Court Backs Nwabudike’s Right Against Expulsion from LNBA

Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike (right) is in a battle for his right to practice law in Liberia, as denied by the LNBA, headed by Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe (left).

Lawyers of the ‘disbarred’ chairman of the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission, Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike, yesterday left the Civil Law Court in jubilation when Judge Kennedy Peabody refused to hear argument into a request made by the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) to dismiss Cllr. Nwabudike’s lawsuit against the Bar.

Rather, Judge Peabody later commenced hearing into the merit of the motion for preliminary injunction filed by Nwabudike, asking the Court to declare his right against his expulsion from the LNBA. The LNBA expelled Cllr. Nwabudike’s membership on grounds that he obtained his Liberian citizenship through fraudulent means, which makes him unqualified to be practice law in the country. It was against said expulsion that Nwabudike asked the Court to place a restraining order.

But in counter-argument, the LNBA asked the Court to dismiss the complaint by the LACC boss, since the court lacks the jurisdiction to hear the petition for judicial review that Nwabudike requested. Denying the LNBA’s request, Judge Peabody explained that while it is true that the LNBA’s motion to dismiss raised the issue of jurisdiction, on the other hand, a motion for preliminary injunction restrains the rights of an individual or things without having the hearing.

Hence, judge Peabody informed the parties that the said motion should be given priority. Additionally, Judge Peabody said, “there is no law, as far as this court is concerned, that a motion to dismiss should take precedent over a motion for a preliminary injunction.”

“This Court is of the opinion [that] the motion to vacate the preliminary injunction will take precedence over the motion to dismiss since, indeed and in fact, the right of someone is been restrained,” Judge Peabody ruled.

It may be recalled that on June 19, 2020, the LNBA expelled Nwabudike for having fraudulently acquired Liberian citizenship, which qualified him to become a lawyer in Liberia. According to the law, a person must be a Liberian citizen before he or she can practice law in the Court, which requirement the Bar is now claiming that Nwabudike did not meet.

In counter-argument, Nwabudike said the LNBA does not have any statutory backing to investigate citizenship. He further argued that investigation about citizenship lies within the purview of the Liberian Immigration Service at the Ministry of Justice and other relevant institutions and not the LNBA. Nwabudike’s lawyers also claimed that he attended the Louis Arthur Grimes school of law at the University of Liberia before being admitted into the LNBA and to the Supreme Court as a lawyer, which is a requirement as a Liberian to practice law in the country. 


  1. Can you imagine! Someone (dull and unprofessional Tiawen Gongloe) who claims to be a human rights lawyer, is on court record for attempting to deny an innocent person his human rights!

    When we tell you people that fool and clown Tiawen Gongloe claiming to be human rights lawyer DOES NOT know the law ,some of you hang on to the misperception that we have something personal against that dull skull who is confusing jurisprudence with politics or who very stupidly believes politics and law are synonymous.


  2. Liberia, oh sweet land of disloyalty!
    In which country on planet earth will such thing ever happened? Only in Liberia, the land of Stupid Liberty.
    This won’t happen in the great USA, the most open country on planet earth.

    To our senators, this is the message the CDC government is sending you: You were all STUPID for unearthing how Mr. Nwabudike obtained his Liberian citizenship.

    To our perpetrators, we are not against people becoming Liberians, but it should be done in the proper manner. Mr. Nwabudike is a witty man; I would love to see him as a Liberian. But if he should preside over institutions of integrity like the LACC or over a case in the court of law, his reputation should suffer no blemish.

    Judge Peabody, why have you decided to shamefully rape Mama Liberia, your own mother? Abomination! How much have they given you? So, what this Mr. Nwabudkie said publicly before the nation was not enough to convince you such that you are admitting this case to new hearings?

    Let’s respect ourselves and our country before others can respect us. Weah came to bring disgrace to Liberia and sell it cheaply to crooks and fraudsters. History will retain you, as it has done for many people, Mr. Weah!

