UNOWAS Warns Against Violence, Hopes Protest Can Be Called Off

Henry P. Costa says despite his surreptitious departure from Liberia last week, he will return in May.

But Costa says “all is set” for December 30 protest

As December 30 fast approaches for the planned protest of “Weah step-down” with fear of violence beclouding Monrovia, the ECOWAS Commission and the United Nations Office in West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS) have called on all parties to ensure that the peace and security of Liberia are maintained, sternly warning that anyone party causing violence to undermine and threaten the security of the country will be held to account.

The warning by the combined international bodies follows recent statement by US Congressman Chris Smith, who called on the government to provide security for the protesters to have a peaceful assembly without intimidation or violence from members of the CDC and the police; warning also that failure to do so the government will face sanction.

Dated December 27, 2019, the UNOWAS communiqué makes the position of the world and regional bodies clear that they are conscious of the rights enshrined in the Liberian Constitution, whereby the citizens are guaranteed the right to peacefully assemble and petition their government and to express themselves freely.

A delegation of UNOWAS, having visited Liberia and spoken with all stakeholders including President George Weah and the Council of Patriots, says it welcomes the desire by some members of the public to call off (cancel) the December 30 protest “if specific actions were taken in addressing some of the governance and economic issues which form the basis of the current tension in the country.”

The CoP’s planned protest is driven by what it describes as “bad governance” in the administration of President George Weah, coupled with rampant corruption and economic hardship facing the citizenry of the country.  The group claims that all these social-economic issues are arising because the President is incapable to lead the country and therefore he must step down.

With respect to the economic crisis facing the country, characterized by scarcity of the Liberian dollar in commercial banks, spiraling inflation and high commodity prices, the government has endorsed the infusion of L$4 billion into the economy as a way of mitigating the situation.

However, the decision remains distasteful to the public, especially economic experts, as the whereabouts of the alleged missing L$16 billion scandal of 2018, as well as the US$25 million that was infused into the economy to “mop up” excess liquidity of Liberian dollars, remain in limbo.

It can be recalled that when the President had his first live interview on the state-run ELBC Radio recently, he said businesspeople are withholding the Liberian dollar in their houses, thereby causing scarcity of the local currency; a statement that also backs the opinion by pundits that printing additional banknotes is illogical because the government does not know yet how much of the Liberian dollar is in circulation.

Following a series of meetings with the President and some key government officials this week, the UNOWAS delegation said it “notes with pleasure the interest of the government in addressing the relevant issues aimed at calming the tension and calling off the protest.”

The delegation went further to encourage the government to establish, with the support of ECOWAS, the United Nations and its partners a platform for a sustainable and an all-inclusive dialogue for the peace, security and stability of the country and thereby eliminating undue recourse to demonstration and protest.

The delegation also notes with emphasis that it is taking seriously promise made by the government to provide details of the commitment made in the state of the nation address next January, and at the same time exhorting all parties to work towards calling off the “Imminent” protest in the general interest of Liberia and the sub region.

However, the chairman of the Council of Patriots, Henry P. Costa, has reassured that the pending December 30 protest will proceed as planned.  According to him, for the President to decide to wait until the next State of the Nation Address in late January 2020 to address the critical national concerns that were raised by the CoP on June 7, 2019, is yet another confirmation that President Weah is not fit to run the country.

In a Facebook live video, Costa noted that the UNOWAS delegation said the protest can be called off “if the government takes specific actions in addressing the economic and governance issues in the country.”

As far as he is concerned, Mr. Costa said, the government has not taken any actions, and it has failed to address issues raised by the CoP on June 7 this year during a mass citizen protest that brought together over 5,000 people. Costa also noted that UNOWAS’ suggested in its statement.


  1. The days of William Tubman, Samuel Doe, and Charles Taylor are now receded into history. In today’s democracy, power is inherent in the people. The people are the arbiters of political power; they can give it to their leaders and they can also take it away when necessary.

