Pres. Weah Applauds Anti-Rape Protesters

President George Weah

…but Deplores ‘Infiltrators’ with Political Motives

The President of Republic, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, has applauded organizers of anti-rape protests taking place in the country and called for collective and constructive engagement in tackling the pandemic.
“Personally, I am concerned about rape. My government is very concerned,” the President said Thursday, August 27, 2020, in an exclusive interview with the public broadcaster, the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS).
He said further: “You would remember that a few weeks ago, I convened a meeting and constituted a special board to explore ways and means by which we would, as a government and people, combat the rising tide of rape and other sexual gender-based violence in the country. I had in audience, the Chief Justice, Speaker, President Pro Tempore, the Vice President, the Ministers of Justice and Finance, Development Planning and Gender, Children and Social Protection with other civil society organizations. I convened that meeting and set up that special board because of our concern about rape and how urgently this government and other major stakeholders could increase efforts towards addressing the problem.”
The Liberian Leader said protest actions by some Liberians to raise awareness and additional pressure about rape is consistent with Government’s drive to fight all forms of violence against women and girls in the country but advised against undermining the effort by infiltrators bent on politicizing the efforts.
“The protesters’ action is good because they are showcasing their concerns about a serious national problem and any good citizen should do so,” the President said. “The problem is the unruly attitude of some of the protesters who were seen making political remarks and insulting public officials.”
The President, who is the Feminist-In-Chief, further: “As a means of addressing the issue of rape, some people recommended capital punishment for guilty rapists, while others had different ideas.
These conversations are ongoing and we welcome our civil society organizations and organizers of the rape protest to join in the fight.”
To further demonstrate his commitment to the fight against rape, the President said he had since mandated the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to procure two DNA machines in addition to ones bought by our international partners to hasten the prosecution and trial of rape cases in the country.
During the LBS interview, President Weah also assured Liberians and the world at large that he is willing to meet with the organizers and people of “good intent” to discuss solutions to rape and other sexual violence crimes.
He encouraged organizers’ representatives to come through the Ministries of Justice and Gender, Children and Social Protection to have a conversation on the issue of rape.
“Let us do the right thing so all can be treated fairly and rightly,” Dr. Weah warned. “I regret that the protesters failed to present their statement of the petition to a protégé of mine whom I sent to receive it. I think what matters is the message in the petition and not the messenger who receives the message. That was an error and did not reflect good intent at all on the part of the protesters.”
He expressed concern about individuals who joined the protesters to cause disruption and violence.
“What I don’t like is that there are other people who are within the group trying to disrupt what was meant for good. These are the people we need to advise,” Pres. Weah said.
“I just want to let them know I am with them. This is why I sent a proxy but they refused to present their petition. If I sent a protégé, they should see that person as the President. If you present your petition to my representative, I will definitely receive it. And you can hold me responsible if I don’t act on the petition,” the President added.
The Liberian Chief Executive also commended former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for joining the protest saying, “She is a citizen and former president of the country. She did a good thing.”
Pres. Weah, however, frowned on those in the who crowd disrespected and taunted the former president, adding: “She deserves to be respected and given a civil platform. She did a good thing by walking to the protesters. People should learn to respect their leaders and other dignitaries.”
The president promised to do all he can to address the issue of rape, which is an age-old problem in the Liberian society and the world at large.
The President also denounced reported skirmishes between some protesters and the police.
“Since the inception of this government, there have been serial demonstrations and street protests on various issues, and these have come to pass without incident,” the President said. “I have instructed the Inspector of Police and his men not to ever handle protests with guns or any lethal instruments. I think they have followed that instruction. If there were attacks on peaceful protesters, I condemn it. But I think the police were after unruly protesters trying to undermine the good intentions of others.”


  1. I think the protesters should have recognized the Gender Minister and request the presence of the president the next day but instead some of them used profanity on the president’s emissary and still wanted him appear the next day. Not appearing the next day was necessary to send a message of dissatisfaction and protect would be future presidential representatives. It was not wrong to disagree with the Gender Minister but disrespecting her was not also necessary and future non political protesters should learn the lessons of history.

    • so it will be ok that the president go to them when he wants to be president right? will its good that people only want you touch or come closer to them when they want to get in power. after that they gets very busy to see or meet you. If Ellen go out to meet the protester and even often during her term, what make weah more busy than Ellen? in fact what work was he doing that made him busy to go out to his people. Power is sweet yaayyayayayaya.

      now the down to earth man is very busy, but time will come when he will need to talk directly to the people, I will see if he will say he busy.