  3. Liberia is in hell waters. It is an open secret that Nwadibuki works for the Nigerian Mafia. With the Liberian Anti-Corruption Bureau in his hands, he now has the capacity to direct high grade corruption in the country the likes of which we have never seen. Money laundering , graft, theft, and the sales of Liberian Diplomatic passports to criminals and terrorists has been and continue to be the order of the day. Selling Diplomatic passports to terrorists is a danger to both American and Liberian national security interests both at home and around the world.

    Tiawon Gongloe and others who have expelled the Nigerian criminal for falsifying Liberian citizenship to gain entry in the Liberian Bar Association are true patriots. Weah’s day of reckoning will soon be at hand as it is clear that he has joined hands with foreigners like Nwadibuki to hurt us as a people.

    The FBI should take a closer look at George Weah’s government and its activities vis a vis the sale of Liberian diplomatic passports to both terrorists and the Nigerian Mafia operators in Liberia. This act of recklessness does not augur well for both Liberian and American National security and interests. The sooner the culprits are brought to justice, the better our country will be.

  4. Well there is nothing new in wanting to here the a legal case against the Law Association. Not that the lower court has any authority to order the reinstatement of the faked Liberian of Nigerian nationality. The Supreme Court even refused to hear the case. Recognizing the right of the Law Association to discipline its members for unethical behavior of becoming a lawyer. The Supreme Court Justice in Chambers said that it would be unfair to the Association if the court was to tell the Association on how to discipline its members. As long as the accused was accorded his/her constitutional due process under the rules of the Association. Unless any new development in this ongoing saga like the accused was denied his due process or any other legalities under the law, which the lower Court seemed to be suggesting there is, apart from that, there is nothing at all that the lower Court can do. But to accord the accused his constitutional rights to be heard before the rule of law. As it is well known, let just be done to all seeking justice. The lower Court can not enforced a reinstatement, if the constitutional rights of the accused was not violated. The Supreme Court seems to suggest that, handing a partial victory to the Association.

  5. True Nationalist, why are you afraid to show your identity, but writing under false name? Cllr. Gongloe does not operate under false names, that is why he is highly respected nationally and internationally. Do you know the definition of law?

  6. The argument that this fraudster attended the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia didn’t qualified him to be a Liberian. What we need to establish is whether he obtained the fraudulent citizenship papers before attending the law school. If he did then he received the law degree fraudulently. He evaded the payment of tuition as a foreign student. The University has the right to revoke his credentials based on his criminality.

  7. Mr. Judge Peabody or whatever you call yourself, it is no surprise to some of us that you and your kind will willingly ‘sell Liberia’ many times over till you find the highest bidder. Shame on you! Your so-called ruling is a blow to this nation.

  8. Ekay Tuu, etc., do you people seriously think COURTS’ DECISIONS, DETERMINATIONS, VERDICTS, OR OPINIONS on a given controversy, case, or disputation, would ever be influenced or prompted by the ignoramus wishful thinking and bizarre delusions of a bunch of practically, or at least, relatively unschooled individuals IN THE LAW?

    Most of you would do justice to your conscience by confining your comments to campaigns and elections, instead of boring readers with your ridiculous comments following DECISIONS, DETERMINATIONS, VERDICTS, OR OPINIONS OF THE COURTS!

    There you people were again swayed by politics in the extremely flimsy allegation of an employee Ms. Wynnie Cummings Wilson at Liberias foreign mission at the UN in New York against her boss Ambassador Dee Maxwell Kemayah.

    Now it has turned out that one of the most respected female lawyers of Liberia Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull has unearthed not only overwhelming evidence, but indeed, proof beyond all reasonable doubts that Wynnie Cummings Wilson IS simply a LIAR who was hired by someone within the Foreign Service who wanted the post of Foreign Minister.

    People interested in discussing the burning issues of society within an intellectual expanse must not allow their emotions or politics suffocate their conscience nor control their intellect! They must be guarded by MORAL OBJECTIVISM, and not behave as the likes of Tiawen Gongloe, who, as the consequence of putting his political interests and selfish appetites over justice and the rule of law,, has reduced a bar association to A MOB!


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