    The longer this president stays in power, the more likely our country will relapse into a pariah state. This president is consumed by greed and an insatiable desire for wealth and pleasure at the expense of state. He had one goal of incessantly seeking the presidency over the years and that was to regain his lost wealth he squandered following years of playing soccer in European countries. He thrived on his popularity and a naive population of zealot admirers whose instinctively correlated his former soccer skills to national leadership.

    He has no cultivated education and barely completed junior high school. He hired a proxy learner in person of Christopher Wisner who completed the undergraduate and graduate degrees for him from a notoriously Online University—The in-the air DEVRY UNIVERSITY of Florida. As his own party chairman stated, he is destroying the country. He goes to other countries and returns home with funds meant for the country but ends up converting it into his own. He consummates sex with attractive females and awards them with jobs with unmatched skills acquisitions as narrated by his own party chairman.

    The people must act swiftly to remove him from power else we might be able to recognize Liberia under this functional illiterate President. The December 30 protest should be about bringing Weah down to save the Liberian from this thievery President. He is worth to be impeached but with a venal parliament, the people have to act as their own parliamentarians to demand this president step down.

    ALL HAIL LIBERIA HAIL—COUNT DOWN TO 12:30; LIKE TUNISIA, SUDAN, THE IVORY COAST, BURKINA FASO, MALI, SO FOLLOWS LIBERIA. If ECOWAS is afraid of precedent in the name of democracy, Liberia is greater than precedent and she deserves better!

    • Mr. unsolicited adviser Jackson Neal, have you seen FPA (Costa and his inflammatory declarations) and gone through the DEFENSES AND JUSTIFICATIONS the Liberian Government is armed with to set the appropriate deterrence henceforth, in terms of the NECESSARY COUNTERMEASURES AND REPRISALS to protect the rest of society? You sit there and deceive yourself about crimes against humanity because of US citizenship. This is not the place nor time to toy, okay?

    • Jackson Neal ,
      I share your view on your aforementioned post.However, if Mr. Weah were to step down who do we replace him with? Please don’t tell me the VP .

  2. You perhaps inadvertently did not mention that the days of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and her gang of thieves including Boakai, Sawyer, and the rest of you thieves are relics.

    You are spewing such rubbish because when the people begin to move against you bastards, you and your Sierra Leonean wife will quickly run across the border into Freetown or Bo.

    Like you people did in 1985 when you misled innocent young people to challenge a government backed by the international community as is this government backed by UNOWAS Delegation!

    After Ellen gunned down protesters, what happened? They awarded her with the Nobel. Tolbert did the same and he was made the Chairman of the AU hitherto the OAU.

    Quite recently the leaders of Egypt, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ethiopia, South Africa, Turkey, Rwanda, etc. gunned down similar violators claiming to be protesters.

    I am very happy with the stance of this government not to set a dangerous precedent by encouraging such lawlessness on the part of people who were rejected at the ballot box.

    • Lest you forget which you are inclined based on your myrmidon instincts that George Weah and his wife Clar Weah are both United States citizens.

      So, if they commit crimes against humanity, they will be liable under the laws of the United States. Chuckie Taylor is in jail for 99 years for crimes committed in Liberia under his father’s murderous regime. Further, Weah and his wife will face the war crime court in the Haque.

      The likes of you and Kou Gontee will never be around to help or speak for them. I can’t wait to see a Weah on the witness stance! It will be the tiara of all disgrace for the world to watch to see a Weah speaks at the witness stance, defending himself.

      • Jackson Neal, it is now clear you come here to mislead and deceive yourself, foolishly believing you are misleading and deceiving others. I ask you again, when you advised Ellen and Brownie Samukai to gun down protesters were you and your Freetown wife charged for crimes against humanity. Or were Ellen, Samukai, and others charged for crimes against humanity?

