UNICEF Donates Vehicles to Public Works


 The United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF) yesterday donated two vehicles to the Sanitation and Water Departments of the Ministry of Public Works. The vehicles valued over US$100,000 are for monitoring purposes, UNICEF Resident Representative Sheldon Yett said.

 In a brief statement during the presentation ceremony at the Ministry of Public Works yesterday, Mr. Yett disclosed that the vehicles are intended to monitor water and sanitation facilities located at the various schools.

 He reaffirmed UNICEF’s commitment to continuously partner with the Liberian Government’s line ministries and agencies to provide other services.

The UNICEF representative also pointed out that such partnership and collaboration would enhance development, growth and progress in the country.

“We cherish with great delight and also extoll the excellent cooperation and interpersonal support from the government in the quest for the protection of the children,” Rep. Yett asserted.

Acting Public Works Minister Claude Langley told the UNICEF Representative and team of support staff that the presentation of the vehicles was a manifestation of good partnership.

“We can assure you that the vehicles will be used for the intended purpose in our post-war country,” Minister Langley assured.

Minister Langley also pointed out that the MPW’s Water and Sanitation staff is today beaming with smiles for the two vehicles donated by UNICEF.

“We will ever remain grateful and appreciative for such a timely donation when our water and sanitation department is in dire need of logistical support,” Minister Langley stated.

For his part, Assistant Minister George Yarngo extended thanks and appreciation to UNICEF-Liberia’s country team for the vehicles at this crucial period of the post-Ebola recovery in the country.

“I can assure you all and UNICEF officials that those vehicles will be used to monitor our schools that were affected by the deadly Ebola virus,” Assistant Minister Yarngo assured.

He said the protection of the children against all air and water borne diseases is the collective responsibility of all Liberians and support partners.


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