‘Unique Sisters’ Donate to Ebola Orphans


The Ebola Virus Disease may have left Liberia, but its devastating impact on the country and people lives on. The more pressing of this impact is how to cater to and put smiles on the faces of the many children that were made orphans by the virus.

These children, it has been indicated on countless occasions, also need to be given hope and a better future through education.

It is in response to addressing the immediate needs of these orphans that some young Liberian women, under the umbrella of an organization called Unique Sisters, have donated an assortment of food and other items to over fifty orphans and others that are survivors of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) that ravaged the country.

The donation, worth over US$2,000, was made Wednesday by Unique Sisters, to orphans in the Lajour Community in Caldwell Township and the Red Hill Community in Lower Virginia, Montserrado County.

Unique Sisters, a not-for-profit humanitarian organization founded late last year, has a membership of twelve persons.

Some of the items donated by the group include over 15 bags of rice, two bags each of flour and sugar, cartons of toothpaste, toiletries, sacks of Clorox, and cartons of hand sanitizers. Other items included six cartons of copy books, eight boxes of pens and other school materials.

The two groups were also presented cash donations. The FAWE students received LD40,000 while the Caldwell Township orphans were given LD36,000.

The orphans in the Caldwell community, about 23, are sheltered and cared for at the Sis Rebecca Maternity Center by a young Liberian nurse, Elizabeth Moses, and her mother who is an Ebola survivor.

The Clinic, which was in operation prior to the EVD outbreak, is named in honor of Ms. Moses’ mother. The 36 Red Hill Field orphans attend the FAWE School of Excellence where the donation was made.

Making the presentations, the president of Unique Sisters, Marie Kolleh, said the EVD may be gone but it has left scars behind that will remain with Liberians forever.

“This obligates us to take charge and begin to see what we can do to help those who have been the worst affected victims of this epidemic,” she said.

“We have the responsibility to show love to these children, all in their tender ages, whose parents’ lives were taken away by this wicked disease. As young women some of us are mothers and we know the situation these children are faced with,” she added.

Ms. Kollie said, “It is incumbent upon us to show them that there is still hope. We don’t have much, but we thought it wise to come and show some affection to them.”

She said as young women, they decided to help the orphans because they are truly in need of assistance and ease the struggles that the caregivers go through to cater to these children, many of whom are still very young.

She lauded the caretakers, especially Ms. Elizabeth Moses who, as a young woman, has decided to let go of all other things to cater to the children. “The sacrifices you are making here are laudable. We don’t have much money, we are not supported by any group, but we decided to raise money among ourselves to come and buttress the efforts that you people are making here.”

Ms. Moses commended the group for the donations and said they could not have come at a better time when they have almost nothing in store for the children.

“We are very grateful for these donations and we pray that God will reward you bountifully for thinking about us,” she said.

Catering to the children has been a great challenge, especially meeting their most basic needs, Ms. Moses pointed out. “We are happy for the donations, especially the rice because we just ran out of rice and we have been buying 18 cups of rice every day.” She also called on other good hearted Liberians to emulate the good example of Unique Sisters.

The principal of the FAWE School of Excellence, who received the items on behalf of the orphans at Red Hill Field, Johnnie Togba, also lauded the group and said the donation will be shared evenly among the orphans.


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