        Better still, when the incumbent presidents of Egypt, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Kenya, ETC. and the past presidents of Ethiopia etc, gunned down identical protesters, were they charged for crimes against humanity? Each and everyone of these presidents including Ellen are US citizens, okay? I teach International Criminal Law, okay? You there very deceptively and very stupidly comparing Chuckie Taylor with others. You better keep quiet if you have nothing sensible to comment.

        • Matilda you are deftly lacking in thoughts and insights appertaining our continent. The Ivory Coast president –Laurent Gbagbo was held in jail at the Hague for crimes against humanity for letting arm men loyal to him to shoot at protesters.

          You mentioned the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya. Uhuru was charged for crime against humanity for letting men loyal to him to attack his political opponents. Yaya Jammeh of the Gambia is also recommended for processing at the Hague for crime against humanity.

          So, this president will face the wrath of international justice if he dares order his insipid militants to shoot at protesters. He will face it either in the United States or in the Hague. Mark my words, my dear!

          And shame on you, Matilda, for supporting him to do that. We are tracing your internet provider address to get your real name. Most of you are hiding under false names to spew petrifying bunkums. When all fade in the annals of history, some of you will have nowhere to hide. We know you in spite of your being simoniacally cowardice in throwing stones and hiding hands.

  3. Liberian know how to criticize. Ask them for the solution to their criticism and you will get fruitless rumblings.
    Is the Weah government not getting the same attention it gives the Sirleaf’s government?

    Consider the questions and advisory of Matthew 7:3-5: “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? [Matthew 7:3 kjv]

    Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? [Matthew 7:4 kjv]

    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. [Matthew 7:5 kjv]”

    When you make promises to get what you want and you get it, you must deliver on your promised. A deceiver may succeed in the beginning but in the end he/she faces the wrath.

    President George Weah is a good, honest, and decent man but he need to purge “the predators” of his presidency.

    • I agree but not with the last paragraph. Birds of the same feather flock together. He is as equally guilty as his appointees. Why do you think he is adamant to just let them go? Because he’s afraid of the backlash from them as exampled in Morlu

  4. Matilda my sister, I share you view and the perspectives of the many others that The Government must deal with this undemocratic, indisciplined, and lawless, behaviour on the part of as someone mentioned “less than 1 % of the citizenry ” just as countries as Ivory Coast, Egypt, Nigeria, Guinea, Senegal, South Africa, Rwanda, and even as Tolbert and Ellen dealt with such a lawless handful of hooligans. In short President George Manneh Weah and his government will have to do the same as Paul Kagame, Abdel Sisi, and others etc. So as to have these hooligans financed by Benoni Urey abd Joseph Boakai realize that governments are elected to govern and not to be governed. And ir is ONLY through elections or impeachments, Presidents are removed or at the end of their term as stipulated by the Constitution. I

  5. What will happen if weah ask for a dialogue with all groups, reposition his govt, and ask for more inclusion from Liberians to help the development of the country. Will he not be president any more? Was he a president before? Why are Africans so difficult to deal with in finding solution to problems after the take power? Weah has forgotten that the World best African best European best titles, he didn’t killed anyone nor fight against the other players for it. He played honestly and the world saw his effort and Grant him the titles.
    I wonder he thinks when he died, he will take the title with him, nothing we brought to this world and nothing we will take along with us. Why fight to defend something that you did not create nor will ever keep all your Life besides Life itself.
    Why will Liberians or Africans become so hard headed when he have power today that will be gone tomorrow.
    Weah needs to know that nothing last forever, even with the power.
    He who can’t hear can feel. I wish him well on 12:30.
    May God help Liberians on that day.

    • Those questions and advices should go to those Terrorists that are starting and coming to a gun fight with plastic folks. If anyone should die on Monday, It will definitely not be The President Of Liberia. There is nothing peaceful about Monday protest because of the evil intentions of those Terrorists and their cowardly supporters that are been made known up to date.

      Liberia is a member of the global community, any threat to Liberia also pose a threat to the region, therefore the international community have a say and have spoken loud and clear, They will come in if necessary.

