UNFPA Dedicates US$45K SGBV Hub in Margibi County


    The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has dedicated a one-stop Sexual Gender-based Violence (SGBV) Hub in Kakata, Margibi County. The hub, valued at US$45,000 is located at the C.H Rennie Hospital.

     According to the UNFPA, the hub will provide adequate attention and treatment to SGBV victims and survivors in the county.

    The UNFPA Officer-In-Charge, Dr. Remi Sogunro, says the center will be a place to give hope to those vulnerable women and children who are abused in that part of the country.

     Dr. Sogunro described the center as a dream come true for those who suffer after encountering sexual violence.

    He said UNFPA will continue to provide support to the Liberian Government in order to stop the occurrence of SGBV in the country stating that it is on the increase and needs to be eradicated.

    The UNFPA OIC affirmed that his organization has agreed with the GOL through the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection to ensure zero tolerance for rape and SGBV in the country.

    He asserted that the issue of SGBV remains on the increase and zero tolerance should be highlighted and perpetrators must be prosecuted according to law.

    He encouraged the county health team to use the hub wisely for the purpose intended adding: “the more we have good stories to tell from the hub and other projects, the more our sponsors will provide more help to save the lives of everyone.”

    He disclosed that the center, which was opened by the UNFPA, has offices for police, health team, psychosocial counselors and waiting rooms for victims’ families.

    He called on Liberians to work tirelessly to ensure that SGBV is eradicated, emphasizing that “SGBV is on the increase and vigilance is critical because even boys are raped by older women.”

    The hospital administrator, Mr. Raymond R. Cassell, receiving the keys to the hub, confirmed that SGBV is on the increase in that part of the country.

    He described SGBV as a very critical issue that all Liberians need to focus attention on to save lives.

    Mr. Cassell disclosed that an awareness campaign will be carried out in all parts of the county especially to the men to put an end to rape and look to the future of children and women.

    “We will educate our men to stop rape and awareness programs will also target women because they are also involved,” said Mr. Cassell.


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