Meet Jackie Russ, the Energetic Cinematographer Changing the Narrative of Liberian Music Videos

Alex Nyenga, alias Jackie Russ

By Sheikh Mohammed, contributor

Alex Nyenga, professionally known as Jackie Russ, is an artist, producer, and video director, who is on a mission to promote beauty in the arts and culture of his home country, Liberia. 

The well-seasoned director who has bagged four video director of the year’s award has already carved a niche for himself in the industry due to the high-quality videos he produces, which bring up vibrant colors.    His videography skill is worth venerating, coupled with the fact that he has done a lot to help the youngsters achieve their projects with little or nothing.

Over the past years, he has dedicated himself to the industry by rendering premium services at an affordable price, thereby bridging the gap between quality and price. As the CEO of Massive Media Concept, his visual prowess and use of special effects has been featured on several international television stations across Africa, which landed to serve as official videographer of the Republic of Liberia at the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, September 2017.  

With a stellar attribute and a burning desire for filmmaking, Jackie Russ continues to conquer the industry with his visual storytelling, cinematic camera movements, vibrant colors, and faster delivery time, amongst others. His work can be seen in music videos ranging from top artists like MC Caro, Christoph The Change, CIC, Faithvonic, Teddy Ride, Soul Fresh, Soul Smitter, Amaze, and L Frankie.

His ability to interact with his clients and fans have fetched him so much admiration for which he has become a force to reckon with due to his longevity, versatility, and consistency in the music industry, carving a name for himself as one of the forces propelling the waves of music video production in the country. His just-unleashed Album “Magic SZN” took us by surprise and proved that Jackie Russ is the true definition of versatility.

Magic SZN features 22 bangers including All To You and Anymore. Content-wise “All To You” is self-explanatory as they gave everything to make their partner happy, while “Anymore” is a song about the lack of assurance and security in a relationship. It’s a song everybody can relate to because we all had a partner of some sort who wasn’t willing to make the necessary changes to withhold their stance and due to that, you had no choice but to throw in the towel and completely let go, the absence of reciprocated energy is tiring. 


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