Unity Party Gets New Leadership


Liberian entrepreneur, Amin Modad, has been elected new chairman of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) following a mini convention at the party’s headquarters on September 8, 2020.

Mr. Modad defeated George Wisner and Senator Conmany Wesseh with 34 votes out of 54 delegates who participated in the election process.

A few months ago Modad expressed his interest in the chairmanship of the former ruling party, proffering his vision to bring his entrepreneurial and organizational expertise to uplift the party to new heights as elections draw closer.

Modad, apart from the Bella Casa Hotel, owns the Atlantic Foods Company, and Atlantic Construction & Energy. 

The Unity Party’s former senatorial Candidate in the 2019 by-election in Grand Cape Mount County, Dabah Varpilah, obtained the position of Senior Vice Chairman against Lafayette Giddings.

For the Secretary-General position, Mo Ali emerged victorious, defeating Amos Tweh and Jaye Kabbah Kollie.  Mr. Tweh, who was recently dismissed at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) for his loyalty to his political party, previously served as the chair of UP’s Youth League. 

Mr. Ali, who was an executive member of the Collaborating Political Parties, resigned a day before his election as a Secretary-General to his party. 

A statement of commendation from the CPP Solidarity Brigade to the newly elected officials of the UP praised the election process and wished the officials well as they go ahead in the discharge of their duties.


  1. That’s how the Musa Billity syndrome works with those having an illiterate mindset concerning other people’s wealth. Such mindsets are also taking to the polls. But look no further than Representative Snowe and his Bomi County district. The illiterate electorates with their silly mindsets actually believe that Representative Snowe was going to use his personal wealth for their developments. Now they know that actually truth. So it was with Musa Billity and the Liberian Football Association. Thinking that by electing Mr. Billity as president( whatever the case maybe) he would used his personal wealth to finance the activities and operations of the football association. But instead he exploited the Association for his personal affairs, while seeking to be president of the world football organization. That illiterate mindset by citizens of that country to always think about greed over other people’s wealth and what they can do for them, have got them to live at the mercy of those who have and those they think can provide for them. And here is a repeat of the Musu Billity and Representative Snowe’s syndrome by the Unity Party’s electorates. These illiterates are of the mindset about eating other people’s money, but are always left holding the empty handbag. Since leaving the football association, it is fair to ask , is the football association in any better shape when Musa Billity, the supposed business money man that was to deliver the football association as president, is it in better shape when he left ? So is Representative Snowe’s Bomi County district when he leaves. Greed , followed by voluntary illiteracy have become the bad omen for going after other people’s money into convincing oneself that they will be there all the time for them. Greed and voluntary illiteracy as Bad omen are the signs that something awful going to happen. They saw that in Musa Billity, now the association is suffering. They saw that in George, and they too are suffering. They saw that in Snowe, and the Bomi County district is asking why ? Greed and voluntary illiteracy for other people’s money. Good luck UP. Good luck with that mindset.

  2. I don’t know you personally, Amin, but I am excited about your election against the likes of Commany Wesseh. It is about time that the likes of Wesseh take the back seat in party politics. I started to hear the name Commany Wesseh when I was in high school in the 80’s. I admired him then but when he connived with others to throw the UP under the bus in the 2018 general elections, I gave up on him. And since then I nixed my admiration for him. Congratulations my brother. All the best.

  3. There’s too much political wrangling going on in Liberia, especially within the ranks of the opposition disorganized weak parties. Because of such a humiliating issue on their part, it will be almost impossible for the opposition to unite and launch a serious challenge against Weah, come 2023. In blunt terms, the opposition’s weakness plays squarely in the hands of Weah and his political forces. In other words, the whole issue of weakness and disorganization on the part of the opposition has become an added advantage to the CDcians. What’s next? Well, Weah’s forces will exploit the opposition to the point where there may not be any more opposition. And the net result will be six more years of Weah.

  4. Welcome Mr. Amin Modad! As you take the mantle of power over this association, we hope that you turn it into full-blown political party, please Mr. Chairman. At least let Weah have serious comparators.

    This so-called UP is one of the disbanded and disorganized political parties that ever existed in Liberia. I just sorry for those so-called educated people as they professed to be to be wasting their time behind this association. There are several indicators that tells that UP is a political party that is hustling on the Liberians people. We don’t need a rocket scientist to explain this to us.

    From 2003, although I was not at the age of voting, but CDC proves herself to be a astute and well meaning political party that stands for the common cause for the Liberians people compare to the UP that sold the party birthright to her former political leader(EJS). Because of money, they circle the party around her, giving her sleep power over the party.

    After 12 years in power, what thing UP actually have to show in regard for this country, their only topic is that,” Weah is not qualified to be a president”. In fact, UP own seriou apology to this country. Because, they lotted all the country resources in the course of 12 years which heat we are presently feeling. But today, until someone tell you that UP was a former ruling party that just transited power.

    My advice to you Mr.Modad! although I do not know you in person, but be financially wise enough, or else, they will take the whole party burdens and put it on head since they already presumed that you are financially strong.

    Please listen to my little advice!!!!!!?, or else, bankcorrupcy will sooner or later be knocking at your door. Because they are unable to sustain the party on their own.

  5. Nice to see fresh new faces on the scene. A good prospect for new ideas. A reprieve from the used up recycled coterie from the old who when given the chance have repeatedly proved no capacity for innovation.


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