      Plant your de facto and selectorate government outside of the constitution of Liberia and see whether or not it will last 30 minutes.

      To all the cry babies that are concerned about President Weah’s education and his private life, maybe they should take their tears to the voting population of Liberia and move on because it is really commentary after the game.
      Also Morlu said this Morlu said that, PLEASE, go and research what happened between Cllr Sherman when he was chairman of UP and President Sirleaf up to the most resent elections, you will find out that this is not a new phenomenon or discovery on your part, in house disagreements do happen, MOVE ON.

      Justice Minister Dean, you are well qualify and knows the Law. Thanks for listening to our concerns and you are Right and it is within your purview to designate areas for those Terrorists to assemble namely the ATS Stadium or SKD Stadium as it relates to the security of the state. The Protection of the seat of Government is at your disposal, Please protect it. Call the Minister of Defense, Ecowas Forces if need be to move in and protect others that don’t support these Terrorists. There is no law that says these Terrorists have to assemble on capital hill. Take control of Monrovia on Sunday.

  6. Most, if not all Liberians agree that a protest is a form of expression. But the manner in which Costa and company are going about their planned protest is inappropriate. Costa and company are calling for Weah to step down from the presidency. Sadly, a demand such as that is unlikely. Weah will not be emasculated by scare tactics neither do I think Weah’s core supporters will capitulate under such terms.

    There’s no doubt about the economic hardship in Liberia. Costa and company have the right to raise alarm bells about the issues that affect the Liberian people. However, in doing so, an unnecessary demand such as to call for a step down is unscrupulous. The rule of law must prevail. The Constitution must be followed and respected. At least three years from now, a contest for the presidency will be held. Please do not plunge Liberia into anymore war.


  7. Apparently those of you condemning the pending protest as undemocratic and ill-advised, must favor a coup d’état as alternative. How else should aggrieved citizens show their displeasure and disenchantment with a rotten system if not through writings, songs, radio talk-shows, podcasts, political parties as fair warnings and ultimately by demonstrations as a last resort?

    The opposition and others have done just about all of the above and yet still, zilch has changed, in terms of improvement or reversal in the course of some of the rotten things decried. In some of those instances those alarming the unwholesome practices were brutalized in the process, some arrested and some even killed.

    What could be the essence of democracy in the regard, when people are not allowed to hold views contrary to the official nothingness? Or hold professional employment in government unless you belong to a clueless football club of a political party? Or government officials can go about flogging opposition elements with impunity? Or citizens are killed with impunity? When civil servants are reduced to beggars on account of not being paid for several months? In all of this and sundry there is no hope in sight for the people to hang on!

    And “Hope” as advertised during the last election ought to be the bedrock of this administration. That’s what gives people the fighting spirit, the zest to keep pressing on, hoping and believing that things will change for the better tomorrow. But this clueless government has offered nothing thus far in that department.

    Yet, others of you, perhaps direct beneficiaries of this rotting dispensation don’t see or understand why the citizens are becoming inpatient and restless with such hopeless situation? Selfishness is something else.

    As for the rest of us, we would rather demonstration anytime over a coup d’état whose leaders may be far wanting in the grand scheme of things than the current assortment of jackasses who have perverted the democratic space to personal fiefdoms. And this will be resisted by any means necessary! And demonstration just happens to be first warning shot.

  8. The voice that say dont must itself not say
    The hand that say dont must itself not take

    The motive is not altruistic. The content of the characters of the leaders is highly questionable.

  9. Mister, your definition or understanding of democracy is no different from that of some illiterate villager in Gbarpolu. Now listen up, this is inter alia why elections are held during the two terms of presidencies, and why legislatures or parliamentarians are ever present, if or when an impeachment or a referendum is necessary. You are still living in ante 1980s! coup d etas?

  10. We are interested in the one who say or tell the truth than the truth itself. The truth is not the issues, but the source from whence it come.

    We follow a man not because he know or possess truth, but because he himself is the embodiment of the truth. Are those who calling this protest a living examples of the truth they want?

