need serious prayers.

  4. The behavior of both Sambolah and Mecosa is unacceptable and disgraceful.I do strongly think this is not what we expect and is a shame for our kids to see such an embarrassing video.
    However, Sambolah and Mecosa have both agreed to destroy their own repetition and lets not forget they are both adults. Let them live with their own shame and embarrassment for life. This does not depict any negative picture of Liberian women neither Liberian men.
    I don’t see the reason why government should waste tax payers money on two adults who have decided to disgrace their own very self . Government should should direct her attention on providing better education for Liberians, Good healthcare system and good road network among many other areas of concentration.

  5. Liberia is very corrupt, him bribing immigration officers in order to leave the country was very easy ( that is if he even left the counrty) secondly law enforcement are lacking resource such as up modern technologic and transportation, therefore what can one expect , one has to bribe government employees every time they have to go and take care of thier business, it is very sick .

  6. Have you guys also watch sambolah own side of the video?
    I think it was a grave mistake,cos his own romance is very nasty than hers.
    If at all he wanted to disgrace this woman,he couldn’t have posted his own part of the video only hers.
    Let’s be realistic for once.
    I pray they overcome soon.
    Apart from married women, Liberian girls stop sending your nudes in and out of the country all in the name of a man wants to marry you, I’m a slay queen, material things e.t.c

  7. Mehn let people hear their ear yah. What so much? Why all this pretense? Where is the disgrace here or even the crime these people have committed?

    If Sambollah has actually fled or has lost his jobs because of this, then he is a big fool. He has committed no crime nor has he done anything wrong to warrant his dismissal from any of his jobs.

    The ONLY immoral conduct here is on the part of Mecosa; and it is only because she is said to be married! People should grow up and stop the hipocrisy in a sweetness everybody enjoy and sometimes get lost into its ecstasy!!!

  8. There are demons in the spiritual realm that control sexual behaviors. They enter in those m’en and women who are promiscuous and lack self-control and drive their sexual desires to an uncontrollable level so that they engage in bizzare sexual behaviors. As the world gradually slips into spiritual and moral darkness, we will see more of these things. Some of us judge others because we think we are clean. But wait a minute. If God were to make us to know all things like himself, or even to make us to know half of all things, no man or woman would want to get marry because of the things that are done in secret. If all were to come to light for all to see, society would cease to exist. So let us pray for that man and that women. Pray for that woman’s husband who is a victim of deception. At least he knows now and he is therefore free from deception.

  9. What a disgraceful moment and a shame for those immortals, but learn and or remember that, according to the Bible, Prophet Jesus said: “…….if your eyes caused you to sin, plug them out and throw them away. It is better to loose just parts of the body than the whole body to be thrown into Hell…..”. Understand also that, we all are sinners, but the door(s) of forgiveness are or is wide opened till one is caught by death. Those who ask for forgiveness and repent in time are surely pardoned. Do not allow yourselves to die in sins, because of the “ephemeral pleasures and vanities of this lower world, for then you will be counted amongst the unconscious, condemned and heedless ones. //Gonyanue Blah

  10. Do you know that Mr. Mohammed Sambola is back at the University of teacher and chasing girls as usual? Hmmmm. This too is Liberia.


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