  2. Thanks exceedingly, Your Excellency!!! Thanks also, Mr. President, for convening a commission, and also acquiring 4 DNA machines (something none of your predecessors thought about)!!! Also, thanks for delegating your Minister for Gender Affairs to receive the petition from the protesters.

    Indeed, despite the extremely unreasonable disposition of the leaders of the protesters not to present their petition to the Minister within whose province the issue of concern is resident, you and your government (amid the protesters´ stoning away of a senator from the protest, and the disruptive, unruly and violent behavior of some of the protesters) would have sent the wrong message throughout the Republic of Liberia, and within the comity and community of nations, had you chosen to present yourself physically.

  3. It was the day after when Ghana Black Star defeated Liberia, the day after the played had ended, and here’s the play by play speech by the most powerful and respected coach never attended the game. The day after concerning what went wrong and what was actually expected to have been done. The game was announced days ahead the players were not only interested in presenting their names to the captain, but wanted to hear from the coach himself, and what he had to say to them . Now that the day the game is over, the powerful and respected coach decides to go to the drawing board with his team. In order to explain how he has been working hard behind the scenes. But that was when the game was over, and the players have all left for their respective homes and going about their normal every day business. It was the day after the game, the coach got the couraged to address the issues with the team, in a play by play speech on the radio. Somethings are just important to the players that a captain can not just handled or do, except the coach himself. And this was the right time, and not the day after when the players felt let down. What was said on radio could had been explained in two sentences, and leave the players with your appreciation. They would had left the field feeling good about themselves. But instead, they left feeling rejected, and saying that no one cares about them. But that is not true, judging from the play by play about what happened, and what the coach himself has been doing behind the scenes to help the players. One thing though, hope the players will believe in the coach and what he has been doing for them. No matters how slow it is, hope the players believe that he is working in their interest, and not against them. The day after for the play by play was a serious mistake by the coach.

  4. Gentlemen: Kevin Leo Seneh and James Davis

    The president said he behaved the way he did because some of the angry protesters began shouting insults at him. This raises the question, why do people in general become angry?

    Anger is the result of frustration, and frustration comes as the result of a growing anxiety in people when they cannot get their goals accomplished.

    This president is known for dragging his feet on every serious, national issue. With the exception that the emergency at hand is a, “Weah’s Project” as he coined the phrase during the onset of the pandemic, the success of any national endeavor always dwells in limbo or takes forever to be done.

    Have we forgotten the peaceful June 7th march that was staged by the COP? How many of the tangible demands put forth by the demonstrators of that march were ever met.after the recommendations were delivered to his designated officials? None.

    How about the powerful, 2018-Independence Day oration which was delivered by Nobel Laureate Gbowee when Weah immediately congratulated her and said she delivered an oration, that was full of substantive, national issues, and that he was going to look into her recommendations?

    What did Weah do the following day/? He retracted his compliments of Nobel Laureate Gbowee the following day because according to him, she solely prepared her oration to upbraid and scold his administration. What happened to all her invaluable suggestions then? They were either discarded or relegated to the dust bin of history!

    How long has the time not been since this president and his advisers were informed about the growing threat of predatory rape against the women populations of the country and the propensity it had for brewing a national unrest in the country, and he did nothing? To face the fact, Weah had been aware of this threat before even his ascendancy to power as he had witnessed some of the events that transpired in Liberia during the civil war.

    Therefore, one would imagine that his stint at the United Nations (UN) and other past experiences would prick his conscience by now, and cause him to take action as much as is practicable in the mitigation of this serious crisis unfolding in the country.

    But instead, he had been feet dragging and waiting for the top to blow off so he can find some flimsy and irrational explanations to blame his excuses on. This is the situation, which bred the protesters; anger and propelled them to seek redress.

    Does Weah not understand that justice delay is justice denied?

    • Donald Attoh, you ARE A LIAR as that one who founded his rebel group Popular Front for Democracy (PDF) and was driven out of Lybia, and ended up leaving the people children in prison at the notorious Pademba Road Prison in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

      The President never ever congratulated Leymah Gbowee as you are lying here. The President and many others made clear that Leymah Gbowee lied throughout her rant, which lacked facts and truths. And you know it.

      You are simply one of those like old and ugly Boakai with your hidden agenda about that worthless June 7 protest which instead of making tangible demands made foolish, foolish, foolish, and selfish demands which even the Diplomatic and international communities trashed as foolishness.

  5. Corrections: …which bred the protesters” anger, and propelled them to seek redress. Please excuse all oversights.


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