“Until Our Demands Are Met, We Will Continue Protest”


— Says COP

Following the historic June 7 protest stage by the Council of Patriots (COP), they have announced a renewed and continued Protest from Wednesday, July 24th until all the demands outlined in the petition to the Weah-led administration are met.

The COP at a Press conference held in Monrovia on July 12, 2019, said the renewal of their protest will be nation-wide, covering all counties and a call to address all the issues affecting our country.

“Announcing these actions,” said COP Chairman, Henry P. Costa, “we renew our pledge to ‘Save the State’ and call on all Liberians and our international partners to join this long march to address the plight of our nation.”

Costa called on all Liberians at home and abroad, irrespective of religion and political persuasion, to stand up to save the nation. He said patriotic Liberians must reflect for a moment on the status of Liberia and look at themselves in the mirror, look in the eyes of their children, especially girls, who suffer daily abuse.

“Take a walk and look around our streets and neighborhoods,” Costa said, “and how the filth mirrors the heart of our leaders, look at our clinics and hospitals in neglect, look at our schools without hope and promise.”

He noted that companies are laying workers off left and right and Weah and his officials do not care. “We are a nation In Peril! Liberia and Liberians deserve better.”

He said unrepentantly dictatorship that is on the rise and the emergence of the Weah clan, where every business and every contract is linked to him and his cronies, must be rejected by the people who employed him in 2017.

Costa said the blatant insult and neglect of the common people can be seen on a daily basis when President Weah refused to publicly declare his assets and have them verified; when President Weah and his clan remain insensitive to the daily sufferings of Liberians as he engages in lavish spending on foreign trips as in the case of his recent state visit to the Guinea where he used over US$155,000 for the trip.

He said the recent budget presented to the Legislature offered better living conditions to the rich rather than improving the lives of the poor.

“When the L$16 billion missing Liberian dollars still cannot be accounted for” Costa said, “when the US$25 Million remains a mystery undergoing several phony investigations in order to shield his beloved Samuel Tweah, Governor Patray, and others; when donors’ monies are diverted under unilateral conditions; when President Weah plans to retire Central Bank Governor Patray with an amount of US$500,000 package as a reward for helping to deplete our reserve and disorganizing our financial sector; when the police can shoot live bullets into protesters in Kingsville; when our courts offer no justice and protection for the weak; and now, when President Weah and his Clan plan to throw lavish parties and organize wasteful ceremonies on July 26 while Liberians weep over the dismal socio-economic decline of our country, it is time to tell the Weah-led government that enough is enough.”

It may be recalled on June 9, 2019, barely two days after the historic June 7 peaceful protest, COP announced a one-month suspension of activities to offer the government opportunity to join them in their determination to save the state.

The COP said the period of one month has expired and, despite a public commitment to engage in dialogue; the government has engaged in tactics to ridicule, ignore, and further neglect its solemn pledge to serve the Liberian People with honesty, dedication, and integrity.

But while they waited for their demands of the petition to be addressed, President Weah and his clan continue to indulge in some of the most unspeakable violations of human rights, engage in the reckless abuse and disregard of the public trust and expand the Weah Enterprise.


  1. Wow! Woe to those who neglect these salient issues in the name of party politicking and close their eyes and ears to the loud unending cries of the suffering in the name of “the man get the country at heart”. We here in this Monrovia and we are all witnesses. God be praised.

  2. Your demands are to become some of Montserrado county districts senators. The end will surely justify the means. In a nation where even the baby in the mother womb only dream of government job, it is interesting to note that even the plight of the average citizen is not worth noticing.

    The Liberian people have seen this DRAMA million times: Gabriel Baccus Matthews, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, etc. Better yet still, more dead Liberian, in the name of Patriotism.


  3. Despite applause of a partisan press, disgruntled defeated politicians, and opposition partisans (many of whom were beneficiaries of the dozen years’ kleptocracy), the dangerous demagoguery of Henry Costa’s July 8th, or so, podcast is neither free expression, nor could it have come from someone who supposedly has “the country at heart”. Apparently, at home, the lines are being bigly blurred between engaging in activism and inciting anarchy.

    Little wonder, then, a Congolese guy who watched the podcast noted that it reminded him eerily of the inflammatory rhetoric of Hutu broadcast journalists, which stoked their 1992 genocide. Henry Costa even challenged the trio of ECOWAS, AU, and UN and seemed of the opinion that America will support his resolve to disturb the peace on July 26. Folks, this is one time silence means consent, and rather an echo of “Enough is enough” should boomerang.

