United Methodists Seek US$30M to Relocate UMU


Embarks on agriculture for self sustainability

The Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church is seeking about US$30 million for the relocation on its university, the United Methodist University, which is currently situated in downtown Monrovia.

Speaking to reporters at the close of the 187th annual conference in Ganta, February 16, 2020, Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr. said the church has decided to construct a modern multi purpose campus of the UMU on the Robertsfield Highway in the next few years.

He explained that the current campus hosting the UMU was becoming too congested and needs a more modern facility to cope with the influx of students.

At the close on of conference in Ganta, the congregation went into a building fund rally as part of the initial step towards generating money for the construction of the school and other projects.

“As part our conference, we always rally to raise money in order to undertake such a project like the UMU we have embarked on,” he said.

Bishop Quire also said the church is prioritizing agriculture as a chief source of income to support or sustain the church.

He said any society or institution that does not feed itself cannot make it, so with United Methodists being no exception, they are going to get involved in agriculture for income generation for the welfare of the church.

“As we speak, we are engaged in numerous agricultural activities in Ganta and other places,” Bishop Quire said.

The 187th annual conference was held under the theme “A future with hope”, referencing the scriptural texts: Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 5: 1-6.

Bishop Quire, in his sermon urged believers to do good as humanitarians, so as win God’s favor. Preaching under the theme, “The Requirement for moving the church in the future with hope”, with text from 2 Chronicles 12:1, he said humanity is a trait God looks for in people and he urged congregants to stop the attitude of impressionism. “Most of our leaders are arrogant and proud,” he said, adding: “As a leader, we must humble ourselves and respect those we lead,” he added.

Bishop Quire, who spoke very fervently, said humanity is a virtue that every leader needs to possess.

He explained that the church of the future does not tolerate malice, though he observes that many members of the church do not speak to one another.

He called on the church to repent and seek God’s help in any situation they are faced with.

“Repent from evil in this land and stop back-biting,” he warned the believers. “We are looking for a future for Liberia, where the citizens will be the primary concern to our leaders,” he asserted.

He explained that evil has engulfed every activity of life, leading to selfishness and corruption in the country and even in the church, where, he said, project funds are diverted to personal use by some church leaders.

“Selfishness leads to evil, where ritualistic killings to maintain government jobs are on the rise,” Bishop Quire said.

Gay Marriage

Bishop Quire has said that the church does not have any room for gay and lesbian activity.

He said the UMC regional body will be meeting later this year to discuss the gay issue, which is filtering around the African churches by their western partners.

“Gay activities will not be tolerated in the United Methodist Church and we are going to kick against it, because it satanic and not God’s will,” he said in a strong voice.

“Even in our African setting, we don’t know what is man marrying man, or woman marrying woman, and so it is not our custom,” he added.

Over 1000 Methodists, representing 20 districts and one circuit, as well as international guests from Africa and further abroad, attended the just-ended 187th annual conference.


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