UNMIL Staff Testifies in Tears


    Bonfrer Adidee, a Ugandan UNMIL staff on May 27, took the witness stand to testify for prosecution in the murder case of his fiancée, Antoinette Nettie Peters. Adidee’s testimony comes against his private security guard, Jefferson Dahn, he had hired before the murder of Nettie. Dahn is accused of allegedly murdering Nettie.

    The UNMIL civilian staff was seen crying with tears rolling down his cheeks as he testified at Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice, where the murder case is on trial.

    Defendant Dahn, who is alleged to have killed Nettie, said it was Adidee, who did the killing and promised to give him US$600, a laptop and two phones for him to cover-up by throwing her dead body away at night.

    Adidee stated that in nearly five months between Nettie’s death and his security guard’s arrest, he had repeatedly insisted that he didn’t do it.

    He added: “I have cooperated with the Liberia National Police (LNP) during their investigation and proved my innocence.”

    Adidee testified after he was summoned by the Court to do so, following prosecution’s request to the court to order him to testify.

    He testified that the last time he spoke with his girlfriend was an hour prior to her homicide, when he called to cancel his lunch due to one of his colleagues’ health issue.  “She told me that everything was okay during that conversation,” Adidee said in open court.

    According to him, he had left defendant Dahn and Nettie in the compound by 7 a.m. on the day that she was murdered

    “I left her alive in the morning and to come back and see her dead is still shocking to me,” Adidee wept as he testified.  

    Adidee described the relationship between him and his deceased girlfriend as very good. Though tears were constant throughout his emotional testimony, he wonders “I can’t described the feeling the security officers hired to protect me could be the killer of my fiancée.”

    The witness told the court that Nettie and his security guard had had a heated argument over her broken bowl that Dahn had allegedly earlier taken away from the house. According to him, Nettie had threatened to cut US$50 from his pay for her bowl. “That could not be the reason for him to stab her to death,” he added.

    He said, it was Nettie who recruited defendant Dahn and three other security guards to protect him and his property.

    “She brought Dahn and some other persons for me to hire them when I first met her at the Great Wall Hotel, where she was working as a security guard, because I was looking for trusted people to protect me and my compound, when I arrived in the country in 2011,” Adidee alleged.

    Nettie was stabbed to death in Adidee’s 12 Street, Sinkor home on November 3, 2013.

    The case has been postponed until June 3, following the Liberia National Bar Association convention in River Gee County. 


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