    Good citizens are those who are prepare to die for anyone who put their interest ahead without expecting nothing at all. Where are the good citizens of Liberia? Are we blindly following a person (s) who is seeking their personal privileges at the expense of the poor?

  11. Unlike animals, human beings have reason to restrain their basest instincts, or “appetites” as Aristotle observed in his “Politics”. But it would seem that a “You killed my Ma, you Killed my Pa, but I will vote for you” mentally speaks to its surfeit. For only in Liberia would a talkshow host make terroristic threats of buying “guns” for “old rebels” to “kill” on his “orders” in furtherance of bringing down a President were government to close his radio station actually allowed to go into effect despite the threat is a crime even in the U.S whose President Trump he tried to lobby for support.

    Moreover, in spite of the fact that Chapter 1, Article 1 of our constitution says “In order to ensure democratic government which responds to the wishes of the governed, the people shall have the right at such period… to cause their public servants to leave office and to fill vacancies by regular elections”; and Chapter 111, Article 13 (a) mandates government with the task of “safeguarding of public security, public order”. The operative word in the former is “elections” and elsewhere in the constitution “impeachment”.

    Undoubtedly, Henry Costa is being emboldened by a partisan media space, disgruntled Opposition politicians, ironically, leadership of the cabal that bequeathed recession plus pervasive poverty, and the usual foreign covert agencies that colluded in toppling Tolbert and Doe which led to the slaughter of a quarter-million people. In other words, just like they let loose Bacchus Matthews and Qwinwonkpa on both, they’re using Costa to get rid of President Weah. (Read Dr. Neils Hahn’s authoritative account entitled “US Covert Operations in Liberia from the 1970s to the 2003”. We are a bloody irrational lot – God have mercy!

    • By this self-serving account Costa must be a popular guy, with all those backings. More than that, don’t fault Costa and supporters for the pending demonstration. Rather, blame your benefactors who are the parents of that situation. After all, Costa and supporters just happen to be reacting to the unending crushing reality. Not a rocket science, Mr. Baghdad Moses.

      • Dempster Yallah, you are here hiding behind your fake name Hilary Snyder while you label others as Baghdad this or that, instead of dealing with the intellectual aspects of the issues? Have you forgotten how similar protests resulted to your wife been slept with by nearly all the nokos in the barracks while your behind was been taken to Belleh Yallah for taming, as your mother was been dealt with in similar manner just as your wife? A HINT even to the fool, fraud, and coward you are IS QUITE SUFFICIENT.

        • Mr./Ms. Blunt, you need to consult with this same Baghdad Moses before labeling me as whoever you call “Dempster Yallah.” And that’s because he too, thinks I am supposed to be John Stewart. And assuming I was Dempster Yallah, what would that have to do with his wife and his mother in order to drag them into what he posts here? You must be such an empty buffoon incapable of responding to the essence of my posts and therefore looking for scapegoat in Dempster Yallah. Poor Dempster and his wife must have committed some heinous crime to deserve this level of vitriol from scum bag like you. This goes to say I take your freaking challenge anytime, and assuming I am Dempster Yallah, the object of your nonsense. Bring it on, you transgender bitch. How do I know? Because the line between Kau and “Freedom To Be Blunt” is as thin as the draws hiding that other stinking orifice between your legs. Your turn.

    • Mr Baghdad Moses please. As NSA director under repression of SKD thousands we tortured maimed and killed under your watch. Please go somewhere and repay apologize and repent. Provide reparations! My dad hated you for allowing such . Die in hell

  12. Repetitive Actions With no Positive Results.

    Time and time again the Liberian people have look toward the ORACLE for the solution of their problem. Mr. Henry Costa have visited the ORACLE, and the ORACLE has spoken that a democratically elected president must step down like Venezuela, Honk Kong and Bolivia. This is the new form of Colonialism and Imperialism dressed up in PROTEST MASK, masquerading as Patriotism. Hahahah, anyone who get into power, no matter if you are the choice of the people, if they don’t want you there, they will put people in the street, oooohh. They want you, to pay a visit to ROME. The question now become, why are they championing “democratic values” around the globe? Is it a decoy, that shadow something sinister? Since Liberians in time again have found it appealing, so they continue to sell it to us at higher price with no value.

