UNMIL Stands Ready to Provide More Support to Elections’

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The Special Representative to the Secretary General  (SRSG) Karin Landgren has disclosed that, UNMIL’s uniformed personnel including Police and Military Force, in accordance with our mandate, stands ready to protect civilians and to provide support to the Liberian security agencies for safe and secure campaigning, voting and announcement of results.

Madam Landgren made the statement recently at the Headquarters of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), adding that UNMIL remains a steadfast partner in supporting the aspirations of every Liberian for fair and peaceful elections.

“These Senatorial elections are a sovereign, Liberian process. In the process of addressing the challenging questions around their timing, Liberians have had an opportunity to demonstrate the same resilience and resourcefulness in finding solutions that have come to the fore in the national response to Ebola.  UNMIL has encouraged all national actors to utilize Liberia’s democratic structures and instruments to resolve these questions, keeping these processes transparent and communicating clearly with the public.”

SRSG Landgren urged Liberians to keep public health issues at the forefront, and adhere to the anti-Ebola measures issued for these elections by the National Elections Commission (NEC). 

She also encouraged all Liberians to continue to use peaceful means to pursue any disputes relating to these elections, including through the complaints mechanism of the National Elections Commission and through the courts.

“Finally, I urge all citizens to await the official results from the Elections Commission and firmly resist reacting prematurely to rumors.”

The role of the Supreme Court she said, demonstrates that Liberia is a nation in which citizens respect the rule of law, and resort to constitutional means to express dissent. This bodes well for the peace and security of this nation.  I am confident that Liberians, working together in the interests of the country, will succeed in conducting these elections peacefully and safely.

Madam Landgren said, her statement follows the ruling by the Supreme Court of Liberia on 13 December to dismiss the petitions which sought postponement of the Special Senatorial Elections, and the subsequent decision on 14 December of the National Elections Commission to set a new date for elections on 20 December, which have now given the citizens of Liberia clarity on the timing of these elections. 

Mentioning UNMIL’s continues support to Liberia SRSG said, UNMIL has provided logistical support to the National Elections Commission to convey election materials and personnel to voting areas in a timely manner ,while UNMIL Radio is supporting the National Elections Commission in its civic education campaign. 


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