Wokie Dolo, SATCON Liberia Sign Endorsement Deal

Wokie Dolo and Nour Kein signed their contract.

Ms. Wokie Dolo, the reigning Miss Liberia 2017 and CEO of La Queen Entertainment signed an endorsement deal with SATCON Liberia on Tuesday, September 29th 2020, making her the Brand Ambassador for Satcon Liberia.

Mr. Nour Kein, Commercial Manager for SATCON Liberia signed on behalf of his entity SATCON Liberia, which is an international cable network company with offices all over the world.

Under the terms of the endorsement deal, Ms. Dolo will demonstrate consistent support and promotion of SATCON’s products on various social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Ms. Dolo to make appearances at SATCON sponsored and branded programs at least 2 times a year and her images to be used on any of SATCON’s media presentations including Billboards, TV Commercials, Flyers, Stickers, etc.

In consideration of the full performance of Ambassador Wokie Dolo, SATCON shall compensate her with undisclosed amount for the duration of the contract.

During the signing ceremony, Mr Kein said that, he’s very excite to have such an iconic person as the face of SATCON and hope that his company partnership with Miss Dolo will add more value to his brand and bring joy to both parties… And for her part, The beauty Queen said that she’s very humble and grateful to God for his many blessings shower upon her… this year has been really good to my team and I. As you all know, we just hosted one of most successful events in Liberia, The Miss Earth Liberia 2020 and becoming the Brand Ambassador for Satcon. I can’t ask for more but continue to praise God for his grace.

Miss Dolo who just became one of most famous person’s in Liberia entertainment industrial with over 100 thousand followers on Facebook along, is poise to reap more endorsement deals as more companies continue knock at her doorsteps just to tap into her social status.


  1. Congratulations Miss Wokie Dolo. You look foxy and very cosmopolitan! I really wish you all the best.

    I am not a Nimba native, but rather, a Liberian. You don’t know me, neither do I. But from the kindness of my heart, I will endorse you for a political office especially if you’re not affiliated with the CPP/CoP, ANC types.

    Furthermore, Miss Wokie Dolo, there are some “confused people” who share your last name. Some of those confused individuals who share your last name are politically weak and dangerous. Please do not identify or associate yourself with them because for some unknown reasons, they spew venomous diatribe against the state and its elected officials. Stay cool. Approach your issues with relative ease.

    Once again, Congratulations!


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