    • “Enough is enough,” Mr. Baghdad Moses? So the GOL should now criminalize protest, free speech, demonstrations, dissent, songs, meetings, etc., just because it is unnerving for government officials and associated spineless drags like you? What is the essence of democracy if those precepts are proscribed and for no national good, but the self-seeking ambition of some incompetent cabal misdirecting the affairs of the country the rest of us care about? Should citizens sit idly by until after the 6-year term of those “Ali-babas” before voicing their displeasure with the untenable manner in which the country was run? Wouldn’t that be after the fact and to the tune of crippling ignorance, diseases and dehumanizing poverty? With the volatile situation we are faced with on account of the naivety of our current leadership corps, it is exactly the kind of inflammatory dictum and from scoundrels like you those retarded others need as substrate for whatever the ill-advised resorts. We continue to remind others here of the danger professional muckraker pose to our emerging democracy, but they too. just don’t get it. By the time this government begins to implement your diabolical recommendations to detain critics or dissenters to its policies, and eliminate others you believe in your warped mind are dispensable, the next revulsion or war may be on. You offered these very same advice to the Doe regime and it is needless reminding you of the outcome of that folly. Yet you did not learn? One wonders what exactly do you want to see of Liberia before you die, Mr. Baghdad Moses? Were 250,000 lives not enough? That’s exactly what your referenced “enough is enough” ought to be about, Mr. Baghdad Moses. Think about it and stop instigating our naïve and gullible leaders to adopt your tyrannical methods of handling dissent in our country. Your native Sierra Leone needs you in that regards. Thank you.

      • …We continue to remind others here of the danger professional muckraker like you pose to our emerging democracy, but they too, just don’t get it.

        …it is exactly the kind of inflammatory dictum and from scoundrels like you those retarded others of our so-called leaders need as substrate for whatever the ill-advised resorts.

        • ask mr baghdad Moses what he did as NSA director during Doe administration. how he was involved in the civil rights abuses that led to death and torture. why the hell is he acting like a saint when he is responsible for so many murders. Moses shut up and die.

  4. Triple agent journalist alias Hilary Snyder, an anger management course might cure those clueless outbursts. Indeed, and unapologetically, “Enough is enough”. After all, was Henry Costa your son, since Co-Chairman terror-threatening Rep. Kolubah sending his beloved wife and six children away to a safe haven, the tune would’ve sounded different: Bunch of hideous hell-bound hypocrites

    Frankly, for someone facing his late sixties, and with over 40 years of rabble-rousing, you ought to have grown up by now. Needless to say, what an irony that a paper tiger, who joined other loudmouths to fool and then deserted Qwinwonkpa at the eleventh hour, is accusing someone of being “spineless”.

    The question obviously becomes, did you see me among exodus of fleeting officials in 1990, or was I hesitant to return in 1991 when asked? I have always answered the call of duty, wannabe Che Guavera. For once, act the journalist, and do your homework to be thorough: Fat chance. By the way, don’t expect response to further frivolous accusations; you earn money from such endless repartee, not me.

    • Baghdad you need to help the widows of the men you killed before coming on this website. NSA director and murderer. HIlary has NO blood on his hands. You are evil dog. My dad hated your butt

  5. This extortionist Mr. Henry Costa, masquerading as a social activist and political commentator, who has not held a real job, is im flamming citizens’ passions for personal benefits. He is using the unsuspecting people’s fear and economic anxiety to cause chaos and destabilize the country. Mr. Costa does not have any plans to save Liberia. He is exploiting existing dire economic situation to incite “trouble” and undermine the peace.

    • Few questions for you, Mr. Williams. 1. What “personal benefits” are you insinuating Henry Costa stands to accrue from “inflaming citizens’ passions for a demonstration? 2. And are the “dire economic situation” you believe Mr. Costa is exploiting to “incite trouble” the figment of his imagination, or his creation? From all indications Mr. Williams, it is socio-politico ostriches like you and the trolls like that diabolical Baghdad Moses, who are personally benefiting from the demonstrated incompetence of our current leadership curse, for which obvious reason you hate to hear any criticism of this so-called government. Why else, one is tempted to ask, would any rational mind be not only flabbergasted but irate over the pointing out of the shortcomings of this or any government? And it couldn’t be that you sycophants are more nationalistic by any measure than the rest of us. After all your discredited characters predate whatever the threadbare shenanigans in that regard. So if not the spoils therein, then what else? One of you please tell us.

    • Mr. Williams are you satisfied with:
      1. a dirty city
      2. 200 Ld to one dollar
      3. children out of school for no school fees.
      4. 85% unemployment rate.
      5. massive poverty
      6. President riding in jets building mansions
      7. who is in jail for the 25 million?
      8. children going to bed hungry.
      9. Zogos terrorizing the public. can you go out in the night past 7pm? hell no bitch

      • Complete bullshit and stupidity. President told you not to pay your children school fees? If you get up your lazy butt and cut grass for people, you will have money to pay your children school fees instead of depending on Government. Who keep the city dirty? Your very self because you are not used to cleanliness and throw your house trash in the street.

