“UNMIL Manned Country without Liberian Partnership”

House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers

— House Speaker Chambers

House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has told a New York-based United Nations personnel visiting Liberia on assignment of the UN’s Department of Peace Operations that the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) was too focused with governing than running a people partnership agenda.

Herbert J. Loret, program manager for UNMIL Legacy Report Project under the Department of Peace Operations of the UN, along with Josh Jorgensen, a Consultant also of the UN’s Department of Peace Operations, are in the country on a review of the works, approach and activities of the defunct UNMIL.

The aim is to get the lessons learned in the Liberian story, and what the UN could improve on, or do away with for the future and now in other conflict hot-spots around the world.

In his office at the Capitol on Thursday, June 27, 2019, Speaker Chambers argued that UNMIL’s focus with the GoL changed some of the structures of the framework of institutions.

Josh Jorgensen, Consultant, UN Department of Peace Operations

He maintained that UNMIL even attempted to undo conventional practices in the security sector command when it worked with the previous government, and proposed tenure of service for persons heading the security institutions.

Speaker chambers said that the UN needs to consider working with countries like Liberia where it succeeded in keeping and building peace and transitioned its engagement, to help build technical skills and capacity, wherein countries like Liberia can benefit in working with the UN to attract investments and proffer good economic modules for sustainable growth.

Chambers informed a UN Rapporteur, Herbert J. Loret, that the agency performed “very well in challenging times and environment by keeping the peace, with the deployment of armed troops to deter would-be troublemakers and, thereafter, work with state actors in peace building.”

Herbert J. Loret, UNMIL Program Manager, Legacy Report Project, UN Department of Peace Operations

He further informed Mr. Loret that UNMIL, in its early days in the country, commenced its mission on a good footing and imparted Liberia in many positive ways, ranging from manning the peace, security and the economy.

He said the mission conducted a disarmament process under the Disarmament, Demobilization, Repatriation and Resettlement (DDRR) program amid challenges, but stated that the mission’s approach to contract and dealings with some of the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the execution of paramilitary works outside the government security structure, entertained an inflicted number of ex-combatants in the DDRR process, which did not achieve its fullness as envisaged in the program.


  1. Because the UN knew that you all knew nothing. You all were useless and corrupt. You are one of the greatest disappointment to come out of maryland county. Ungrateful

  2. Speaker, you are misleading the people about UNMIL. You were a lawmaker in 2005 til now, why did you not summon UNMIL authorities to the Legislature and complain if as you now claim, “United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) was too focused with governing than running a people partnership agenda”. The statement shows you want to end up rewriting the agenda of a peace keeping mission that is confronted with warlords, warring factions and disgruntled child soldiers. How can you present such a statement against UNMIL?

  3. You slept in peace and walked around like some big shot, why did you not complain then. The UN knew that you all had nothing to contribute, no vision, no intelligence , nothing so they did not waste their time trying to talk to any one of you. Government now stealing donor’s money, stealing laptops, stole all the cars the UN left, and you want to talk. The UN knew you were Weah’s puppy so shut up. What kind of partnership would the UN ever have with some of you officials.

  4. To not be confused with me, or someone else whosoever is calling himself Moses should’ve used his or her full name to comment on an issue of national security and stability implications.

    We Liberians aren’t serious about substantive matters, yet zealously tout inconsequential preoccupations. For example, no public urgency is shown towards government increasing revenue collection in a country with potential of having an annual budget of US $1 billion or more. But a good number of our elites are enabling agents provocateurs to institutionalize streets protests, notwithstanding negative effects on investments hence the economy. Apparently, we believe it’s normal that our leaders beg for help during budget shortfalls therefore think nothing of probable price: foreign interference, or regime change shenanigans.

  5. I think Speaker Chambers is right when he said that (UNMIL) was too focused with governing than running a people partnership agenda. Did the mission disarmament process under the Disarmament, Demobilization, Repatriation and Resettlement (DDRR) program worked? Did the Security Sector Reform program worked? Was the Liberia National Police reformed and restructured to meet International standard? Did the Community Policing program launched by UNPOL ever transformed the LNP from practicing reactive policing to that of a proactive policing that focus on crime prevention and problem-solving?The answer to these questions is “NO”! The LNP was never transformed and restructured to meet international standard, and the 103, 000 ex-combatants were never rehabilitated and reintegrated into to the society as envisaged in the program.

  6. Many, Many Thanks to the UN, Ecowas and everyone for helping Liberia. All Liberian do appreciate your help and we will continue appreciating your kindness.
    God bless Liberia.



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