    From , “Native Woman Born Soldier, Soldier killed Tolbert”, “Monkey Come Down”,(1989 to Doe). Be it the Protest against Taylor, and so on. Liberians have in the past glamourized a visit to the ORACLE, coming back causing destruction of their homeland at the expense of the masses. Other calling for Mr. Weah to step down, have already park their suit cases and ready to descent on our people, once the showdown is over. It is nothing but GREED and SELFISHNESS at the highest. We call for Tolbert to go, he left. Was the problem solved?
    We killed 350,000 plus of our own brothers and sisters with the help of outside hands. Those that brought us the mayhem, were given state power for 12 years. Was the problem solved? We called for Taylor to go, only because he was not friendly with outsiders. Was the problem solved? Being old does not mean knowledgeable. We are the oldest country in Africa, but the most backward and amongst some of the least developed. We are perpetually doing something that is not yielding any positive results for our people, and yet we keep doing it. In my view, this is the meaning of insanity. I have no political party affiliation, nor do I have any one who have ever served in government.

    We want to compare ourselves with Iran, in one of the commentator’s writing. The people of Iran removed the Shad (Shad Mohammed Pahlavi) from power in 1978, because he refused to nationalize their petroleum sector. Something which is enshrine within their constitution. What the commentator did not mention, was how the Shad came to power in the first place. In 1953, there was a coupe that overthrew a democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh from power in Iran. It was the coupe that brought the Shad in power. Let’s stop this repetitive actions with no positive result, people. It will take us no where. It hasn’t in the past, and will not in feature.

    • You’re simply blaming the victims in your tautology, Wilbert. That the people have being deceived and misled by past hustlers does not negate their honest quest for emancipation under another oppressive regime. So oppression and anti-democratic practices and forces are the enemy, not those crying for a reversal of course under those dispensations. Put on your thinking cap, or change your lenses for that matter for an accurate assessment of the predicament next time!

  13. Some Liberians cannot still sleep because man name George Weah is the Principle Resident of the Executive Mansion in Liberia. Taking Mr. Weah from power is a dream they may never realize in their lifetime. They are depending foreign government to pressure the government to change public perceptions. These are the same old guys who were growing up, when coughing will tell their friends keep it for the Russians. As if Liberia was in Cold War rivalry with the Russians. They have learned fine-tune the “Master’s” message. That’s the reason they must always go and visit the master, come back and destroy their country.

    When the master’ head is hurting, they say, “ we are sick”. When the master used them to their old age, the master drop them for a new friend on ground that, “interest first”. We saw it 1990, when the master was pulling out in the face of advancing NPFL men, it was “ there is no more interest in Liberia “. The master’s interest comes first than human lives. It was our West Africans brothers and sisters who came and die. Some of us are still soliciting advice and listening to venoms-lace comments that hold all the ingredients for destruction from across.
    Some Liberians expect Weah to keep visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. every week.

    Even a Slave needs friend outside the plantation. Even though his dignity is taken away from him as human being, he can still make love!

    Thank you Wilber Kolliie, a very good piece

  14. Hi costa, Liberians are better than this kind of unconditional call for assemblies and freedom of expressions..Read about the political agitations of the 1979 and Rice Riots and relate their consequential dynamics that those bad political agitations had culminated into the 1990 civil crisis in which you began to develop and grow as a child. Those painful days in which your parent like myself had to endure raising your generation has no place in our country, Liberia. While it’s true that man by birth, is a political animal; but an reactionary politics is always reckless and doomed to face destruction. Remember this young man: THE MORE YOU KNOW, THE MORE YOU NEED TO KNOW; or simply put: A hint to the wise, is sufficient. The future of Liberia lies in your and my kids generation. It’s incumbent upon you to own it and keep it save and habitable. God bless our country, Liberia and save our people. .

