Disenchanted CPP Members, Others, Pledge Support to Taa Wongbe’s Senatorial Bid

Independent Senatorial aspirant, Taa Wongbe

Hundreds of what appear to be ‘disenchanted members’ of the Collaborating Political Parties have endorsed the candidacy of Taa Wongbe, a senatorial aspirant for Nimba County.

The group under the banner of “Conscious Youth of the Collaborating Political Parties” pledged their support to Wongbe as their preferred candidate to contest for the Nimba County senatorial seat.

The aggressive partisans, speaking at the ceremony marking the return of Wongbe in the county said that they have vetted and done all background investigations and called on all Nimbaians to vote him.

“Taa Wongbe, is a son of Nimba County and a strong advocate of the people of Nimba, who has invested immensely in the people of Nimba by providing jobs for hundreds of citizens through his investment firm,” the group said in their statement.

“Taa has over 15 years of experience and engagement and leadership from around the world and represented a new generation of young people who wants to bring meaningful changes and ideas to Nimba County,” they said.

Mr. Wongbe is running as an independent candidate after he resigned from the CPP over its handling of the controversial CPP primary in Sanniquellie, in which Edith Gongloe Weh was declared the winner.

Despite the heavy downpour of rain, Wongbe was warmly received by his supporters who walked through rain to the local office of ANC in Ganta for the ceremony.

Wongbe marches through Ganta with his supporters

Some other speakers, including youth from the Liberty Party and other groupings, pledged their support to Taa Wongbe for his decision to contest the election as an independent candidate and as a face of the young people in the Senate.

Liberty Party, Nimba District 3 chairperson Jacob Gonwoe and entourage pledged their supports to Wongbe, saying that they still remain partisans of the Liberty Party but, for the coming election, they believe Wongbe is able to deliver the goods.

Wongbe, in his acceptance remarks, said told the audience that Nimba currently lacked good leadership and, as a result, the county has been underdeveloped as roads become deplorable every rainy season.

“I refused to compromise the interest of the young people and, this time around, we must moved Nimba forward for the betterment of all, especially the old ladies and old men who are striving to get goods to the market to support their children in school,” he said.

Since the disputed primary in Sanniquellie, where CPP endorsed Madam Gongloe-Weh as their choice aspirant, there have been calls on the local radios, urging Wongbe to endorse the female aspirant and wait for the 2023 election, when he will have his turn.

But Wongbe, in remarks refuting the call, said: “We cannot compromise the interest of the people of Nimba, especially the young people.”

Currently, there are seven persons who have expressed their desire to contest the coming senatorial election but, among them, Wongbe is believed to be the youngest.

Wongbe described the CPP primary in Sanniquellie as fraudulent and said its result was canceled by the special investigative committee set up by CPP and called for another primary, but the CPP compromised the issue, which went against his interest.

However, Mr. Taa Wongbe has expressed optimism of winning the special senatorial election in Nimba, urging his supporters to stand up for victory.


  1. Change: It comes from young people

    Ever since in my 37 years 8 months on planet earth no change has been initiated by any OLD PERSON. All the changes I have read about was brought on by young people or a young person.

    The man who some of you called ‘God’ today (Jesus Christ), was a young man. He revolutionized fellowshipping with the all mighty God. He denounce the Jewish High council decision on old Jewish Laws about worshipping in the synagogue. All that cause him his life at the age of 33.

    Bruce Lee was only 30 years when he revolutionized the martial arts world by teaching the art to other people of non Chinese and Asian descent. His decision brought the arts to the Western World by simplifying the arts to other race then Chinese. He defied the old idea of Shaolin Monks and Kung FU Monks of Chinese Temple, going through rigorous set-by-set rule to reach the top. He brought out his own philosophy called Jeet Kon Do (the arts of the intercepting fists) [a fighter reacts to what the enemy action is] It makes fighter agile, with no set rules. Bruce Lee is dead almost 50 years ago, but he is still regarded today as the best of the best, with shrines all around the world. He was dead at the age of 32.

    Mr. Beh Maweah Gehi, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers of the African American Civil Right Movement in the USA, were all young men. Non of them even made it to 42 years when their lives were cut short by a system that were set up by old white men. The ‘freedom’ that some people of color from around the world are enjoying in America, were paid for with the blood of young people.

    The next time you talk about giving your county to a ‘young man’, please think about the old entrenched system that were set up by old men, that kept Liberia so backward. There is no progress with out change.. Only young mind can bring change. Old minds are based on set of rules that are OBSOLETE to status quo.

    Go, Brother Taa. We got your back.

    From :Mamadu Bah (N/P) Meridian Health, Australia.

    • [The man who some of you called ‘God’ today (Jesus Christ), was a young man.]

      I wish it had been some other persons giving different appellations or characteristics to your “divinity” or “sacred” icon or “prophet”, we may have been witnessing bombs being thrown at such persons or being beheaded or being macheted.

      Mr. Bah, let the respect be mutual. As much as you would not accept such “blasphemy” against Mohamed, never direct such abomination to the most sacred Name in Christianity. I hope we can understand each other and put an end to your folly.

      Peace and tolerance!

  2. Mr. Dolo,
    I understand your concern. If you knew me in the past, during my high school years at Well-Hairston in 1995/96, I was the one who satirized all major religions. If you look at my post at time, I criticized Islam a lot. Some do not want to reform. Mohammed was a womanizer! It is a fact that some Christians called Jesus God, some do not. Those who throw bombs on others for satirical information against their faith, are radically stupid.
    I m not one of them. Is a fact Jesus died at a young age of 33. My name Mamadu Sulahman Bah, a very open minded Muslim.
    It is like God loves those who womanize: King Davi, King Solomon and Mohammed came and took it to a whole different level. He told his followers to marry five wives.
    Ummmmmmmm! Peace

    • Mamadu Bah,

      Please be specific, Are you referring to Prophet Mohammed, the one the Koran teaches about been a womanizer ?

      Reason I asked is that, if you say Mohammed, it could be anyone walking down the streets.

  3. Regrettably, this Tag Wannabe like others in his class are all foreigners! All foreigners and therefore not qualified to contest this election. If the NEC should allow that, they’ll have themselves to blame for the obvious and predictable fallout therefrom. The stupid part to all this is that the other peanut brain contestants will sit on their rear ends about this until after the election and they lose, that’s when they’ll start crying about the winners being white people in black skins. Bunch of ostriches.


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