Court Orders Arrest of Activist Martin K.N. Kollie

Bill Tiklo

… over comment on LRA employees’ Murder

A social media post by former student activist Martin K.N. Kollie, where he accused one Bill Tiklo of masterminding the murder of two of the four professional auditors, has landed Kollie in serious trouble with the Monrovia City Court.

The court on Monday, October 19, issued a writ of arrest against defendant Kollie after charging him with multiple offenses that include criminal coercion and disseminating obscene materials based on a complaint filed by Tiklo.

In his social media post on October 15, 2020 defendant Kollie claimed that Tiklo is responsible for the death of two of the four staff of the Liberia Revenue Authority, namely: Albert Peters, Assistant Commissioner for Internal Audit and Victoria Asmah ‘Gifty’ Lamah, Manager, Tax Payer Services Division.

Since the corpses of Peters and Lamah were discovered, there are however lingering but deep suspicions that their deaths were officially sanctioned, for which Kollie, according to his social media post, is now holding Tiklo responsible.

According to the writ of arrest, Tiklo claims that Kollie’s accusation created serious embarrassment that subjected him, Tiklo, to hatred and public ridicule.

“The alleged act by defendant Kollie, being unlawful, wicked and illegal and is in violation of the panel law of Liberia the court documents,” the lawsuit said.

It can be recalled that the lifeless bodies of Peters and Lamah were discovered in a vehicle believed to be owned by Peters on October 2, 2020, near the Sacred Heart Cathedral on Broad Street.


  1. Let them waste their time chasing Martin N. Kollie instead of focusing on arresting the real perpetrators of these gruesome killings of our professionals Liberians. What a cheap and low blow into this fight of finding the real killers. My guess is, the real killers will remain free in Liberia, walking the various streets in and around Liberia until they are authorized to strikes again and trust me, they will definitely killed again because, ” once a killer, will always be a killer”. For now, fear, rumours and intimidation becomes the way of life in Liberia until these killers are caught or weed out and brought to justice. This is the challenge now before our government and the people’s await what next.

  2. If Martin has a proved to what he said, then let him come and provide the evidence. No one should allow to assinate other people character and go without proving it.

    • Mr. Dukuly! All the accusations made against Mr. Cummings about his sexuality, has anyone provided evidence to this nonsense? Maybe you are not following the public accusations about the character assassination of Mr. Cummings. I did not listen to Martin Kollie podcasts regarding this particular accusation but, I am very sure that, Mr. Kollie did not just called names without saying, “according to sources” meaning, the information is already in circulation to the public and Mr. Kollie is not the source of the information in question. Why should Martin Kollie podcast be offensive when the very information is circulating all over social media.

      In our republic, there are these powerful airwaves call “they say or hear say” which provides the general public with news about the events happening or about to happened in our country and in most instances, these airwaves are full of facts and highly accompanied by lies. The news from “EL-they say” furnished millions of Liberians and it is one obligations to filters this news before reacting to it. Notwithstanding just the facts, the lies also hurts the feelings of those individuals that are mentioned in these airwaves. Let the public and authorities stayed focus on finding these killers. Don’t be distracted about the real problems on hand and that is, theses killers are loose out there and just waiting to strike again upon instructions.

      • Become Cummings didn’t act when he was acuse so Bill shouldn’t act,? It is obvious that we re praying that those perpetrators will be expose n brought to justice ,but before u point fingers u should have proof, we all want a secure n peaceful Liberia


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