    • Who are the Liberian people? Say you alone and you can not be called people! Because you are having this shameless rogue as president and so you want him to keep stealing? Shame on you, John Williams Sr!

      • Williams Snr.

        We shared your concerns and sentiments. Mr. Costa is just a few years older than 2 of my kids, same peer group. We lost relatives that were gun down in cold blood by NPFL Rebels.
        We lived and experienced the painful past of warlords roaming the streets of Monrovia, killing, raping and destroying properties. Henry Costa was a child at the time.

        Because of our experiences in Liberia recent past history and based on the intentions that comes along with the December 30th protest, We already knew in advanced the ramifications of what to come on December 30th. This time around, we have a choice to join in or say no, and we say NO. Thank Ya.

        We agreed with the international community call for a continuous dialogue between all parties involved to find a common ground for the sake of the Liberian people. The situation in Liberia looks hopeless but we are not just yet going to write Liberia off and let a few imposed their de facto and selectorate regime on us because that regime will also not see day light.

        We are all aware of the hardship facing the nation, there is not dispute about that but if the people decide to change government, let them follow the constitution, that way the majority can usher in that government with little or no reservations or concerns. Anything short of that will lead to CHAOS, ie December 30th.

  15. I wish to be a part of any government that allows individuals to use radio airways to publicly insult elected officials, including the President, and then turn around and say he or she wants a free pass and protection to go and protest, disturb the other communities. I can’t wait to be a member of that sort of kind hearted government. Oooh how sweet is Liberia!! God blessed this land.

  16. “scape-goat” = one who takes the blame for the action of another.
    a “scapegrace” = rogue:scamp., ” skip goat” is the one who jumps the fence to save a goat.
    Be wise. Have a reason for jumping.
    Resting, DO Not enter.

  17. My prediction for the much talked about December 30 protest!!!

    Although the protesters and their organizers seem incandescent, the protesters will not become violent neither will the government use brute force in order to maintain law and order. I further predict that in subsequent weeks, the government of Liberia will meet with Costa and company in order to seek ways in which an accommodation can be reached.

    It is in the best interest of Mr. Weah and the protest organizers (otherwise known as COP, or the Counsel Of Patriots) to put their differences aside for the common good of the country. The Liberian government and the protest organizers could perish as fools if both opposing parties fail to talk to one another.

    Happy New Year to all men and women who read and post comments on this blog..

  18. Front Page Africa in its December 29 publication quotes Costa by saying that the COP has never demanded nor does it demand Mr. Weah to step down from the presidency. Rather, the FPA states that “individual members have the right to demand a step down by the president”.

  19. Correction:
    The FPA does not say individual members have the right to demand a Weah step down. But Costa is quoted by FPA by saying that although it’s not the official position of the COP to demand a Weah step down, individual members have the right to demand Weah to step down.

    I apologize!

  20. Whereas, for some of us in solidarity with the COP as regards their rights to hold a peaceful protest rally to call the attention, or present grievances, or demand of government whatever the bucket list , we are equally concerned about the nature and implication of the demand for all of us.

    For instance, what does the COP have in mind or planned as succession plan, by asking for president Weah to step down? In that case will Jewel Taylor step in as required by the constitution? Or will they (The COP) be demanding that the entire ticket (Weah and Taylor) steps down? In that case will the Speaker be considered as next in line and down the line of succession as laid out in the constitution? Or will the COP insert itself as possible replacement leaders? Or will it defer to its opposition base for the needed replacement leaders?

    As I see it, the options in this scenario are all cut from the same self-serving cloth, none of whom will introduce anything different or meaningful, in terms of change in policies, programs or direction in the current trend of governance.

    In other words, these are serious concerns associated with this “Step down” demand as part of the pending protest worth serious consideration.

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