Unidentified Man Killed near White Flower


An unidentified man who eyewitnesses said was seen walking directly in the middle of the road in traffic near White Flower in Monrovia was hit by a car and died in a pool of blood last Sunday morning (about 1am).

An eyewitnesses who had seen the man several minutes before the accident told the Daily Observer that “I saw him walk in the middle of the road and I was wondering whether something was wrong with him till I saw him behaving like someone drunk.”

The dead man was left in a pool of blood which emanated from a massive head injury.

As neighbors rushed from their residences to get a glimpse of the remains of the victim, they wondered what could have caused the man to walk in the traffic at the risk of his life.

Neighbors had no information on the vehicle involved in the accident. “We don’t know the vehicle because the driver did not stop after he struck the man,” an eyewitness said.

A team of police forensic officers later arrived at the scene with an ambulance and began making preparations to take the body to the J. F. K. Medical Hospital.

Police investigators normally don’t speak to newsmen at the scene of an incident and therefore there was no speculation of what could have caused the man to walk in the middle of the road.

“We regret his death,” said an eyewitness, “it was just unfair that the driver who caused the accident did not go to the Liberia National Police to report himself.”

Meanwhile the body was removed by forensic police officers.

It is the second time in several months that a hit and run accident has occurred on the Paynesville highway. An older woman was recently struck and killed near the Aminata Gas Station and the alleged driver did not stop or report himself to the police.

According to investigations, drivers who are involved in accidents resulting in deaths are afraid of being killed by angry residents and therefore are not prepared to stay at the scene of the accident until police arrive.

Born unto the union of Mr. & Mrs. Johnson Tamba on May 16. Graduated from the Salvation Army School System " William Booth high school" in 2006/2007 academic year. He also went to the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) computer program, where he graduated with a diploma in computer literate in 2008. He is now a senior student of the University of Liberia, Civil engineering department, reading Civil engineering. He is in a serious relationship with Mercy Johnson and has a junior boy name, Otis Success Johnson, born 2016, March 29.


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