UNMIL Staff Fails to Testify in Fiancée’s Murder Case


    The ground of the Temple of Justice was, last Friday, a scene of shock and disbelief when family members and friends of Antoinette Nettie Peters disappointedly left her murder trial at Criminal Court ‘A’ at the Temple of Justice.

    The victim’s Ugandan UNMIL boyfriend, Bonfrer Adidee, in whose compound Nettie was stabbed to death, failed to show up to testify in the case.

    Nettie, as she was affectionately known, was allegedly murdered on January 3, 2013 by her private security guard, Jefferson Dahn. Dahn has since denied that he killed the victim.

    Adidee, who currently works with UNMIL’s Civil Affairs Section, was Subpoenaed by Criminal Court ‘A’ to appear before it and testified as state witness, last Friday.

    The decision was based on prosecution’s request to the Court, last Wednesday’s hearing for a “Subpoena Ad Testificandum” for a proper authority to liaise with UNMIL to ensure Adidee’s appearance on that day.

    Subpoena ad testificandum orders a person to testify before the ordering authority or face punishment.

    It can also request the testimony to be given by phone or in person.

    In that request, prosecution said Adidee currently works with UNMIL, and wants him to take the witness stand on behalf of government in the proceedings.

    That request was granted by the court and the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) was instructed to supervise Adidee’s appearance last Friday.

    Surprisingly, at Friday’s hearing Adidee did not show-up in court as was ordered by Judge Blamo Dixon.

    Neither did the Court nor the State lawyers mention anything about his not-shown up during the entire trial on Friday.

    It can be recalled that authorities of UNMIL Thursday, May 22, in a communication to the Daily Observer clarified that Adidee, the victim’s boyfriend, has not left Liberia, leaving the entire case behind as had been reported in some quarters.

    The communication further clarified; “he continues to work with the Mission and is physically present in the country.”

    In addition, they said, at the time of the Daily Observer Wednesday, May 24 [20] story titled ‘UNMIL Officer Fiancée’s Murder Case Begins,’ “the staff member was not summoned to appear before the Liberian court trying the alleged murder case.”

    They further stated in their communication, that they “collaborated with the Liberia National Police during the investigation stage of the case and stands ready to continue cooperating with authority in the proceedings related to the tragic incident.”

    Meanwhile, the two jury — Nathan Chea and Rachael Kun Suah — who were accused of allegedly communicating with defendant Jefferson Dahn’s family, were on Friday, May 23 removed from panel that is expected to assist Judge Blamo Dixon decide the case.

    The court’s decision follows prosecutors’ claimed that they saw jurors Chea and Suah at different locations communicating with defendant’s family members, praying the Court to conduct an immediate investigation.


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