UNFPA Donates Vehicle to Youth & Sports


In support of youth development and women activities in particular, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has donated a new vehicle to the Ministry of Youth and Sports in support of empowering young people in the country.

During the handing over yesterday at the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Monrovia, Dr. Remi Sogunro, Officer-in-charge of UNFPA, explained that the youth of today are the leaders of today and also the leaders of tomorrow and it is important to help to empower them.

Dr. Sogunro indicated that majority of the people that organizations both local and international continue to work with in Liberia are youth and this is due to the potential embedded in them.

“We know many of them continue to be committed to doing their work and believe that all of us can work together to ensure that Liberia has the kind of leaders that we want. As long as these young people understand the issues around sexual and reproductive health, they will be more responsible, gain access to education and they will have good employment,” he added.  

According to him, if the young people have all the best education and training, they will serve as pilots of Liberia’s economy and ensure that things are moving in the right direction.

“Yesterday was the World Population Report Day, but due to the Ebola situation in Liberia, we were unable to celebrate it in Liberia. We hope that you will use the Report not only today but also tomorrow.  We pledge to give you more support.”

The focus of the World Population Report is on youth and adolescents. “It is remarkable that we are here today at the Ministry of Youth and Sports to provide this support to you in helping empower young people.”

In his remarks, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Len Eugene Nagbe, expressed appreciation to UNFPA for the vehicle and for its many contributions to the Ministry during the past seven years.

The Minister further stressed that UNFPA has been a very strong partner to the Ministry in promoting and implementing programs that help to develop young people, including funding provided for the national youth policy and the adolescent girls initiatives.    


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