‘UNPOL Has Built LNP’s Capacity,’ Says Police IG

The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Patrick T. Sudue in handshakes with Commissioner Blachly of UNPOL shortly after the gowning of UNPOL Officers

The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP) Patrick T. Sudue has expressed gratitude to the United Nations Police (UNPOL) for helping to build the capacity of LNP officers.

Inspector Sudue’s commendation was contained in his remark yesterday at a series marking the honoring and farewell program organized by the police.

Sudue also lauded UNPOL for sacrifices they made while on thier tour of duty in Liberia.

He said the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) through its UNPOL made enormous contributions to reform and restructure the LNP in several areas, including the recruitment process, training and human resource capacity building.

“UNPOL has also helped the LNP to develop legal instruments, such as policies and other administrative documents. It also helped in the area of infrastructure development, including building and refurbishment of police stations, depots and barracks all over the country,” Sudue said.

He said the provision of operational equipment, such as vehicles, motorbikes, office equipment, uniforms, accessories and other specialized clothing have made the police more efficient, which was demonstrated during the 2017 elections when the LNP professionally handled the elections.

IG Sudue presents a certificate of honor to UNPOL Commissioner Blachly

He said the launch of the Security Sector Reform (SSR) was instrumental in addressing some of the challenges that were earlier associated with the police.

“Again, we were privileged to participate in training and orientation that are helping the officers to be in the driver’s seat. We are delighted to honor all of you because of your services to us. We had people who were recruited from the various communities that never had any security training, but with the help of UNPOL, Liberians are proud of the officers nowadays in the discharge of their duties,” Sudue said.

According to him, officers were taught in a form and manner that continue to demonstrate excellent behavior in the various communities, adding, “We will never forget about the contributions UNPOL officers made in Liberia, especially to the LNP officers.”

Deputy Inspector General of Police Sadatu L. M. Reeves appreciates female UNPOL officers

Today, he said, “The UNMIL along with its component (UNPOL) watched on during the just ended elections, and we demonstrated the neutrality that the people of Liberia expected of us. UN is proud of the LNP due to the form and manner the officers conduct themselves.”

Sudue lauded the officers for the level of support provided over the years to the LNP.

In response, Simon Blachly, UNPOL Commissioner, lauded the LNP for honoring the UNPOL.

Blachly said the LNP has come a long way dating from 2003 and conducting three successful elections, especially the just- ended elections during which UNMIL turned its back and allowed LNP officers to take the lead.

“It is now important for the LNP to move forward and continue its work with the communities. This will help to build on the respect the LNP already has. You must follow the rule of law; remain neutral at all times without political fear or favor as you follow the law,” Blachly told the LNP officers.


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