UNPOL Inaugurates “Evidence Room” at DEA


United Nations Police in Liberia (UNPOL) has set up a modern Drug Evidence Room at the headquarters of Liberian Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), aimed at protecting and securing drug evidences.

The ‘Drug Evidence Room,’ valued at US$1,870, is the first of its kind constructed under the present Administration. It will be in this room that DEA that authorities will preserve samples of confiscated drugs before destruction, or for court documentation, following the seizure of  harmful substances from peddlers.

The construction of the ‘Evidence Room’ was created by the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) in collaboration with UNPOL Quick Impact Project at the DEA headquarters in Monrovia.

Turning over the keys of the room to Col. Souh yesterday in Monrovia, UNPOL Commissioner Greg Hinds  reaffirmed the UN’s  commitment to help post-war Liberia overcome the problem of illicit drugs and other harmful substances.

According to him, the UN  was concerned about the fight against illicit drugs in Liberia because it remains a regional problem, which has the tendency to undercut the peace and security of any nation.

He underscored the importance of the “Evidence Room” and the fight against drugs which, he said, involves all because when drugs get  into the wrong hands, resulting in abuse, the end result is chaos, not only for Liberia, but other parts of the world.

Commissioner Hinds promised that the UN would continue to assist the DEA in capacity building efforts, provision of some of the needed tools that will enhance its role in the fight against drug.

He said it was important to support the efforts and dreams of DEA, especially in the wake of the gradual UNMIL peace keeping draw down, so that DEA would be in the position to effectively perform its role in the interest of national security.

DEA Director-general Souh, who received the keys to the “Evidence Room,” lauded the UNPOL Commissioner Greg, and all those associated with the drug-fight in the country for what he called their  “persistent concerns” in helping DEA attain desired professional status.

Souh used the occasion to register the commitment of DEA to the fight against dangerous narcotics drugs in the society.  

He noted that the fight against illicit drugs was compellingly the obligation of all concerned, “because every dollar earned from drug sales in the streets of Monrovia automatically poses a threat regionally, if not internationally.”

He then expressed the agency’s gratitude to UNPOL and all other partners who have and continued to assist DEA, galvanize resources and the strength to fight drug crimes.      


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