  6. Hilary Snyder, it’s very unfortunate you would mention the Liberian Civil Crisis as a lesson to be thought to government from oppositions. Innocent Liberians died for no just cause. Those folks like Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, H. Boima Fahnbulled Jr., Togba Nah Togboteh and the rest of the so-called progressives were launching mere power struggle and used the innocent Liberians lives to support their egocentric cause.

    Those politicians never had the country at heart, which is evidenced from Ellen’s 12 years kleptocracy. This is the same agenda that Henry Costa is pushing. If you ask what Costa stand to gain, I’ll tell you honestly that he’s being paid by political hidden hands in and outside of Liberia. So yes, he’s gaining for this protest scheme. And you know that he’s gaining.

    The 14 years civil conflict was senseless. It had nothing to do with failed policies of the Doe regime, had it been the case, then the civil war would have ended since 1990 because Doe was killed and his entire government disbanded. Yet the war raged on until 2003, 13 years after Doe’s regime collapsed. That should tell you that it was avaricious vultures blood-letting politicians like Ellen and other partners and foes in crime battling for the presidency, just to do far less than Samuel Doe in terms of development.

    • Bobby Dandrage = can you prove Costa is being paid? Are you happy with the economic crisis caused by mismanagement and theft? Look at the faces of the poor and tell me a protest is not needed. I get calls everyday from poor relatives who have to eat cold bowl from two days prior. have you lived in liberia the last year? do you know what the $25 million could have done for our country. Dont get sick in Liberia because the government hospitals lack electricity. where are the ambulances? hospitals without medicine. The real vultures are the governemnts officials and Weah. Country man can steal just like Congau man.

  7. liberians are the dumbest people in the world. the 4th poorest nation racked with poverty and they have the nerve to accept these theives as their leaders

  8. Guys, according to an unverified tip from the grapevine, we should stop wasting time on agent provocateur alias Hilary Snyder, because he is actually Daily Observer’s Editorial Manager John H.T. Stewart, Holy cow, what a bombshell, because if true, it doesn’t only speak to reliability and credibility, but also cowardice for hiding behind fake identities to fan falsehoods and slander critical voices.

    Oh well, few fellows floating around Monrovia as motivated and caring media personalities are just pamphleteers and comedians that don’t give a fiddle about ethics of journalism. Not surprisingly, even though ECOWAS, AU, and UN on February 27 warned against “media messages that promote violence”, they can’t help doing what they know best: Coax confusion for profits.

    Perhaps, a good place to seriously start economic crimes investigations of the Ellen kleptocracy should be the reportedly US $ 300, 000 received by the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) to build a headquarters for the organization. The wily EJS gave them an ample bait she knew they would greedily swallow – line, hook, and sinker. Let’s start holding every institution accountable; frivolous talk is cheap.

    • Ha ha ha, what a jester this old hare, AKA Baghdad Moses has become. And were it not for the risk in present-day Liberia associated with this outlandish mistaken identity, I would have cherished being taken for Mr. Stewart any day and because of the caliber of personality I know him to be. Mr. Stewart is one of few Liberians I have known over the years with integrity as unbending as a ladder, guided by principles unsusceptible to currents of convenience. He is of that genre that says and does what they mean, which ushers them in high esteem amongst their fellow Liberians and sundry. But noooo, Mr. Baghdad Moses, I am Hilary Snyder from Snyder originally from Paynesville, and not Mr. John H. Stewart. And as if the writer and not the substance of your specious and diabolical character matters. And you are supposed to be security conscious? Must have been those antiquated Shakespearian jargons you are noted for that mesmerized your hirers for the NSA portfolio. Never again, Mr. Quack!

  9. Comrade John Stewart, aka, Hilary Snyder, it is understandable that someone in your position won’t admit to such shameful shenanigans. Nonetheless, I will never comment again on the editorial page.

    • If I were Mr. John Stewart, all your darn nonsense of so-called comments would be deleted henceforth! You are so dense for an ex-security person. This is the same spurious and unfounded way you and underlings at the NSA incriminated lots of Liberians in crimes they knew nothing about, which wicked lies and deceptions led to the unfortunate elimination of scores of citizens heartlessly. And you still continue such heartlessness? Is my writing style or diction similar to that of Mr. Stewart’s? Wouldn’t that be the premonition or hunch to drive your craziness, instead of this phishing expedition to know who I am. Do you know what danger you and that other William scum are exposing Mr. Stewart to in that lawless Liberia? Same way some others on other platforms are quick to link HB Fahnbulleh to anything comment that has certain phraseology. No surprises anyway, with your history of incriminating people for death. Poor John Stewart, he is now burdened with constantly looking over his shoulders while walking the streets in Liberia. And as if to say the man has ever shied away from expressing himself frankly and openly on any subject matter pertaining to Liberia and its retarded leaders. Praying for your safety in that regard, brother Stewart.

