United Muslims Declare Support for MOVEE’s Jones


The United Muslims of Liberia have declared support for the presidential bid of former Central Bank of Liberia Governor Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, describing him as “the one who can carry Liberia forward both nationally and internationally.”

Vannie Dudu, chairman of the group, made the disclosure on Saturday at a program held at the headquarters of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), when he said they had gathered to reaffirm their constitutional right and support for Mills Jones.

Quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., chairman Dudu said, “If a man can sing a better song or write a better poetry than his neighbor even if he builds his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door,” and added: “We are saying in simple terms that even if Dr. J. Mills Jones is on the moon, we will move in the hundreds of thousands to get to his door and support him to victory.

“We believe that the act of obstructing, banning, forbidding or prohibiting citizens the right to democratically decide who they want to lead them is unacceptable, untraditional and unreligious. Why, because according to chapter eight article eighty (80) “C” of the Constitution of Liberia, it is the right of the people to vote for their leader.

“We believe that deep down inside our hearts and our love for constitutional democracy the cowards of democracy will not prevail.”

Chairman Dudu said the group had resolved to let the world, the Liberian government, and others know that there should be no law that prevents Liberians from deciding their leaders.

Therefore, he said, “We want the world, including the United Nations, the United States, European Union, China and Russia to know that the Liberian people are ready for improvement in their lives and are convinced that no one else is ready to empower them except Dr. Jones, the political leader of MOVEE.

We as citizens of Liberia are in support of Dr. Jones and will carry him to the Executive Mansion for the future of our development and of our unborn generations.”


  1. We will carry Dr. Jones to the Executive mansion so say Mr. Dudu of the united Muslim of Liberia.Why your man Jones was holding on to power when he knows he have to resigned three years before election? Mr. Dudu, you are a man of God who believe can respect God’s commandment then why try to protect and support such individual as Dr. Jones who should have known better about the laws of Liberia.Should we have a country without laws that can protect everyone regardless of your tribe, nationality and religious affiliation? I don,t think so.Those who violate the laws should not be covered by anyone but should be allow to bear the full weight of the laws.Dr.Jones and others have crossed the lines and there should be no special laws for special people.Everyone is covered by the Laws of the land no matter your status in society.


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