Unidentified Woman Found Dead In Ganta


The corpse of a young lady was found in a pool of water around the Deakehmein Community in Ganta. The lady, whose identity is yet to be established, is a resident of Ganta living in the Dekehmein Community.

There is confusion surrounding her identity as some call her Angel while others call her Diamond.  Still, someone in the neighborhood refers to her as Tantee, but nobody has ever come up as a next of kin, since her lifeless body was discovered early Tuesday morning.

She is believed to be a Guinean National from a town near Yekepa called “Bossou”. One of her housemates told a police investigation team that the lady left the house at about 9 am on Monday, January 6, 2020, and went out as she usually does.

“We woke up Tuesday morning, only to see her lifeless body in the water,” her neighbor told police.

The 15 men jury set up by the police is yet to make its report; however, public observation established that blood was spotted on her neck and in the nose.

It is not clear what really led to the mysterious death of the woman, but some neighbors say the woman was a sex worker going out during night hours and coming in the morning.

On the side of her dead body was a purple purse in which were found five pieces of condoms and bracelets.

Due to the confusion over her identity with no relative stepping out to make a claim of her,  the corpse is yet to be removed from the area it was found.

Removing the body to be deposited in a funeral home requires expenses; therefore, the Police has cautioned its removal over concern that no one has come out to underwrite the cost.

“If the corpse spends the whole day until tomorrow and nobody come as relative, then we will seek advice from our bosses to know what next to do,” said a police officer.

People swarmed the area in dismay to see the body, with many wondering the whereabouts of her family.

However, the Liberia National Police is carrying on an investigation to establish the cause of her death.


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