  10. If you’re not an imposter John T Stewart, then post a current, certified picture of yourself as Hilary Snyder. A committed patriotic Liberian who really cares about his country and wants to do something to ameliorate living conditions of his fellow citizens won’t hide behind pseudo names. Only a coward serving as a hired pen would conceive his identity or perhaps a person with some criminal record. Do you fall in either category, Mr. “Hilary Snyder”?

  11. Wow, you mean Hilary Snyder is comrade John H.T. Stewart? you mean John H.T. Stewart as in the progressive slogan “Aluta Continua” or “in the cause of the people the struggle continues”? I was a teenager by then during their progressive movement but I can vividly recall the name John H.T. Stewart.

    @Concerned Citizen, my statement in no way insinuate satisfaction of the present day economic hardship, however the annotation was that the same path that messed the country up is the same path that the opposition is trekking. This sends a wrong signal to the international community.

    The really affected Liberians have the right to demonstrate to voice out their plight and mandate the government, that’s understandable. But when we see the likes of Henry Costa sycophantic paid agent, Benoni Urey, Oscar Cooper, Sando Johnson, Yekeh Kolubah and the rest come up to lead protest reflective of ills ranging from corruption to other mismanagement of the nations funds, it speaks volume of the level of deception that emanates from that gathering, COP. The leader of the COP are the very people that spent years destroying the lives and properties of the Liberian people. The culprits should be facing the justice systems just like Charles Taylor.

  12. Generally speaking Liberians are not patriotic and nationalistic. Everything we do is about the self. We do not have a grand vision of development plan strategy for the country or making conditions better for future generations. Everybody sees government as a big elephant meat that can be carved out by various members of the educated elites. This has been the standard operating procedure until the advent of George Weah as president.
    People like John H. T. Stewart aka Hilary Snyder who were paid for serving on useless boards and commissions during Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration out of the sudden found themselves on the outside of government. No free money for individuals who did not render meaningful service to the state or created any wealth to warrant a government salary. Otherwise, conditions under this government is essentially the same as it was when Sirleaf was president. Unemployment under Sirleaf was 85% and today that rate remains the same; trash in Monrovia did crowd the streets in 16 months; health care, messy education and the quality of life for Liberians were not President Sirleaf’s priority.
    What has changed in Liberia – and this is only reason we see many loud mouths on horizon- is the paradigm shift from the elites to common people. Majority of citizens can relate to President Weah and are prepared to give him chance to succeed. Whereas, those who had used Liberia’s wealth and resources to get to where they are today at the expense of people, like the “Hilary Snyders” or John T Stewarts do not want Weah to succeed.
    If you think you have solutions for our myriad problems, then run for public office. Until then, give the Weah administration a chance as it’s trying to seek solution. We didn’t get here overnight and we are not get out of overnight. I know it hurts to be powerless after a sustained period of being power. The table has turned; get over it.

    • Others have demonstrated to their people what they can or are set to do just within 90 days of assuming powers, but our current vacuous leaders have shown nothing but skullduggery and ineptitude about the affairs of our state in nearly two whole years! And we should be silent about that, as if we are all equally retarded? Do we need to remind you and elk that for 12 years, your demigod tormented us with threats of war unless he was handed the helm of government to fix the deficiencies of the previous government? And what did he do when given that power? Instead of relying on the expertise of those in the know to show him and stooges in tow the ropes, he kicked everybody of substance out, cowboy style, as if about to do something spectacular and promising. Lo and behold, his dumb self was totally clueless on what it takes to run a government. Worst of all, the goon came in with no plan to do anything. Whereas people continue to suffer and die from curable ailments in the absence of any functioning hospitals. Citizens are further reduced to beggars and have to resort to any imperative including even immoral acts to make ends meet, including trafficking their children for sex. And we are to be silent about such downward spiral of our country? As kind and pacifist Liberians are, they would be the first to say, “yor give the man chance,” were any promising and convincing efforts being made by these self-seeking goons to reverse this hopeless trend. But the Liberian people just happen to be seeing otherwise. A bunch of reckless looters enriching and improving their previously wretched lives and at an amazing pace, while the rest of the population drools from crippling hunger and diseases. And we should be silent? Or give them more time for more looting and squandering? Some of you must be out of your freaking minds to take the rest of us enablers. Out of your freaking minds!

  13. Wow, gentlemen, I sincerely thought this was a forum where we could come and put forth ideas, comments, and/or suggestions to somehow, someway, carry the discourse to another level, but alas, it seems i am wrong. It has now, instead, became a place where we can come and hurl vituperative at each others . you folks are making it uncomfortable for the likes of us. Uncle Moses, please exercise restraint because of the simple fact that some of us consider you an elder. i have said my piece.


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