UNHCR Representative Bids Farewell

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Khassim Diagne, Country Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), has completed his term of duty, and is heading to Cameroon for another mission.

Mr. Diagne up his took assignment in Liberia in 2013 and had over the years concentrated on welfare of Ivorian refugees in Nimba, Grand Gedeh and Maryland counties.

At a farewell reception last Saturday, UNHCR contractors and employees expressed how sad they were to witness the departure of Mr. Diagne.  They said they would miss what they called “his good working relationship” with workers.

The workers gowned and pinned Mr. Diagne, and later described him “a results-oriented person imbued with high sense of humor.”

“Mr. Diagne, your work habit and style will leave with us, and we will miss you dearly as you depart Liberia.  We hope another program will lead you here so that we may once again work together,” the UNHCR workers told Mr. Diagne as they robed him with a traditional Liberian gown.

For his part, Ivorian Ambassador to Liberia, Kapieletien Soro, said besides the cordial solidarity between him and Mr. Diagne as both of them are from French-speaking countries, Mr. Diagne’s work with the Ivorian refugees was admirable.

Through Khassim Diagne, said the ambassador, “we were  able to access the refugees in the three counties.

He added that the work of UNHCR under the regime of the outgoing Representative,  in collaboration with Liberians,  helped Ivorian refugees to remain safe at the various camps and homes where they had been accommodated since they arrived in Liberia.

The executive director of Liberia Refugee Reparation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC), Cllr. Abla Gadegbeku Williams, lauded Mr. Diagne, and described him as “efficient and effective,” acknowledging that the two years of working with him brought memorable results to both UNHCR and LRRRC.

In response, Mr. Diagne acknowledged that whatever achievements realized during his tenure were the collective efforts of all workers and contractors of UNHCR.

“If you were not cooperative to join me carry on the work, I alone would not have done it.  Therefore, we all take the glory and let me thank you people for organizing this program in my honor,” he said.

He asked for forgiveness from workers whom he offended and equally forgave those who offended him during his tenure in the country.

Mr. Diagne had earlier counted his achievements to include repatriating of 65,000 Ivorian refugees out of 220,000, providing refugees with  sustainable skills and protecting refugees from contracting the deadly Ebola virus.


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